Swiss are shorter than Slovakians

>Swiss are shorter than Slovakians

How did this happen?

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good ole germanic genes

Czechs stole 0.01m from the Swiss

Italian and French genes muddying their blood

why not showing dinarid people hans?

>taller than average on every country of the world


>only one Italian average instead of diving it in north-south averages

>shorter on average than every country but romania, serbia, portugal


north-west are short
venetians and north-western are freaking tall

Can confirm, Venetian and almost 190

>north-west are short
>north-western are freaking tall

I’m 180 cm from Finland. So this is what being average feels like, huh?

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>mfw beat every country here


Get off the McDonald's wifi, Tyrone.

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Every fucking time.

Balkans are tall as shit. I don't get why these maps never recognize that.

the data somehow disappeared :^)

t. Germanic researcher

Because those are meme stats

Not even close to being representative.

impossible, macedonians are manlets
you rarely find anyone more than 175
though Albanians are the opposite, rare you can find anyone lower than 175
>albania 174
wtf thats impossible

yeah, i call bullshit on that one

Our Albanian-Macedonian immigrants are usually muselmanlets

>Albanian-Macedonian immigrants
I thought Switzerland had high standards for migration, unlike us.

Explain difference between Spaniards and Portuguese... aren't they the same monkey race ???

At least I'm average in shortugal, I guess

Why are Ukraine and Belarus so mysterious?

If that was true we would live the same and we have the second highest life expectancy in the world.

Anyway, the map is bullshit, I don't notice much difference between male brits and spaniards (I'm 1,86) but their women are noticeable taller than spanish ones. So probably the average spaniard must be sorther than the average brit.

Jost for people from "good" countries.

that's because the most backward and subhuman people go there. Or they are albanized Macedonians.

Either way, I still wouldn't agree about them being manlets. Compared to you guys anyway.

They don't lie.

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>mfw 190cm

>mfw 190cm

That's because it's a mememap

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Can people please stop posting this innacurate as fuck map? It's just plain wrong. Both my parents are serbian and I can tell you serbia is 10cm taller than what pic says on average.
^sort by height, only count measured instead of self-reported

I have no idea what their methodologies for testing the height were, but they are just plain fucking wrong for spain, serbia, romania and turkey, and I would venture to say they are wrong for a lot of other countries as well.

>not close to representative
true, the reporting for a lot of these is inaccurate, but ex-yugos from western balkans are without a doubt the tallest nations in the world (there are some 7ft tribes in africa but they are outliers and don't represent a nation).

As I mentioned earlier, my family is Serbian, hailing half from Montenegro, half from western Serbia. When we traveled to the Netherlands, we were shocked how people there were actually shorter than the people from my father's hometown. There was only one person we saw that was noticeably taller than my father, and he was a basketball player at the airport. We were under the impression that the dutch were tall, but we found it was just a meme rumor. Come visit for yourself and get heightmogged.
>inb4 hurr durr i'd never go there

>self reported data



Albanians are turbomanlets. They have a few in the north which are tall, but the national average is about 170-172cm.

notice how only snow-niggers are the self-reported ones, while every other tall nation is measured.
>inb4 sample range
you can google "dinaric height studies" yourself. If you research it for 5 minutes you can easily glean that the scientific consensus is ex-yugos being the tallest peoples in Europe.

Not true. I bartend at the Macedonian embassy in DC for Orthodox New Years on January 14th. I'm about 185cm and everyone was within 1 or 2 cm of me or slightly taller. When I visited Skopje, the only people much, much shorter than me were older people and alboshits. Everyone under 30 was 180-190cm.

>notice how only snow-niggers are the self-reported ones, while every other tall nation is measured.

Why are you lying? Did you even bother reading wikipedia article and the sources from it? Literally every single Northern European country has measured data from a big sample range.

Dinaric alps aren't a fucking country. It's a small region. If you can choose the tallest regions in a country of course the average will be higher.

This is getting pretty pathetic. Stop being so butthurt and stop heritagefagging.

I really look down on things like this

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asspaniards just lie.