Anybody else think Vikings are kinda lame?

Compared to ancient Romans, Greeks, they were savages.

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Yeah they were, they should be only taught about in Northern Europe.

yes they were literal niggers.
they were lucky to be geographically close to romans and greeks

Vikings were nigger-tier savages
Romans and Greeks were arab-tier savages

scandinavians were extremely intelligent and crafty.

"Vikings" were not a civilisation or a race

What went wrong?

Imperialistic, oppressive system that crumbled under it's own weight eventually

According to the wiki that was built in 400.

Pic related, the Colosseum was built 300 years before that.
I sense a slight difference between the knowledge and culture of Scandinavians and that of Romans or Greeks.

greeks, jews and christianity

>Compared to ancient Romans, Greeks, they were savages.

implying nordoids are not savages these days

This lol.
Completely different timeframes

Yeah, the Haida are my favorite sea reaver civilization.

and meds were flinging their own shit at each other while the sumerians were building monuments

I think savages and barbarians are cooler than romans and stuff. Cooler mythology too. I don't know.

how can europ*ids even compete?


there would also be a difference in man power, the Romans had far more free labourers and slaves

>while the sumerians were building monuments
sumerians were not meds, nice meme, wh*Toid

VERY good post

yeah, but our population numbers were far smaller than pretty much any other countries.
secondly, keep the cold climate in mind.
there are bigger structures that were built way before then - "fornborgar", but they have degraded to such an extent that they are just piles of rocks.
also, scandinavia was pretty much isolated. the romans never came here.
romans and greeks were the centre of the world at that time.
how about we compare modern day hungary with modern day america or japan??

>Anybody else think Vikings are kinda lame?
Compared to the various continental Germanic peoples yeah.

I don't even know why you foreigners are so obsessed with vikings
Must be because of Americlaps muh heritage sperging

you have shit like this predating mediterranean "civilization" by a millennium and people wank over the colosseum instead. greco-roman shit is truly the most overrated crap there is

Literally sub-saharan Africa tier

Meds use to get triggered by Nordics because they browsed stormfront for years at Americans muh heritaging nordic stuff and looking down on wops and dagos

and sumerians (the black headed people) were flinging their own shit while GAULS were building monuments.

Solid post

>keep the cold climate in mind.

nordoids were so inferior they were forced by superior ppl to live into frozen steppes nobody wanted to live in

Nothing compared to the Ancient Finnish Kings

They have their own appeal


germans are arabs you slavic immigrant


Chinese civilization>>>>>Anglo civilization>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>French civilization>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>German civilization>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>med civilization>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Slavs>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Native americans civilization>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Blacks


Mayans, incas and puma punk >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>wh*Te subhumans aka nords and germanics

>Chinese on top
>Wonder who made this post
Can't make this shit up


jesus christ, that's just cruel

It's just a fact, round eyed subhumans


the chinese got destroyed barbarians

the dominant Greek civilization is the only one that survived

chinese would kill to have human eyes

islam didn't even exist in roman times

Old Uppsala Pagan Temple from the 500s to ca year 1000 was probably pretty nice

Chinese are just a knock off version of Japanese people



china is known for trolls who manipulate the internet
thats how all asiatics are
from turkey to japan

Egyptian civilization >> Babylonian civiliation > Indus Valley Civilization > Sumerian civilization >> Chinese civilization >>>> Aztec civilization >>>>>>>>>>>> Whitoid civilizations

And yet they got around quite a bit.

Remember that time the Chinese took over Japan?
Oh wait, other way around

all failed and got destroyed
except the Greek

its not
you are insects

started off decent then turned to weebshit fast

>all failed and got destroyed

Don't be sad that it ended, be happy that it happened.

Also, Indus valley, sumerian and egyptian civilizations are the oldest civilizations and yet that didn't stop them from erecting extremely impressive monuments and structures.

nobody cares

the Greek civilization is the oldest
since its the only one that matters

>Japanese people are actually Chinese
You sure started grasping for straws quickly there, Mr. Dong

> Anybody else think Vikings are kinda lame?

Everyone? Isn't this the general understand? They don't exactly feature heavily in world history.

Sorry lad, vikings are very popular in pop-culture, infact more so than romans. Perks of being cool I guess :^)

Compared to ancient Romans and Greeks, everyone except the Chinese were savages. Get over it; comparison is not the only means of qualifying a thing.

Why the fuck are the people on this website so goddamned stupid? I mean, I already know the answer - it's because it's primarily 16 year-old tryhards pretending they are smart - but still, I have to wonder...

>since its the only one that matters
But Sumerians invented writing

>everyone except the Chinese were savages.

All empires expire, all of them. They grow old depending on how fast they were created.
Then when they start to expire, when its people are pacified neets, faggots, degenerates and those used to comfort and cant live without it.

Greeks created the first alphabet that wasn't just pathetic drawings

we wuzzery is fun :^D

Not trying to sound like a smartass here, but can this expiration be avoided if we automate our industries?

It is kinda weird how big of a meme they became.
Personally I think people should stop using viking to mean every faucet of early medieval Scandinavian culture. We don't go around calling all Spanish culture during the age of discovery as "conquistador".

*The Phoenicians created the first alphabet that wasn't just pathetic drawings

Vikangz are just entry-level history tier, most of us moved on to Ottonian dynasties, the Great Northern War, the Great Turkish War or other more interesting things in history.

the phoenician was just pathetic drawings

If those are pathetic than the same can be said for the Greek letters.

civilization needs to be civil in first place

nope. Sorry, i know that i too sound like a smartass preaching how your country will die, but technology cant save a civilization from its expiration, it either speeds the process up or postpones it in the best case scenario, by a very small margin.
Though it can help rebuild something new

no you lebanese wannabe phoenician

Greeks made it perfect

>discovering north-america, greenland
I wouldn't expect non-whites to understand the spirit of exploration and adventure.

>settle on ugly wasteland
>die out

If Romans were so great, why were they absolutely destroyed by Babarians?

Friendly reminder

They certainly improved it, but to call the Phoenician alphabet pathetic just makes you look like some faggot who makes popular history videos on youtube.

the devil created germans to destroy everything that is good

it is a failed alphabet that died out with weak people while Greeks influenced the human race forever

Vokings were nigger tier. Nothing to brag about.

I agree.

And you know who influenced Greek? Phoenician.

The Romans were brought down by the brothers and cousins of the same people who were the vikings l m a o

>10000 BC
How can wh*toids even compete?

they didn't

Greeks had actually their own alphabet but the Phoenician was better suited for the Greek language.

Ask some Greeks if you want to know more about it.

>Turks are now considered brothers and cousins of vikings
Nuclear annihilation can't come soon enough.

Huns never sacked Rome, the Huns were repelled and destroyed by the Goths

>wooden hut on top of skyscraper
I would exit the theater immediately if I saw that.

as if that hovering meme vehicle wasnt enough

To be fair Turkic runes look very similar to the different Germanic runes

Nah. The Greeks used syllabic based scripts before they adapted the alphabet.

no they didnt maymun

Neither did the Turks but they still killed of their empire.

what the f*ck did you just say about my ancestors???

I can't tell if you're an offended black person or not

I am black, and offended. Just can't believe how fucking retarded that is. It's like a film about some ancient advanced eskimo civilization where they put igloos on top of their buildings. It makes no real sense and it is wewuz to the core.

Yes, on the eyes of the uralic master race the scandicucks are reddit-tier villians

Yes they did. Before the Phoneticians they used stuff like Linear B.

Can someone save us?
Ikbey is currently using Swedish proxy and swedish google translate and spergs out 24/7


>Norwegian vikings plundered and raped innocent civilians and sailed to greenland/america where they got rekt by literal savages
>Danish vikings plundered and raped innocent civilians, killed their own and got rekt in every real conflict
>Swedish vikings traded and explored, sailing down to Byzantium to fight the good fight against the muslim invaders, sailing east to found the Russian state and erecting many runestones so future generations would remember their exploits

>Yes, on the eyes of the uralic master race

what you described was Linear A

albanian is angry

swedish vikings raided eastwards buddy boyo

Romans conquered and subjugated other countries
Vikings raided other people now and then
And they discovered america where they peacefully traded with the natives

Who were the real savages here?

You know Scanian vikings did the same shit the Danes did right?

>what you described was Linear A
No. We don't even know for sure what writing system Linear A used, but Linear B is not a phonetic alphabet. It's more similar to writing systems like Cuneiform or Japanese.

But the Scanians were Danes.

you're on my list now you hungarian fuck
talking ill about my vikang ancestors will not go unpunished

Hi Iki

That's the the consequence, not the cause.
They were brought down by their own decadence.