Opinions on Iran?

Opinions on Iran?

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It has the prettiest women in the world.

You mean Persia?
Iran is the ar*B name for it.


I want their monarchy back

>iran is european
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desuarchive.org/int/search/text/iran is european/country/ir/

>brazil is european
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Beautiful country with an amazing culture and history, but I'm biased because of muh heritage

Idiot, Iran is how the Iranians have referred to their countries since essentially forever, it means land of the Aryans and it has nothing to do with Arabs. Persia is the Greek name.

I cannot think of anything else but obtaining a Irani gf and living in Iran.

Do you regret Islam taking the place of Zoroastrianism?

White BMW!


they have cute girls i would want to marry.

isn't like most of Islam built by iranians like almost all the hadiths were written by persians

Iran is the only sane country in Middle-East. Hopefully they'll nuke Saudi Arabia one day

>Iran is white
93 results
>Brazil is white
1231 results

probably the most wh*teoid out of all the M.E. countries

Idk but the "Muslim Golden Age" was literally all Persian scientists and philosophers. Also after the first Caplihs every Muslim polity was guided by either a Turk, Persian or Caucasian warrior slave. Arabs a shit.

maybe it has to do with the fact that iranistan is an authoritarian muslim shithole where Cred Forums is banned so the only ones posting shit about iran here is their autistic diaspora?

They haven't done anything wrong.

ITT: /r/worldnews

wh*Toid retards on Cred Forums like them because they're not cucks, unlike most Cred Forums users, they also think they're wh*Te for some reason.

>was literally all Persian scientists and philosophers
Nice meme

There were North Africans, Levantines, Indians and even Jews that contributed to the Golden age.
It started tanks to the Persians. But honestly, do you think the Islamic Golden age only refers to Arabs?


I wouldn't know, I'm neither of those and only tied to Iran by my grandfather whom I've never met
It's not a question that is easy to answer anyway. Islam has now been part of Iran for over a thousand years and is fundamental to the country's identity, and despite the image we have in the west it is not an evil religion, it can be quite beautiful imo. Zoroastrianism is very interesting and I'm glad it still exists, but you could never bring it back.
I think one needs to accept that Islam and Iran are closely tied together now, despite the Zoroastrian past, which should not be forgotten of course.

Persians are neither white nor non-white, whiteness doesn't exist, it's a product of American idiocy
There are Persians as dark as Sudanians and as light as Danes

Just saying Arabs seem to have lost the primacy within their own political, cultural and religious sphere pretty early on.

wh*Toid detected
Everything from Turkey to Pakistan is BLACK

same for Indians.

based WHITE PERSIANS that have absolutely nothing to do with filthy s*Ndniggers
pic related

Our Sarmatian brothers

Should switch back to Zoroastrianism to be honest.

How do you think that would happen?

I don't know how fucking old this pic is, but it will never not make me laugh

That's like saying Scandinavians should switch back to paganism. It would be pure LARP at this point.


>Child is bullied by migrants permanently because German schools are overrun and the leftist teachers can't do shit
>Becomes mass shooter
This is quite a tragic story desu, he probably would have been just a normal guy if he hadn't been so mistreated

Overrated okay country

Such a based country. They have a fertility rate of 1.8.

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stfu muhammad he was a based NORDIC ARYAN that wanted to clean germany from s*Racen invaders.
He even changed his name and converted to christianity.
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