How popular was this game in your cunt?

How popular was this game in your cunt?

almost as popular as ur mom

>nigger mc
Completely ignored this shit game.

This was mine and everysingle kid's childhood here.


Name one successful Finnish game THAT ISN'T Flatout 2


popular as this

Very very popular

Very popular. One of the most popular British made games ever.

The most popular (and controversial) with no doubt.

Very popular. Everyone knows this game, especially the cheat code

Being a nigger and killing cops is really fun desu

very popular
i'm 1996 and this game along with gothic 1 and 2 were games of my childhood
i played it like 10 times and spent countless hours in san andreas multiplayer playing on autistic roleplay servers
10/10 game best GTA

Very, practically every lad has played it. Platinum'd it on PS4 last year, great nostalgia trip

easily the most popular gta release in history.

gta 1 was huge, i think everyone played it. san andreas... i only know one person who ever played it, probably still popular among youngfags


Very popular. Everybody played it.

Max Payne

i hope for this game's remake tho
this game pc port is console trash and it's capped to a fucking 24fps
with Silent Patch this can be improved to 30fps without a problem but after playing modern games i just can't go back to fucking 30fps, my eyes hurt
you can unlock the fps to 60 but it destroys the game physics, everyone who saw cars riding backwards on the highway knows what im talking about

been years sincd i played it last time

It is still popular in 2nd and 3rd world countries, especially the multiplayer. Because it runs on every office shitbox

Extremely popular. You couldn't own a PS2 without a pirated copy of this game. Also, all cyber caf├ęs have it installed in their PCs.

Never played neither one.


the multiplayer is popular because this game's map is fucking unique
only GTA 5 has comparable map
cities, villages, forests, desert, swamp, everything
GTA 4 was no match for this game
and Los Santos is perfect size for roleplaying

Quite popular

>Very popular. One of the most popular British-American made games ever.
FTFY greatest ally

What did America do apart from publishing it? All the main series of the GTA games are made in the UK. It's also a British started series going back to the top-down GTA games.

censoring it and making hot coffee drama


>completed GTA SA 20 times
>never managed to finish the last Zero's mission in san fierro

thank god it was optional

Too popular.

m8 most people in here weren't even born when the first gta came out.

Yeah I noticed that I've connected to MTA servers a few times with flags and it's mostly South America with some North Africans and SE Asians but you do see GB, German, US and Spanish flags on occasion


It's called GTA V

>ywn beat that mission
>*suicide thoughts starts kicking in*

how bad are you??


>GTA London
I was old enough


Max Payne 3 is beast