This country is so BORING

This country is so BORING

Sucks, but can you do anything about it?

get naked

it'll make it less boring

i promise

dumbtania sucks

Don't bully satania.

bully Satania


why would you care if your country is 'boring'? You will never leave your mother's basement so any nation you reside in is the same from your perspective.

>He doesnt like anime

I just want to live in a relevant country with interesting jobs.

desu this is gonna be op is a few years when multiculturalism finally reaches its logical conclusion.

This is why I want to move to America.

Wanna change places?

YOU are boring. Get off your computer faggot.

oh man tough guy canadian over here watch out guys he might be a little passive-aggressive and then apologize about it.

>lives in a first world country with thousands of miles of vast nature at your fingertips
>"waah waah im so bored!!!"
shut the fuck up

Beats """living""" in r*ssia
1rst world, good salaries, comfy cold climate, qt asian girls everywhere

t. triggered NEET

But I'm too scared to approach the asian girls...

He doesn't doesn't like anime.

Just b yourself

it feels like any other country is more interesting than canada

Dumb sataniaposter

That's the price of being a leaf