>do you need to wear glasses

no, I'm not a subhuman that needs assistance to use a nature given ability

>no, I'm not a subhuman that needs assistance to use a nature given ability

Like walking?

Mutt mobile.

t. "I-I dropped my glasses oh god no one move on god I can't see without my glasses please don't step on them"

You should watch your mouth before it flies off your head, boi

>can OP solve this puzzle

No, he is a subhuman that doesn't know how to think strategically without assistance from more naturally endowed intelligent people

Op is a dumb faggot

Yes my eyesight is so bad i evaded conscription due to it.

I have glasses but I can see fine without them.

USA being divisive on everything as always

>needing glasses
Fucking eyelets, inherit some proper genes next time

You should have inherited some intelligence from your parents.

Kek I came to post this

I will get glasses, but it's not really needed except to read distant text and for the sake of pleasure

Glasses are very stylish and can improve your looks greatly if you choose the right pair, plus it makes you look smarter.
Muttmobile won't improve shit, only makes you a laughing stock to everyone and crushes whatever is left of your dignity.
t. knower

I use glasses to focus distant objects. Also I look better with them.

People who need glasses have shit genes LMAO.

Stolen quads :(

>people look better with glasses

eyelets justifying their shitty genes once again
>tfw brother is an eyelet
why god why


I have pretty bad eyesight but I've never really felt a need to wear glasses, the only thing that has really affected me is that going to the movies needs a lot of squinting, but I go to the movies like once every 4 years.

>your eyesight doesn't deteriorate overtime due to spending a lot of time on PC

Anyone wear contacts?

Yes, Vasily, this is no longer 1995 where you're staring at an eye-raping CRT display.

>been wearing glasses for 10 years
>only drop them maybe once a year
Do glasses actually fall off people's heads?

Amazing posts

queen d3?

I only got shortsighted when I was around 14. I blame reading.