Norwegian food best food

Norwegian food best food

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is that horse alright

it's sheep

hes fine just needs some stitches

Icelandic cuisine is better

Do you guys kiss it first before eating? It looks so cute


Can't compete with Russian.


Why is this dish such a big deal?

Хoхляцкий млaдeнeц пoд oгypeчным coycoм?


Pacпятый млaдeнeц хoхлa. One user said the other day it's illegal to eat monkeys. Is this true?

i didn't know that

The absolute state of third world countries. Absolutely disgusting.

yeah man he will be fine

Don't they eat worms (suri) or something in your country? :/ In my country, some people eat dogs in Nagaland and places, but I guess that's about it.

Unrelated question but is it true that swedes eat the tongues of moose?

probably, we do eat the tongues on oxen

no you uncivilized amerifat

eating head is fine

Why not? Not much different from eating beef tongue.

Don't you guys eat lizard (dabb) sometimes?


Wasn't that Tom Cruise's kid or something?


Yeah they're the larvae of Rhynchoporus palmarum, a kind of Palm weevil
It's a pretty regional thing at the Amazon but it has a somewhat meme status in the cities
I've personally never tried it because they're pretty hard to come by except in large Amazon cities like Iquitos or Pucallpa or the communities near them. Looking forward to do it if I ever go near that zone.
Do you remember any other weird food from India?

>Do you remember any other weird food from India?
Human brain.
Anyway thanks for the info.

I'm surprised we aren't getting shit for eating fermented fish in this thread, like surstromming, rakfisk or lutefisk

Have you ever tried surstromming
Is it as bad as everyone says
Trying it is one of the tops of my Scandinavian Achievements list, as well as seeing the northern lights
No prob buddy
>Human brain

fermented fish is not wrong

it is good 2bh

The tongue and cheek meat are the parts of animal heads that are generally eaten. Brains sometimes but it's not recommended anymore due to the risk of mad cow disease and the FDA has banned brains from being sold for human consumption.

>Have you ever tried surstromming
i have eaten something that is similar, the taste is a bit sharp. You should eat it on flatbread with onion and the rest.

You should travel to Bodo or further north to see the Northern lights

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>eating head is fine
Just not the brains. That is how you get uncurable prion diseases that slowly turn your brain to mush.

Brains, eyeballs, spinal cords and their surrounding tissue cannot be sold for human consumption in the US, only used in pet food. Lungs are also banned, but for a somewhat different reason.

>you should travel to Bodo or further north
would tromso be good?

t. McDonald's connoisseur


The American embassy, what about it?

They also eat whales AND crows. Someone needs to tell them you don't get smarter by eating smart animals, and they're the proof of that.

Have you seen them?

Whale tastes god tier, what are you a homo?
Nobody eats crow.

>Whale tastes god tier

This, I eat Minke whale while in Iceland last year. It was great.


God, even your breath smells like crow.

Uma delicia

>He doesn't drink crow eggs so he can fight like a crow and get that sweet crowtein for maximum gainz
Are Swedes even men?

this is what real men eat, you can either comply or get your norwegian boipussy out of here