Fuck Finland

Anybody else just fucking despise Finland?

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wow that guy is literally half white




>Those shitskin hands
>Having a flag you hate
>Raising that flag so you can hate it whenever you want

No Abdul, please leave the Europe.


Wow, Jamal is an ungrateful refugee.

literally best country





Finns are our brothers.

Not be tbqh.

fucking saved

Fuck niggers more like

go hang from a tree you monkey

Are you scared, whiteboi

Yes, I do

Finland truly has the most ugly disgusting people on the planet.

I wonder what it's like to have frog fingers.

I love Finland!! Visiting right now!!
About to enjoy a nice Mammi dessert

>putting cream in your mämmi

The woman in the supermarket told me it goes together. Now I am the clueless foreigner, how quickly the tide turns

Cream is the patrician choice, ignore

Are all of your products both in Finnish and Swedish?

>fucking n-

You have to go back.