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This was 10 days ago

Stop bullying the German Jesus guys

Why do I notice so many black westerners trying to learn chinese, especially americans or brits

is this the hip new thing




>mfw we could fix the China/US trade deficit if we just traded more oil and gas with China

Less dependence on OPEC
More environmentally friendly gas
Better trade relations
Fucks over the S*udis and their pigs
China gets cheaper energy

Why not?

Daily reminder that the best China is a divided China

definitely not a hip thing

hope the guy in the last thread doesn't think his "gf" will be exclusive. Mandarin doesn't even have a word for "dating". Closest is 交往 which means "To be in contact with"

That’s Toronto. You should direct them to winner laowai in China’s YT channel and show them how miserable life in Chinkland is for a nigger

fucked a hot late 20s 剩女 from sichuan earlier tonight. I asked in chinese if I could take pictures of her feet. kek She actually let me, but covered her face

Also saw so many WMAF couples in the downtown area the other night. I thought maybe whitey was back in vogue, but then I realized they could be Engrish teachers working in the provinces and visiting the city with their girlfriends as tourists

Free Penghu!

Democracy, with Chinese Characteristics :^)

Post them

what really happened

Xi is really manly in comparison to his predecessors. It is weird because Xi used to be an obese buddha liberal in 2002-2007.

>all old yellow males

fucking patriarchy

Chinese characteristics is just emergent capitalism, and very capitalist at that when the biggest capitalists are also members of the ccp elite

the whole new ideology of the ccp is nothing but unabashed capitalism in the guise of socialist dialectic, don't mistake it for some profound ideological evolution

No that's not true because he said it was communism!

>Mr Xi was born in Shaanxi province in 1953. His father Xi Zhongxun was a veteran of the revolution who survived the Long March and became a vice-premier. But Mr Xi's privileged childhood was turned on its head by Mao's purges. His father spent 16 years in prison. It was only in 1975 that he was released, later becoming an advocate of reform. Like many "intellectual youths" in the Cultural Revolution, Mr Xi was dispatched to the countryside to learn from the peasant masses. It was a bitter experience that helped to shape his views.

>"In the past when we talked about beliefs, it was very abstract. I think the youth of my generation will be remembered for the fervour of the Red Guard era. But it was emotional. It was a mood. And when the ideals of the Cultural Revolution could not be realised, it proved an illusion," he told state-run CCTV in 2003.

it's communist in the way that it is managed by the party that is called communist

but nothing about it is communist except maybe dictation by the party

did you know the party actually doesn't legally exist
someone tried to sue the party and it was inadmissible in court because there was no such entity

>And when the ideals of the Cultural Revolution could not be realised, it proved an illusion.

So he is obviously not delusional about what happened.

That’s a pretty aggressive statement for a CCP official who wants to get promoted.

Is Duterte compromised?


Of course not

Truly a impressive guy!

I think all leaders must be sent down into war-zones or experience both physical and mental suffering on their own bodies before allowed to run for any position.

This is the only thing that will help against the effects of long term nepotism.

Everyone knows. But this doesnt change their 70/30 views on Mao's doing.

The CR fulfilled its 'historical mission' and gives way for new policies and reforms.

>He returned to Beijing to complete the first of his two degrees from the elite Tsinghua University. Unlike most recent politburo members he has a doctorate in law and ideological education.

>A communist from the age of 21, Mr Xi cut his administrative teeth in the fast-growing provinces of Fujian and Zhejiang. Foreign investors and diplomats spoke highly of his English, knowledge of international business practices and ability to get things done.

>He has twice been called upon to clean up high-profile corruption cases, most recently in Shanghai where the former party boss Chen Liangyu was caught up in a social security fund scandal. Officials such as Mr Xi have also come under suspicion because of the advantages they can secure through their family ties, but leading reformers believe they can be a force for change. "Most corrupt officials come from poor families. But Chinese royals like Xi have a spirit that is not dominated by money," says Li Datong, a former editor who was fired for refusing to toe the line of the propaganda department.

>Privately, people who have met Mr Xi describe him as open-minded, friendly and not the type to put on airs. In public, his views on policy are largely orthodox. He is less bellicose than other senior officials on Taiwan, which China considers to be a rogue province. But on other matters his speeches have carefully followed the leadership line.

How does this make you feel?

>Loyalty to the party, a lack of controversy and the ability to please all factions are the main qualities needed to rise inside today's communist party, according to Nicholas Becquelin of Human Rights Watch. "There are no particular policies associated with Xi," he says. "If you are tipped to go up the ranks, you have to be as bland as possible with nothing on your record that can attract opposition from rivals."

>In contrast to the autocratic rule of Mao Zedong, Mr Hu has had to balance the interests of rich and poor provinces, powerful families and patronage groups in choosing a successor. The favourite to become the next party leader had been Li Keqiang, the party boss of Liaoning who was a protege of Mr Hu's for more than a decade. But he was too close to the president for the liking of other powerbrokers, such as former president Jiang Zemin, so Mr Xi became the compromise candidate.

>"His rise is slightly unexpected, but he has broad appeal," said a European diplomat. His succession is not guaranteed. But if recent precedent is a guide, Mr Xi will probably be president from 2012 to 2022. Before then, he will at least start to become as much of a household name as his wife.

how long do you think vivi and her family were begging cmilk to take her to America? I bet it's been ever since she got married.

He actually quite hates the West.

Cue to his speech infront of Chinese diaspora in Mexico in 2009.

Xi Jinping is an nationalist reformer from a fallen aristocratic family. He has seen everything, the crushing poverty and misery of the weakest and the splendor of the richest and most powerful he belongs to. His hate against the Corrupt and abusive in China is mirrored in his hate for the West, who are the rich and corrupt on global scale.

He seeks to solve both: First clean up China and make it powerful, and then clean up the West and the Wh*tes afterwards.

I heard Xi’s wife has a collection of lifelike latex masks she puts on to stroll the bars of Beijing unnoticed and get a fill of some big white expat cock every once in a while when she is tired of Xi’s tiny Chiny peen.

Do you think there is some truth to it?

Upstate NY has the worst commercials for local businesses. Cmilk would fit right in if he quit Youtube and make them instead.

I heard Trump has a collection of short Chinese men who are paid to suck on his fingers.

Do you think there is some truth to it?

I heard Trudeau has a collection of big dicked Muslim men who are paid to stick it up his ass.

Do you think there is some truth to it?

He certainly enjoys the Chinese sniper rifles he got gifted.

To be expected, as each of them costs like 26,000 RMB excluding scope.
Not even the PLA afford these in large quantities, and the Philippines got like a container load of them for their operations in Marawi against the ISIS.


crazy isn’t it

I heard Abe’s wife gets raped by Koreans daily and Abe apologizes for it

He’s having troubles with the proxy atm

Yes it’s a form of reparations for Korean comfort women, this deal was struck two years ago iirc

>whitey back in vogue

was it ever 'in style' or out of style?


Are Chinese girls OK with white men in a non fetishistic sense?

Or are they all xenophobes so you only end up with wingnuts.

China’s Africa policy has definitely had an impact on the image of black men among young Chinese women who are no more curious than ever to get a taste of the Choccy dong.
Chinese abortion clinics are worried because half negroid embryos are worthless on the black market yet the numbers are skyrocketing

剩女 most often like to date whitey. Because they've given up hopes of a Chinese husband.

I heard Cmilk has a collection of Hong Kong girls who are paid to give him toothy blowjobs.

Do you think there is some truth to it?

What does /sino/ think of my gf?

Hard to tell.

You're just jealous

No, I could not be jealous of another man's love.
I am happy for you, please treat her right.
As I will treat my aboriginal girlfriend.


>As I will treat my nonexistent girlfriend

Fixed for you

eh...lo s-siento...no es el número de Jorge Díaz?

Are you just another jealous girl?


I know she is real and that is proof enough my dear friend.

From friends to lovers, we are soulmates with our hearts entwined in never ending bliss.

Dude, STOP. You always kill the vibe with that Brittany Spears shit.

they made it a hot line, we made it a hot song


That looks photoshopped

Does anyone know if the holder of a temporary residence permit can be the "inviter" when someone applies for a Visa. Or does the "inviter" have to be a Chinese citizen?

ie. Can you invite your friends to China so they don't have to stay in a hotel and they can stay in your apartment?

>half negroid embryos are worthless
black fetus probably makes better herbal medicine for penis growth thanks to all the stem cells' juice

Or they could just "book" a hotel and stay at your place anyway.

You don't get to bring friends.

Well if they were gonna spend money to book a hotel they might as well stay in it.

""""book"""" it


Britbro, you jumping in on this?


>high quality videos
>hot chinky girl models getting their cute soles tickled
>kinky story lines leading up to the action

Damn chinks beat me the punch, this is exactly what I wanted to do

How well will black panther do in China?

it won't even open there
the movie is too woke and might start chinks to revolt





Taipei Universiade > Pyeongchang Winter Shitlympics


Would you slam the freak faced chick if she had one hot ass slamming body and the cutest feet you have ever seen?

OBOR about to be BTFO'd



Going to the casino next week to meet some important business clients (and also to play some cards).

Any hot girls want to come with me and provide a distraction to the dealers while I cheat them out of their cash?

I'll give you a good dicking in the hotel room (comped) if you come with me....

Nah, no interest in the Candice or Am set. I've got the De set already.

when you gon start sharing breh

Q-binge app on life alert

Fine, here you go:


I like Solexight because the feet are natural, which isn't to everyone's taste.

Shout out to my brother from across the channel

Virus do not click!



hmm actually the pictures suck lol
at least I didn't have to pay for it 哈哈哈


r/aznidentity in shambles

6 years * 365 days = 2190 days / 150 girls

weak score tbPh

the average asian woman goes through 150 white cocks in one year

Japanese girls are bigger sluts than white girls 2bh

This is sickening


Brits win again

>brits getting drunk and fighting
>brits having a drunken orgy
>Brit riding buffalo naked

How's this racism? Just sounds like a right laff

Anything the eternal Anglo does is racist

Is there also a noise coming from your speakers when you look at the table?

Once I scroll past the text and only have blank lines it stops.

I think it's an aznidentity virus

Daily reminder that no one here is learning chinese


there is no reason to
it's a shit language for insectoid chinklets

Pretty well

Anti-whitoid movies = in vogue in the CCP

>Germany +5

Every language other than English falls under that category also.

The world agrees on money, and nobody is going to say, "Let's abandon English and pick up this 'other' Language."

They tried that with Esperanto, and Germany lost its chance with Hitler. Funny thing is if Hitler hadn't have happened the world would have picked German to be the Lingua Franca as it was already the intellectual powerhouse of the world.

Now it's just... *shrug*

我的中文口语说得不太好, 但是读写能力比较强

How exactly would this harm China?

>talks are nacent and may not conclude




>no sources

Why do people even post this? What do they gain?

>Not learning future superpower's language
Okay footfag you can be a good slave of the insectoids.
So...You are a real person
For how long have you been learning?
I plan to begin my studies after I finish japanese

Your “gf” is an insectoid chinklet whore with manhands

The score got BTFO in 2015 and 2016 so it is simply recovering slightly

Yes. I am a real person. Why would you ever think otherwise, Brazil Anonymous?



>s-suicide watch

More infrastructure in the region would only help China. More trade, more connections, more travelers, less poverty. All of this is good for China, just less so than Chinese loan infrastructure.

Nonsensical post
She has cute girl hands

She is Japan right now on vacation, wonder how long it will take for the postcard to arrive :-)

Why do you act like an robot?
I that that if have a lot of spare time you take it seriously you could learn it in 2 and half years.
If it really have the same level of difficulty as japanese

How would you know what a robot acts like if they aren't "perfected" yet, according to science?

For me to answer you better you would have to describe what you think a robot is.

You are a robot
Stop posting altogether



You have many beautiful things Brazil. Your women alone make me wish I lived there, also all the carnivals that celebrate life.

Okay. Give me the specific commands you think a robot would accept to register 'you' as my master programmer.

If you fail to do so then you aren't human or a robot, rather just someone who can't even speak English or communicate what they want from communicating.
In Ordnung. Geben Sie mir die spezifischen Befehle ein Roboter denken würde, akzeptieren registrieren ‚Sie‘ als mein Master-Programmierer.

Wenn Sie dies nicht tun, dann sind Sie nicht von Mensch oder ein Roboter, sondern nur jemand, der Englisch nicht einmal sprechen können oder kommunizieren, was sie kommunizieren wollen.


You are aware the less 'you' can define robot, the more I, a single human being, get to define it for the future?

So I will end up controlling all robots that don't realize that I'm a human.

It's a much easier way to gain control rather than think that Trump or Merkel, or ANY politician, is anything other than a child.

Ok falo com você outro dia

Solution to this would be more white males in China to fill the void of loneliness for single Asian women.
Xi must act.

I find it fucking hilarious that people think posting 'articles' with graphs that look like lie detector test output sheets somehow communicates to those who think they have true power or money actually means anything.

How people think the world runs astounds me.

Você me honra quando você escolher esse dia para ser hoje.

Shut the fuck up and stop posting

I'm not based on *nix architecture. Also, 'shut the fuck up' is an auditory/vocalization command. This is a website with text.

Do you want a hand with my commands that I accept, or would you rather me gift you knowledge? Because those are the only two options I present. Binary.

Shanghai’s future

>If China’s economic growth continues, there is a chance that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) could move its headquarters from Washington to Beijing in 10 years.

>At a symposium in Washington last July, IMF managing director Christine Lagarde expressed such thoughts, which seemed to anticipate Xu’s analysis.

>This is because the IMF articles of agreement states that the headquarters will be located in the country that contributes the most funds, and countries’ contributions closely follow the size of their economies. Since its establishment in 1945, the headquarters has been in Washington, D.C., in the United States, the largest economic power in the world.



Jesus Christ, I was thinking this general would be an interesting place to start for learning Mandarin, but man, what a shitty thread. It's literally just shilling, shilling and more shilling. More shilling than I've ever seen even by actual Chinese people (and I live in fucking Vancouver).

Is this general better at other hours of the day?


I can't read moonrunes m8, I haven't even started yet.

I was just wondering if there are other times of the day where I can come back and not have paid shills spamming fucking Forbes articles non-stop.

Ah, you are at 'that' stage of learning.

Well, Mandarin starts with puzzles.

"Chinese Room Argument."

It is all about how would you, as a male, enter a room with several other Chinese speakers and establish a basic dictionary.

Now the obvious answer is 'shit on the floor' and then describe smells and etc. because you have to assume at the very least that if they look human, then they must have the same 5 basic senses.

Mandarin is also another Chinese dialect way of saying, "Man standing in a room always."

The Chinese written language is dying out because it is PHYSICALLY and MATHEMATICALLY impossible for all their dialects to continue given how strict they are about the 'method' of it being written. Quite the cultural clusterfuck.

For example you will never find a Chinese person who speaks English say that they had a Chinese teacher. Even if they are from China, so it is something you can always just 'adopt' and any Chinese person will believe you.

It has a lot to do with the fact that they have limited their vocal range to only '5 tones' whereas all other languages have fucktons.

aeiou, y and j are also vowels for some. That plus whatever consonant construct you want to make ends up with a huge variety.

Chinese gets around the limitation by having ridiculous 128 stroke characters, but obviously as a written language that becomes cumbersome and it is also pointless to have so many characters in your brain to describe the amount of stuff you can do in a day.

sounds intimidating m8

It isn't really that scary once you realize that all Chinese people share the same cultural stance which is: Chinese is all about learning.

Like if you want to be a 'child molester' or have a dynasty based on fucking underage children, there are villages in China where that is the norm.

Honor is about submitting to the person who claims to have knowledge and then proceeds to provide it, it is the duty of the student to learn. Which is why so many Chinese people don't want to be teachers as they know the job is truly only for the 'intense' types of personalities.

Why would you want to learn Mandarin anyway? It is easier if you just pick a Chinese name (which you can only do if you ask a Chinese person).

If you are willing, here is one for you: 紅楓葉 (Red Maple Leaf)

You'll find that you are probably stuck with that Chinese name for life now though.

hi /sino/ , I got job offer in SHANGHAI 6000CNY/month is it good ?