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You arrive in Swindon


good edition

Could slap any melts head off in here

Any Burton upon Trent lads in?

have you lads ever done internships or anything of the sort haha

Nearly half of all interracial marriages in the US are whites with beaners

Defo gonna get Alzheimer’s when I’m 30

Gonna be the youngest mentally senile lad in the locality




>Guys I finally found the highly sought after THICC Latina GF
>It Feels like heaven
Hey fuck you guy


The 'rents

what’d ya think


how is joi so beautiful lads

I didn't enjoy it

Yes. Boredom mostly, and sometimes I browse tinder or see a suggestive image somewhere and get extremely horny.

watching Lady Bird just for sershie

What's it like?
Is it comfy?

Yeah. It was shit. Did all the work the salaried employees did and didn't gett paid. But since you're not getting paid, extra effort is noted and in my case did lead to a job.

Reckon the spainiards marry the leftovers after they’ve been throughly blacked and bred

excellent edition

any edl lads in?

why not

I turn around and go back the way I came

Hot opinion: (You've got) The heart of a star by Oasis is just a cleverly disguised Christmas song

>american indian

bit problematic

Any of you tried Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds


Is Burton brewery still around?

desu, maybe you need to be more busy, get a hobby or something.

I don't know how anyone can deny that America is destined to become a Latin mestizo nation.
Maybe this means that Catholicism will play a major part in American cultural and political life from now on

stayed up almost all night to work on a paper due at 9am and now I have class all day
so tired I just want to die
have another paper due Tuesday at 5pm

*enters the thread*

or a job perhaps x


why didn't you write them earlier?

Excellent drunk food

you arrive in Wrexham


fucking worst drug experience ever

ended up on a fucking bus in ilford going ot the local

got to the local tripping in the most disgusting way possible

bumped into a load of school people i hated

threw up at least 10 times

got home

found my mother's boyfriend awake watching the cricket

sat there smoking a cigar until 7 in the morning when i could finally sleep

felt like i was going to die

I box and lift weights, it isn’t that time consuming

Most of the time I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m not in work or uni

cuz I was browsing /brit/

hello DC runt

how did you do it?

did you just chew them or did you do it the proper way? they're proper cheap and people are saying good things if you do it properly

Clean your room, bucko.

he died nearly 3 years ago wew

haha well now you’re in italy and everything worked out x

im exactly the same. the only thing I do is lift and uni.


Literal sheed

the Ethiopian Democratic Left, good fellas.

my life change forever
now I'm cool

are they legal


love her dainty little mouth me
just begs to have a cock in it

Hispanics will peak at 24% of the US and only 20% of Non Whites are married. 50% of Whites. The rest of the non white population doesn’t really mix. Outside of marriage white women college aged women mudshark. These stats are literal memes. Also these couples if not lead by a white dude are usually liberal and DO NOT result in child birth. Also “White Hispanics” are included as White.

yeah legal and very cheap

Excellent hangover food, more like. Gotta get them electrolytes

I also drink and drug quite hard

Reckon I need some Ritalin or adderall

I will always fondly remember those Boondock strips where Huey is thoroughly convinced that Ann Coulter is a man

skinned the strychnine off them (which didnt work 100%, fish eye strychnine vision is a whole fucking thing too)

and I think put them in water, this was a long time ago tho
yeah its awight

Tell me about you tripping in the pub ahahah

>the average woman circa 2129

Also bro actual White Americans are more Christian then Hispanics. It’s not 1995.

I've had morning glory which is a similar high but less potent so you've got to eat more
Very nasty, makes me sick just thinking about them but a good trip if you can get past that
Much prefer just getting shrines or acid for the same deal

where does time go

alright fuck im not doing it then

its not fair

hope america does turn brown and they fuck off for good

>Outside of marriage white women college aged women mudshark
How much of this is true though? There's this meme that most young white American girls fuck black guys but I've also heard that not many actually do it, it's just a small minority of white girls (usually the fatties, the ones with daddy issues, drug issues or the turbolefties)

paki claws clacked out this post

Get modafinil

Scared to take psychs Incase they trigger the crazy switch in my brain

I’m already on the edge as it is

Mestizo + White doesn't become Mestizo friend
The Southwest, Texas, and California will become Castizo

batman's a little bitch


>mutt tries to justify his existence
I hate you

literally tune out of the gf's stories 99% of the time, she's so long-winded. Takes 10 minutes to relate a 30 second encounter.

ive done it hundreds of times but this shit was turbo nasty

basically sat in a chair (one of the red leather jobbies you get in pubs) and kept trying to drink a pint of flowers then throwing up in the bogs

they were very understanding tho, and this was mostly the come up

tell you what, getting the fucking bus to st ratfords from ilford while coming up on the fucking seeds with some bearded muslim caveman giving you a side eye is not fun


get some fucking acid or some shrooms or some 2cb

I'm almost certain that 90% of the shit yank posts come from the nonwhites and mutts

If America becomes browner, their posts on Cred Forums will get worse

I am giant woofter with a small willy

I'm white but my kids will be mutts thanks to my gf being nonwhite

*poos on you*
haha now that's what I call a shitpost
*cartwheels away*

Nope. It will most likely stay 40% Hispanic, 40% White, 10% Black, and the Asian and Mixed race population will continue to grow. Castizo futurists and Europeans who speculate About American demographics appear to be ill informed. You know native born Hispanics have lower birth rates then Whites right??? Once Hispanic immigration is shut down it’s over Non White America will stagnate.
>oh but it’s not immigrants it’s births now
Lol yea births from immigrants.

shrooms are hard to come by in my area, everyone seems to just sell weed, can't do darknet cos no personal address
got one dealer who might be able to get some but im sure he'll charge me crazy prices

Hahha holy fuck, so you’re sweet with the ones down local? They understood? Ahahha that’s cracker I’m actually chortling


>he took the hispanicpill


that's incredibly selfish of you
You're condemning your children to having a fragmented and confusing identity crisis, not fully belonging to either white America or mexican America and contributing to the ethnic tensions in the country all because you want an exotic woman with a fat ass

big fan of the italian poster hahaha

>every yank itt besides me is a mutt
so this is what it feels like to be the minority

>It will most likely stay 40% Hispanic, 40% White, 10% Black, and the Asian and Mixed race population will continue to grow.
How does this work in your head?

Eating a peng lasagne

hello you cunt

if I didn't have phimo' restricting half the blood from my dick I'd be 8" easily

It’s not just negroes and it’s not just women. But only 6% of native born white women have a non white child. So I’m assuming and almost all of these mongrels (80%) are born to single mothers under 25.

that's not how it works

It's always 10 quid a bag

if you're short a personal address, send to work under an assumed name

this was back in 2005 (its no longer my local) but in my short (inb4 grandad) life I've been in with many locals, in many countries

landlords giving you coke to sober you up midsesh

letting you chill out in the office when tripping your face off

accepting finger gestures for pints when off your nut on k


What kind of a hair brained scheme is going to the local on psychs? Half the old lads in mine are ex IRA

I’d be dragged out and shot

phimo doesn't affect dick size

wrap a tight elastic band around your shaft then tell me how hard you get bucko

>once Hispanic migration is halted

If trump didn’t stop it no one will

Basing identity on skin color in the 21st century is sad and the sign of primitive thinking

a bag? whats that like 3g?

imagine all the western countries 300 years in the future full of arabs and africans...
haha wild...

as long as the child is loved and fostered in a loving environment there is literally zero reason for him to develop identify issues

this is one schizophrenic mess of a post
just pure gibberish

Texas got whiter between July 1st 2015 & July 1st 2017, 42% to 42.7% White. White women in Texas have 1.9 white children throughout their lifetime on average, about 2.1 outside of Austin. On top of mass migration from Conservative whites from all over the country.

No need

Dropped an entire loo roll in the toilet

>tfw there are literal black corner boys dealing just a minute down the road
>have to pass them every day
>they try to intimidate me every single time

London is third world lads

never bothered weighing them, it's a bag that's significantly bigger than a coke baggy with some amount of mushrooms in that you immediately empty into your hand and wash down with a pint

generally results in 4-5 hrs of good, clean, fun

then ofc you buy another

imagine London but everywhere in the world

tell them that britain is a white country and that they will be first on the cross when the race war starts

Race is deeper than skin colour.
As for primitive thinking, that may be the case, but it's an incredibly important case. People still are, even in the 21st century, incredibly tribalistic. You're not going to get very far as an individual if everyone around you is joining an ethnic collective.

absolutely untrue
the society they grow up in will foster these anxieties

>mixed population grows
>all other population percentages stay static
Percentages can't add up to over 100% kiddo

Mandem have you cowardly wh*te dogs on a leash

This is verifiably untrue
Looking like your parents, in particular the same sex parent, is a critical aspect of child development

yeah no if you have phimo that severe you would have got it operated on by now
you're either a complete eejit or you're making shit up

the irish have John Scotus Eriugena and the english??? richard dawkins?? sorry I couldn't hear you well can you repeat?? richard dawkins A

hey, stop posting pics of my wife.

I agree with this merchant. They will be racially ambiguous enough to succeed in porn. No idea what Janice Griffith is but I like it tbqh. Muted, of course.


the blood doesn't enter your dick at the top

sounds good lad
if im doing shrooms/acid first time do you advise me going to the cinema with a mate? koyaanisqatsi's showing which i think would be a great experience but maybe too much for a first timer travelling around and having to be around other people and stuff

>enter /brit/
>yanks are discussing the racial make up of yank cities between themselves
jesus fucking christ what is wrong with these creatures
section the lot of em

Are you dumb??? 40% Hispanic, 40% White, 10% Black, 8% Asian, 2% Mixed race is what I’m saying is what the demographics of Texas will be in say 12 years.


And yet you could solve it with one simple phone call to the police

>admitting to ANYBODY that I'm a 28 year old virgin
no thanks

caused some trouble in a shopping centre as a young lad which meant i had to run out of there, ran past a group of drug dealing caribbean gentlemen and one sucked his teeth and shouted ‘don’t run round ere fuckin dickheads’

suffice to say i carried on running

no one calls my dad a thot

what endz g

In Mandarin, the character for woman is 女. But two women together 女女 means "argument."

what language is this?

Janice Griffith is an absolutely filthy slag. Her "Throated" scene was one for the ages.

top tier choice, i cant imagine theres going to be much of an audience watching that

pop half a tab like 30mins/hr before and grab yourself a drink to take the edge off it gets a bit intense and go for it

can be worth keeping some sniff (very hard to actually do a line with any subtlety when tripping but can be a lifesaver) or maybe a vallie on hand if you're worried

lsd isnt anywhere near as mad as people think is, unless you drop tons



Tell em brexit means brexit next time to prove you're not someone who can be pushed around

I'm not totally against White-Mestizo mixing because often the children will look fairly white-passing in most cases, still identifiably a Caucasoid.
The same is true for White-Hapa mixing, or White-Persian mixing.

When it comes to White-Subsaharan African, or White-East Asian, or White-South Indian, you'll be producing some goblin like abominations

This week in 1938:

Adolf Hitler abolishes the War Ministry and creates the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (High Command of the Armed Forces), giving him direct control of the German military. In addition, Hitler dismisses political and military leaders considered unsympathetic to his philosophy or policies.

During the entire period of the war, the OKW was led by Keitel, who reported directly to Hitler.

Eventually, Hitler himself became the commander-in-chief of the OKH during the Battle of Moscow.

Following the war, Keitel was charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. He was found guilty, sentenced to death and executed in 1946. He was the third highest-ranking German officer to be tried at Nuremberg.

Here’s a little tale for you all:

Last year I took three pulls of a blunt and began to have auditory hallucinations paired with hypertension, palpitations and chills which then turned into a full on panic attack where I couldn’t stand and then I crawled into the bathroom while hearing horrible voices in my ears and began throwing up but it wouldn’t come out due to cottonmouth so I shoved my hand down my throat to really open it up and prevent myself from choking on my own sick

I then passed out and woke up two hours later, I haven’t smoked that fucking dirt since.

not a letter

so you're saying every man who looks more like their mum has psychological issues? link me to a study that says this
also mutts can still retain a lot of features from their parents without looking like their parents ethnic group

i rate scotland but this is bullshit


Think the best place to be is in a friends house with a few close mates

they say edinburgh as edinBRAH

>brits can't even handle bantz with black children

what a sad people

>white-hapa is ok
>white-east asian not ok

regret even bothering to read this drivel

i can work most of these out but what the fuck does 'wear u lit a inside oot trackie' mean. i guess it means to shag but what is the normal version of that.

It's not about looks. The most physically impressive lad at my high school was a WMAF hapa but he was still runtified mentally

Police literally don't give a single shit about low level dealers


>i rate scotland
no you don't, you know fuckall about Scotland and only pretend to rate them due to anti English autism

jog on

earth really is the germany of the milky way

Know a half Arab half white lad
His dad came here to study in the 80s, converted to Christianity, and married a white girl

like I said none of us have a free house apart from my childhood mate who is now a dealer, hes a super busy turbo normie though who has a constant stream of people going into his house and I feel like im wasting his time

at the time o saw trainspotting i didn't noticed that.

it's mainly Glaswegians who talk like that



all more accurate words
challenge yourself


well it's true
white+hapa= 3/4 white
white+asian=1/2 white

The white Americans who want kids and marriage usually marry or have kids with other white Americans. Also only about 25% of the 20% of Hispanics who are married mix out with someone who isn’t Hispanic. Also the stats you posted include “White Hispanics” as white. Also most of the mixed couples you will see on the ground will be trashy white girls and negroes. All the White/Hispanic pairings I know (4) are White guys with Hispanic wives. All are about 2x my age

you arrive in bath

it's because you're stupid

i rate both, that's why i'm in /brit/ after all

top tier is out in the woods m8

lots of mileage staring at bark and canopies

woodchip is also quite good

is gear a good way to calm down whilst tripping? have literally never heard of that before

wish the jews would stop ruining movies by casting black people and women in lead roles

having a think

Bath, Virginia

would rather not do in winter, think it would inevitably lead to a bad trip since everything is so grim dark and cold

Sad & Gross. Happily know almost 0 of these mongrelized “people” and “couples” personally

Gal Gadot is ok tho

Cocaine cuts through everything like a knife.

i have the facial features of my mother but the skin tone of my father

dad is irish, mum is english but looks slightly darker. aside from posting here i am absolutely fine, i’ve known a number of mixed race kids and the ones born to decent parents are all absolutely fine. even the few hapa kids i’ve known have all been good people, aside from one whose mum was gone and their dad was a racist sexpat. how you raise a child is far more important than their genetic makeup

my grandparents were coptic christians from egypt but I never knew them

incredibly bored

doesn't calm you down, as it's gear, but it does get you away from paranoia/bad trips.
a lot of people dont seem to smash out pints while tripping but i always do so dunno if the gear would send you sideways if you werent half cut and tripping

lot of my clean tripping (ie no booze, water only) mates rated coke as a quick fix.
yeah the uk is a bit shit for that

>all because you want an exotic woman with a fat ass

You're half white half white m8.

state of england, nearly vomited reading that post

my mother and grandma are pardas and my father and grandpa are white, but i'm white as fuck, am i mixed?

S-S-S-Soydog! SOYDOG!

so it’s okay if the child is the offspring of the abomination in your opinion

you just seem a bit confused mate i’d recommend taking a break from Cred Forums

Ayo hol up


business idea: alcohol in pill form


Small brain: Scotland
Normal brain: Northen Ireland
Big brain: England
Massive brain with huge rays off light coming off of it : Wales
Ascended brain: Jersey

Northwest Brazil is white

this can't be real

Scotland is well nicer than NI in every facet


never had coke tbf but the last thing id want to do whilst tripping is sniff a line of mandy
forest is top tier but only if you wrap up warm and make sure it hasnt rained

looks like Cred Forums circa 2011

yeah probably should have checked my post a bit better before posting it lol, only mentioned that because i knew if i’d wrote ‘i have my dads skin tone but look like my mum’ people would have jumped to conclusions

oh dear

Amazing how pathetic some doges are after a few thousand years of breeding. I mean, I'm pretty frail but at least there aren't 20ft tall humans walking around near me.

kinda, not that white

alri manlet


>never had coke.

M8 pls take some this friday (assuming no Saturtoil)

you arrive in my house

stepping in dogshit while tripping is the worst thing desu

Pack it up


looks nice
does this mean I can come over? =)

This week in 1939L

February 14: The German battleship Bismarck was launched. It was the largest built by any European power.

15th: Hungarian Prime Minister Béla Imrédy resigned after confirming rumors that his ancestry was partly Jewish.

17th: Adolf Hitler opened the annual Berlin Auto Show. On display was the Volkswagen.

20th: More than 50,000 anti-Nazis protested outside Madison Square Garden in New York City.

21st: Germany decreed that all Jews were to turn in their gold, silver and other valuables to the state without compensation.

22nd: The battleship HMS King George V was launched. King George V was involved in the hunt for and pursuit of the German battleship Bismarck , eventually inflicting severe damage which led to the German vessel sinking.

Alri Tarquin

/brit/ cameo when?

First time I did acid was at my mates 18th house party didn’t know his family would be there but it worked out fine got locked in a conversation with his grandad about his poetry

for me, it's fortune poll

your posts lack integrity, dignity, decency, and competency.

>15th: Hungarian Prime Minister Béla Imrédy resigned after confirming rumors that his ancestry was partly Jewish.
Did this actually happen


>the largest battleship built by any European power
>sank in 8 days

and your willy is rubbish.

>impure whites are abominations

new drake tune is a banger

Alri m8 I’ve seen your house it’s massive.

think you’re fedora posting the wrong person

just made pasta and it was really easy
might have to get one of those pasta machines

>racists are hillary supporting white knights
get your story straight, your posts are so bad you're making the racists look reasonable

poor as shit at the moment, no way I can get a decent amount especially from a new dealer
coke seems a bit extortionate to me 2bh, is it really worth it?

just picked one out of the folder

May looks like a Rothschild
Cameron looks like a Jewess daughter
Brown looks like a lesbian from Yorkshire
Blair looks like Katie Hopkins
Major looks like a primary school dinner lady
Thatcher looks like a Mountbatten
Callaghan looks like an Irish granny
Heath looks like a Russian mother
Wilson looks like a BBC lesbian comedian
Macmillan looks like a depressed emo girl
Eden looks like a fitter version of Contrapoints
Churchill looks like the fat slag you regret fingering outside a nightclub

Vodka and red bull apparently gives a similar buzz

>just made pasta and it was really easy

quark sized brain


The gf.

I was born during the hard
Depression day, oh, my Lord
In July, in South Georgia
Where the sun was hot in a blaze

My folk was share cropper
At the end of the year, we had nothing
We had nothing, we had nothing but grass hoppers
Looking back over my life

Oh, Lord, I'm so depressed
Help me, somebody, I need some rest
Oh, Lord, I'm so depressed

about to drive to the aeroport for my flight

going to see if the hotel has a rowing machine. if they do i'm going to try to lose some weight today. feel like a fat fuck for some reason idk why

These people are actual employed academics


I cooked sausages and the oil was splashing and bubbling everywhere. Had to wrap my arm in a shirt so it didn't burn me. Cooking is fugging scary, lads. Always make a woman do it for you.

ily ose

February 1940:

10th: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt confronted a gathering of 4,500 members of the socialist American Youth Congress, which had recently passed a resolution declaring that granting aid to Finland was an "attempt to force America into the imperialistic war" against the Soviet Union.

Roosevelt offered "some words of warning or perhaps I should say of suggestion ... do not as a group pass resolutions on subjects which you have not thought through and on which you cannot possibly have complete knowledge." The organization responded by booing the president.

To mark the 2,600th anniversary of the traditional founding date of Japan, Pope Pius XII sent Emperor Hirohito a telegram that said in part: "We ask God that may you cease hostilities and that through Divine aid may the Japanese people and their sovereigns attain greater glory and happy years."

Finland asked Sweden to provide troops to fight against the Soviet Union, but Sweden refused out of fear that both Britain and Germany would respond by invading Sweden.

Germany accused Britain of "piracy, murder and gangsterism"for failing to protect the German ship within Norwegian territorial waters. Norway in turn protested to Britain for infringing on the country's neutrality.

Hitler authorized Operation Weserübung, the invasion of Norway.

Pasta was one of my staples when I was learning to cook. Was listening to the JRE last night and Rogan was on about how bad it is for you. Wish I'd known that before I bought 3kg of the stuff.

How old are you

women aren't possessions

>password has to include an uppercase letter, a lower case letter, a number, a symbol, and can't be similar to your previous passwords
Love the "we want you to forget your password" meme

25 jej

Fuck JRE

write it on a sticky note bro

Sometimes I fry stuff in my big saucepan so I can put the lid on. You can also get a "splatter guard" for frying pans but there seems to be no way of cleaning them.

: (

If you havent mastered cooking atleast 15 different meals by the you’re 20 you are officially useless


you had the heat too high you spanner

I've taken to cooking sausages in the oven lately because it browns them evenly and you don't have to fuck about turning them every 2 seconds in a frying pan, plus no splatting and when you're done you just chuck away the foil you used and there's no washing up

any takers?

you must be white and at least 3rd generation to be considered british

define meals

C4 news doesn't even try to hide their bias any more

imagine getting this many (you)'s and being sad

i make miojo when i have time, this counts?

What's that rorke? Science is bad? Mmmkay

lol i'm nearly 30 and can't cook more than pasta or rice lol

Joseph Conrad was a Pole

Used to cook them in the oven but I'm too impatient for that.

PJW is here


What science is that, fella?

That is appalling

In Gregg's mate?

Would like to genocide everyone with a BMI over 25


Shame. Always feel bad for obese people.

I did it, lads. I got them dubs

>and can't be similar to your previous passwords
Never had this one.

I have a good system for my passwords. I have a password that is always the same, but for every site, I use that password followed by a 4 digit number (and exclamation mark if needed). I use a different number for each site. I write down the site + number (including any "!") on my list, which does NOT have the word. That stays in my head.

This way, if someone wants to steal my password, they need both the word, and the list. If a password is compromised on a site's database, they only got the word. If somneone gets the list, they only got the numbers and still need the word.

la chupacabra. ...


got a few fat mates and theyre great blokes but horribly obese people like this just viscerally disgust me on a base level

Arbitrary numbers but yes, adults that cannot cook properly are failures

Golden One?

dunno why really rich famous people don't just leave the limelight and spend the rest of their lives enjoying their money

after 3 years of having it ive finally cracked my phone screen lads

from where are you brining these

he's a twat

i cracked my screen like a week into my 2 year contract

check em

i think dan akroyd did

Performing in front of an audience gives you a buzz you can't get from anything else.

t. musician




That build up and drop at 0:40 is probably one of the best things I've heard in my life

Rick Moranis did

i was hoping nobody would notice :(

niggers are dysfunctional

That's what you get for going outside, normie.

enjoyed this post


rteard twat

does hot chocolate count as a sweet for lent purposes?


Hey man what's up

I reckon.

I really don't care what you think

just chucked it on the floor and accidentally hit a plate
do it quite a lot so im quite impressed it lasted this long


make a new