Ur cunt

>ur cunt
>how many empty drink containers in your immediate area


3(not counting the solo cup spittoons)
1 empty can of coke and 2 empty water bottles

1 (a pepsi max with a straw)

i only drink water


4 Empty beer cans to be honest

I only drink mate and water so none

about 300 empty beer cans, cba to take them out

I cleaned up saturday, so 0. I'm glad you didn't ask on friday, then I had dozen of empty energydrink cans.


yesterday it was like 15 though, from the past few weeks, but they are one of those things you don't need to clean up quickly so they pile up

I'm not going to count. A few hundred I guess.

2 bottles of water and a coffee mug.

2 beer cans

>4832 soda bottles
I collect them. Been doing this for about 7 years

2 wine bottles
4 beer bottles
1 case of cider

In my defence everything in my tiny bedsit is in my vicinity.

Three beer cans.

5 bottles of water and one coke

2 mugs
1 coffee cup
1 glass

2 empty bottles of vodka
7 beer cans
1 (almost) empty rum bottle
4 cider cans


3 empty boyaryshnik bottles (bootlegged bath lotion that contains alcohol)

>bootlegged bath lotion

I've got like 8 2.25 liters pepsi and coke bottles scattered on the sides of my desk.

No engery drink cans but 4 cups that once held coffee

this many