Russian losers

Why can't pathetic russhit idiots stop cheating even after being caught?
Do they like being humiliated and turned into the laughing stock of the world so much?
Disgusting stupid subhumans.
The most humiliating part is that they can't even beat other clean athletes while being doped up themselves. What a fucking useless trash russhit nation is.

find a better hobby, Nikita

Stating facts and talking about truth is not really a hobby, Ivan.

This is fake. Nobody would use drugs for curling.

Doping for a game old boring people play. For what purpose? Does he play another sport?

Useless russian pigdogs are so dumb and useless that they can even dress themselves without using doping. A brain of an average russia filth is rotten due to the fact that they start consuming glass cleaning liquid right after being born.


Well he already claimed that his "rivals" "spiked his drink"

Why they didn't just ignore Olympics, like during Hitler's times?

Why does Russia love the doping so much?

The russian existence is too painful to endure sober.

i'd probably smoke the herb before curling

Because russians are the lowest and most defective subhuman scum ever existed. They can't even perform basic everyday tasks without some kind of doping let alone competing against human beings.

Sounds like Russians are naturally doped at all times so they can't help it. Just let them be lmao

Russhit trash is also corrupted to the core, they feel unwell if they don't cheat, lie and so on. They need to be cheating lying degenerates to survive.

>Why does Russia love the doping so much?
Everyone love doping. But Russians are banned while others allowed to use it openly.

Stop that, it looks like act of self masochism mixed with pity.

What are you doing Russia, you're embarrassing desu, get rid of Putin and sort your life out.

>allowed to use it openly.
No they don't. You sound like a bitter loser (and you most likely are;)
Russian crap is just too dumb, weak and incompetent to participate fairly.

let him sink in his own shit

Hey, Ivan, what the hell are you doing in the Internet? I told you, no Internet until you begin to get some better grades! You are spending days in the Internet at your 14! That's unbelievable, Ivan! Do you have any friends? You are a disgrace as a son!
Alright, that's it, i'm going to throw your fucking computer to the garbage.

You just wait, they will appeal and CAS will clear them again. Didnt do nothing

Putin and his criminals won't stop raping russia by humiliating russians and selling out its natural resources until they are totally satisfied. Then they'll just leave humiliated and used russians to rot as usual, that's pretty much how it has been during the whole existence of poor russhit nation.

Everyone else is cheating too. Why are Russians so self loathing on Cred Forums


Samefagging is pathetic and really unnecessary you stinky kremlinbot.

I am so fucking done with these threads. Nikita, please, stop spending your time on 4chen and go to school!

>doping for something like curling

Why tho.

>Everyone else is cheating too
Some athletes possibly do but not the whole national team EVEN after being exposed and punished.

>Everyone else is cheating too.
Poor grammar aside, you are overlooking something vital here: curling is not a sport.

Russians are insecure

>curling is not a sport.

Next you'll be telling me lawn bowls is not a sport. Get out.

you need to sweep really REALLY fast.


strong hands! she could be my right hand...

>and selling out its natural resources
And who wouldn't do that?

real democrats would give everything for free
did you hear about free market?