Post the most typical/average girl from your cunt

Post the most typical/average girl from your cunt
No memes or cherrypicking allowed

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you are not fooling anyone Norway, I have been there those are cherrypicked as fuck

cherrypicked too

If you wanted a "post cute girls from your country" thread you should have said so instead trying to convince people your country is beautiful

There is no average girl here faggot



>what is an average
you're dumb af

yes it is



alright here she is



better, also the brown haired norwegians are definitely the cuter ones

GOOD answer




She doesn't look Chinese enough.

>no memes or cherrypicking


There's a Spanish girl at my uni I REALLY want to fug

To not meme pic related is the local (small town) handball team, so that's a good idea of how the average girl look.

If you really want to find the average, look up student associations

only ONE(1) black goddess


why are 99% of french women so average looking, like I've never seen a nation of people with such average looks

show her your benis

That's the case of every country except the British who are particularly ugly, you just never go out

Because we're a mutt nation, almost as much as the us, millions of poles, shitalians, iberians came to France in the beginning of the 20th century which added to an already existing mix of Germanic (Alsacians, Flemish,Franks,goths,Saxons and Vikings) Celts (Gauls and Bretons), Latin (Romans/Greeks).

not true in Canada (french canadian, metis region) 60% of women are ugly, and 20% are absolute god tier and 20% are average

pic related

something like that actually. maybe a less boxy jaw and much fatter

And then from the sixties onwards we had millions of subsaharians, Maghrebis and Vietnamese coming here.


If you're in the southeast make a couple of them fatter and a few of them black. If you're in the southwest make a bunch of them Hispanic. If this is an area near an ivy league school make them all asian. If this is Alaska imagine none of them are smiling


That's not average and neither is 90%of the stuff posted in this thread, especially

I have no idea I don't go out.

mine (OP) is average
are average as well


Der Nordestino

Post some average Mexicans user

I'd say the average catalan used to be beautiful but we have adopted the basque looks and now half of them have ugly haircuts and nose rings

sweden no :DDDDDDDDDD

You can find similar videos of nogs "chatting" with women in Poland. What's your point?

blanda up

The median age in Belgium is 42.7 years for females

Are all swedish girl balding?

I knew a russian girl that had the exact same face (brunette though)

butthurt, she's not even that pretty round here

We're talking about girls. That means young women.

She's not balding. That's just what thin hairtype looks like, her hairline will stay like that for the rest of her live. Many blonde people have this.

Average Mexican girl

Looks like average american grill desu

oh fuck off

In the south yea

typical m*xican butthurt about argentinians

wtf I love countries now.

hahaha she looks like 40% of the girls here fucking ugly, fat and still alive

hairlet fags

>Want to participate in thread
>Google girl in my language
>First picture I see is that of the girl that a foreigner picked up, drugged, raped, beat the shit out of and then threw into the ocean while she was still alive

I guess?


t unironic Argentina is white


I like these European faces, there's a sexy roughness in them
I remember going to Malta for holidays and falling for a German girl with a real strong jaw and bright eyes

What do you mean? it's not balding

Black is the cutest

Why do Americans always have that pig-nosed look?

now that you mention it, it's unironically much whiter than your shithole, it cannot even be compared

danish genes


If Argentina is allegedly mostly southern European, why do people there look like mestizos?

Anglo genetics

t. dane in sweden

are you denying that br*Toid "women" look like a mix of cows and pigs?

sure, but danes are well known for their pig noses

becaise it's not

Don't you start cherrypicking too

tbf, Anglos came from denmark, so you could both be right

just stop sweden, this isn't how you do banter

theyre pigfuckers, not pigs

oh forgot they look like rats too. mix of rats, pigs and cows.


didnt most immigration happen until the 1950s?

Danes are known for fucking pigs, at least that's what other Scandinavians joke about. They are handsome just like any other Scandinavian master race people desu lad

"In addition to the indigenous population in Argentina, most Argentines are descended from indigenous peoples or have some indigenous ancestry. Many genetic studies have shown that Argentina's genetic footprint is not overwhelmingly European."
Also Mexicans are not white, nice strawman

>tfw no swarthy norwegian gf

The average Argentinian is 70% European, in Buenos Aires he is over 80% European. Meanwhile the average Mexican is less than 50% European

>Also Mexicans are not white, nice strawman
Never said that, you began with this shitty argument anyway

The average brit slag is superior to many nations around the world.

don't forget they're handball players, they're usually rougher than the average and often from the countryside.

The horseface on the left looks like a pretty average British woman. Without the makeup she'd be a solid 5/10

>you began with this shitty argument anyway
You're the only one who's brought up Mexicans, I merely pointed out you're not posting average Also the highest estimate in the article I quoted is 65% nice going there uncle Tom, keep writing your "we're the whitest... in the region" narrative so /poltards will accept you

muh dick
good thing my gf is a rough tomboy from the countryside

that guy wasn't some muzzie by any chance?

looks like a mutt

this is the most gorgeous girl ever

He's just an enraged villero argie with an inferiority complex trying to start shit all the time.
Makes failed bait threads and is obsessed with mexicans for whatever reason, just ignore it.

That is what average means

a high school class that's a good idea of how the average girl look

black lady is the best, what the hell, and im not even joking around, everyone else looks like a man or just plain ugly

Best in the thread

Good amount of cuties. well done, brah

Thank you for your honesty.



There are countries where people actually look good you know?

>say random thing about argentinians
>butthurt mexican appears
>reply to him
>"lmao u r obsessed with us"

Can you post different Argentinean girls instead of the ugly one with her tongue sticking out. Itd be much more appreciated.

I used to go to school with this slut

cocaine noses