1. Your country

1. Your country
2. Do you like fighting games?

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Yes, but I'm really, really bad at them.

yes, very much

1. Norgay.
2. I was never a big fan of them, but I played a ton of them growing up because my older brother was a big fan. The Guilty Gear series is one of the few fighting games I really like though.


fuck you i hate fighting games they too hardo
only stupid autists play them

they're alright but I can't play them

I practiced SFIV eevery day, but I never got any better. ow I'm doing the same again with FighterZ. It's awful, but I just like playing them so much.

same with me but in third strike and darkstalkers

1. Flag
2. A little, they're pretty boring to play alone or online
I think of them just as party games

I used to host championships in Tekken Tag back in the day, as host took 15% of the final prize. Won 3 times, Gun Jack was my choice as always.
10KM (about 5 eruos) was the entry fee and 15 people max participated.
Caused a lot of real fights at school tho. But nothing compared when i help poker nights, stakes got higher and higher and the mood was never friendly. Always so tense and i had to buy 6 decks for every tournament with eyewitnesses.
Broke my best friends arm in a fight when he trashed my cupboard in a fight when a cheater was exposed.
Only class that never went to a single reunion.

great taste

I love playing as this guy because all of his unblockable moves are so satisfying to execute

It's just awful. Even when I'm executing combos, I still feel like I'm mashing buttons. I'm just not cut out to play these games.

Yeah, but considering its not that popular I dont find it very worthwhile to spend too much time in it.

Fighting games need a coop beat em up mode.

1. flag
2. only league of legends and counter strike like fighting games.

I really dont understand why Street Fighter for example does have coop missions like Starcraft 2. Especially considering they are such DLC whores.

My favorite is MvC2 even though I suck at it

combos are shit and I rarely even bother learning any. doing the right special at the right moment, focusing on good defense and getting a normal through every now and then is far more important in my opinion as most people always try to play as aggressively as possible

>as most people always try to play as aggressively as possible
This is a big problem for me. I'm just so impatient. Same reason why I had trouble with Dark Souls.

>combos are shit
What did he mean by this

If your country didn't create a much loved fighting game with a pumping soundtrack then it's pretty much a non country.


I only like Smash 4

it's really easy to read, too. my brother always starts a match with a forward jump kick so I always start the match with an anti-air move.
>mfw he still hasn't learned that I'm aware of this and I don't plan on telling him any time soon
it's way too hard to remember some autistic combo sequence when trying to concentrate on the game. most specials on the other hand are simply half circle/quarter circle/shoryuken motion + punch/kick and they usually cancel an enemy's normals as well. specials are far more useful

They are the only genre that constantly gets me excited, super fun.
Unfortunately, they have been very affected by the devs jewery with all the season passes, DLC and all of that crap

me too. I just prefer to watch other people play them tbqh.

Yes I like them but I am shit at them

yes, kof97 masterace

Everyone has games they are good at and games they suck at. I'm bad at fighting games at shooters. I'm great at DotA 2 and other RTS games.

White pig always discriminates Japanese, why do they play fighting games made in Japan?

British pigs should not play fighting games made in Japan
I am disgusted by the insulting British pig of Cred Forums

I'm bad at all video games.
>White pig always discriminates Japanese,
I don't think it happens that much. There might be some old people who were afraid of you taking over in the 80s, but no one I know holds any ill will towards you guys.

stop making sexy british characters then lmao.

despite being a disgusting race of degenerates, the Japanese do make damn good fighting games

yes, I was really good at SF4
the new SF is shit so I stopped playing

ah, I see you are a man of culture as well

I played mostly Bulleta (B.B. Hood), because my favorite player Sako was so godlike on her.

I seriously think this game has the most exciting neutral of any game I've spectated. It's way too fast for me to be good at, but it amazing to watch.

Maybe if you stopped adding British/European characters, except no one would want to play your game if it was full of ugly nips. Imagine
if every character in the game looked like pic related

>It's way too fast for me to be good at
then don't play on turbo 3. only tournament shitters play on turbo 3

British insulted Japan with whaling thread today as well.
A few days ago, British insulted Japan about the Second World War in threads.

British idiots please stop enjoying Japanese made video games and animation.

Do not play video games made in Japan. A pig of racist.

pls stop using celebrated british people in your games.

Video games made in Japan are made for Japanese people.
Because of racist white pig masturbation, Japanese video games and animation are not made.

He was irish

He has an Irish accent in the game yeah, but is based on the real life figure William Adams.

Why do Americans, Brits, Australians of Cred Forums immediately insult people?
They do not have the right to enjoy Japanese video games and animation.

Banter is an Anglo tradition. I'm sure most of us like Japan well enough.
>Video games made in Japan are made for Japanese people.
Then why do they export them to the rest of the world.

Fair enough. Stop using technology that Europeans pioneered and I'll stop playing Japanese games, ok?

Only a few people (mostly chinks) actually hate Japan dumbass. Why do you think we consume their cultural and media exports if we hated them? You are the only asian country that has anything to offer us so have some pride. Only thing we dislike is your elitism and complete autism when it comes to dealing with foreigners. You have this insulated and isolationist perspectives which make you unsuited for conversing with anyone else who isn't japanese. I pity you.

Which version of Darkstalkers 3 do you guys even play? I got Resurrection for my 360 a couple of years back and only really learned to play the game because of the extensive ingame "how to play" guide which explains all the game mechanics in great detail.
stop responding to the english teacher, he's only here to start a flame war

my main was Bryan in tekken3

damn gaijins especially muricans are really not good at distinguishing false flags

Those who post insults of Japanese should throw away Japanese-made video games and animated DVDs from the window of their house.

If I am insulting Americans and enjoying American-made movies, what do you think?

Cred Forums white race's posting is really terrible.
Use the discrimination term "jap" "nips" as usual.

They own you you fucking subhuman nip, and you will suck it up and entertain your betters.

I play the version of Vampire Saviour (DS3) they have on GGPO. I don't know if the console name is any different.

There's no way he's an english teacher. You would have to be the most pathetic being in the universe to purposefully write in shitty english and carefully choose the wrong word usage just to appear more nip. I don't want to believe that there are people in the world that sad.

you realize you would have never had those movies or games in the first place if Europe didn't graciously gift you their technological discoveries?

It's simple. You get to use western technology, we get to play and watch your media. This is not a difficult concept to understand. I will stop watching anime when you stop using TV, internet and electricity.

>Then why do they export them to the rest of the world.

For benefit

I like the early Tekken games (T3 anD TTT having the best character designs, prove me wrong fagits), but since T5 the whole series became utter garbage and I never really played any other beat 'em up's.

I don't have friends to play with tho

1. flag
2. yes but I haven't played one in years, spectating is a lot more fun anyway

Top faves:
SSF4AE (gouki)
Kof14(andy/robert/iori flame)

Tekken 5 was one of the best ones in the series.

That's most probably the arcade version then. I've only played home console ports
>You would have to be the most pathetic being in the universe to purposefully write in shitty english and carefully choose the wrong word usage just to appear more nip. I don't want to believe that there are people in the world that sad.
you better believe it. after poring through all these posts, the anti-westerner posts seem to have perfect English syntax even though that is the most common error actual Japanese make when writing in English.

i really wanted to fuck orchid badly.

Did the Europeans develop all the things in the world?
The Old Testament was made by Arabs. The Egyptians made the world's first huge building.
Central America and South America had civilization before the Westerners had civilization.
Japan invented mechanical pencils, cutter knives, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, liquid crystal displays, dry batteries, instant noodles, instant coffee, and many others.

Your thinking is very arrogant and white supremacious.

You insist that white race is the greatest in the world. I do not want you to enjoy Japanese video games and animation.

post hand with timestamp

stop feeding him thanks

U wot m8? It was alright, but it was clearly the first step towards the shit that Tekken games are nowadays. T5+ games seem like they're trying to check as many "japanese video game" clichés and stereotypes as possible.

>all this talk
>still says nothing of value
I really thought you nips were smarter.
Egyptians weren't niggers, first of all, they are more closely to Euros and levantine people than blacks.
Your argument would be more sound if you said something like "ok, don't use writing systems because those are originally Phoenician, etc etc."
Yes, you've made inventions, but if you had no outside contact with Europe, your people would have stayed as rice farmers still wearing traditional clothes and using wooden tools. Things like "anime" and "blu-ray" wouldn't exist if you didn't have foreigners to give you the blueprints. All I'm saying is that if you are allowed to say "don't play my games or watch my anime," then the west can equally say "don't use my electricity." It's that simple. You don't need to bring poor historical comparisons into the conversation when the subject matter is incredibly simple to understand.

You can stop whiting white racists discriminate against Japanese people on this bulletin board.

Even so, I do not understand why you get angry.
First of all, please do not use the word "jap".

please don't tell me I've just been talking to an expat this whole time. I don't want to live in a world where people would go to such lengths for attention.

Tekken 4 was one of the worst in the series, T5 brought it back to T3 type goodness. It's T6 onwards where things have gone mental with silly character customisation and floating/bouncing your opponent.

Only smash

Stop using the word "nips".
I understand you are a white supremacist

Favorite character in this game?

For me it is Voldo. He is a slave in a gimp suit and probably a bottom gay as well. The other player feels humiliated when he is beaten by a faggot.
>please don't tell me I've just been talking to an expat this whole time. I don't want to live in a world where people would go to such lengths for attention.
I asked for proof in this post
Has he delivered?

At least half of the posts by Japanese flags on Cred Forums are not made by actual native Japanese.

>Tekken 4 was one of the worst in the series
It was very different, but it was still good. Story development on the characters and stuff was breddy gud and designs were pretty interesting. Fighting was responsive and didn't feel sluggish. Environments worked for the general feel and nothing really felt mismatched. T4 was unironically good.

>It's T6 onwards where things have gone mental with silly character customisation
This was present in T5, but it was only in T5 that you could ACTUALLY customize the characters though. T6+ """customizations""" are just the same default gear for all characters with the option of different colors.

T5 had an atmosphere and design which I just didn't like, and it started the whole online competition thingy and everything that mattered was scores and combos and shit like that, so yeah, not a fan of T5+ (although I am still okay with T5 itself, played it A LOT with my buddy as a kid). Jin's "Devil within" mode was breddy neat, although repetitive.

I laughed at his remark that Egyptians are close to Europeans.
Funny joke.

Not Americans invented many things.
Presidents of companies in the United States are also immigrants.

just street fighter, the other ones are too autistic and hard for me

Americans can not live without European inventions.
>> 85849482 He just shamed.

I don't think he's an English teacher, either.
first of all, we have a huge amount of haters and they are mostly Asians including people living in Japan. and they have a reason, you know?

I don't really care anymore because we can't stop them after all.

1. Ireland
2. Yes, because they often involve beating up J*panese people. Of course, they don't compare to the real thing though

The structure of the camera was proposed by Arabs.
It was ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks who invented clothes
It was the ancient Greeks who confirmed the presence of electricity.

>> 85849482
He just shamed.

They are too difficult

I mostly stopped playing vidya, only play some fighting games. They are by far my favourite games and as soon as i got "serious" with them no other game felt the same.
Pic related should get more love. People have been hating on it since before release for the most diverse reasons, even before the gameplay was actually known and i don't get why. Shit's a lot of fun. I mean i do get people like and dislike FGs for little reasons, but i sometimes feel people never even gave a chance to KI. (Couldn't find a decent pic on google images)

90s Capcom fighting games seem to be really huge in South American countries. Street Fighter series is great. favorite character? I like both Ken and Ryu
>we can't stop them
not with that attitude

Idiots who dislike Japan do not have to do video games made in Japan

In tekken 7 while most customization items are just the same things over and over for the whole roster there are some (not really sure of the amount) character specific things. Never played SC much, but as a kid me and my borther beat each other up spawn vs that skeleton looking guy over and over at the shop.( there is a chance the skeleton guy looked like an orb in character select? But maybe i am just getting confused)

I like Ryu but I play Karin in SF5

skeleton guy is Charade. he switches fighting style every round so he's arguably the fairest choice for random matches
I've never played SF5 and I have only heard bad things about that game.

American, British, Australians should not play video games made in Japan.
They should play American gun shooting game only.

Other Europeans, please enjoy video games and animation made in Japan.(^^)

>Charade. he switches fighting style every round so he's arguably the fairest choice for random matches
That looks like him, that's interesting that he had multiple, styles i never noticed.

It's a lot better now that arcade edition is out, the balance is still a little iffy but there is a lot of single player content and the online works great.

i like Mortal Kombat, specifically the first one on Sega

>Mortal Kombat
Low tier fightan game.

Racist and white supremacist American and British, they should leave Cred Forums.
We do not always want to talk about WWII, whaling or war crimes.

alright, now I'm starting to see this guy is an english teacher. It was a good ruse while it lasted

Americans, British, Australians are always disgusted because they post pearl harbor attacks, Hiroshima atomic bomb drops, whaling, and so on.

They should throw out Japanese video games right now.

yeah, he fights with a random weapon of any unlocked character. and it switches between rounds
Mega Drive Mortal Kombat games were shit. The first time I ever broke a controller was with MK2 on Mega Drive and that wasn't even intentional, the controller broke because I was b̶u̶t̶t̶o̶n̶m̶a̶s̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ trying to find out how to do the extremely contrived combos and fatalities.


I know this feeling.

Don't you japs just go to the arcade and play randos?

you didn't play original Mortal Kombat on Sega on the big difficulty, it's mechanics are solid af and Raiden is cool

I only remember smash
it was pretty fun

Do not use the word "japs", a man in tomato country.

Although we do not say hate directly in front of Americans, most Japanese dislike Americans and British when it is true.
Because Americans and Britons are racists many.

I do not want them to play fighting games made in Japan.

I could never finish any of the sega MK games even on Novice. I once got to Motaro and beat him but I never killed Shao Kahn. in my defense I was only 10 years old



so you all agree

he is the coolest darkstalker character

Yeti was best.

>Yeti was best.
he is called Sasquatch in all versions I've played

but yeah he is crazy good. even his normals do a ton of damage and he's got a good load of easy to do special and EX moves.

Shut the fuck up that dirty mouth and go to bed,you fucking retard

Even when seriously talking, Americans bring out unrelated world wars and whale stories.

Really really Americans are a nuisance.

Has Marutei Tsurunen been mentioned already?

>Tsurunen was representing the democrats in the upper house of the Japanese parliament during they years 2002-2013 as its first Western-born member.

A fucking major achievement considering how doubtful the Japanese are against foreigners. Of course Finland is an exception of some sort, the older folk knows and appreciates Mannerheim and Finns.

Apparently a very conservative politician and that's exactly what japskies like.

A Japanese national flag but a criminal who accuses Japan. You can leave Japan and go.

IDC about his name honestly, a white sasquatch is a yeti.

Even if a white man says an insulting thing, you are a cowardly chicken you can not say back anything.

You can not say anything to white or black, but if the same Japanese you are a big attitude?

Because he is autistic, he can say nothing to a strong person.

It is no wonder that people disliking Japan have no right to enjoy Japanese culture.
You should close your dirty mouth

that's a funny way to spell B.B. Hood

i've played a LOT of street fighter 3 4 and 5, and i was never even remotely good at them