Which is the best region of the us and why is it the midwest?

which is the best region of the us and why is it the midwest?

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>full of wh*Tes

because we are white

it's objectively the northeast

full of educated whites and hot chink broads and nice cool weather

>which is the best region of the us and why is it the midwest?
I'm from New England and I've driven through the Midwest and it just seemed horribly boring. Flat nothingness with rust belt cities. Chicago was nice though.

The southwest is the best

cheapest heroin

Because it's the real fucking West

Actually I think west coast tar is cheaper...but powder is cheaper in Chicago...10$ dime bags

West coast best coast
Northwest is even better
but then again, I've never stepped foot in the midwest 2bh

Deep South is best

Do you have a lot of Cajun food in your area?
I always wanted to try that.

Midwest = mutts
South = mutts
West coast = mutts
Appalachia is only correct answer

Mid-Atlantic has the only tolerable people.

I have thought about visiting the Appalachian mountains. How long would it take to travel from top to bottom?

>includes areas east of middle
>includes god damn Ohio
Is PA going to be the next Midwestern state?

Where do cute girls live?

Yes, and cajun food is god tier

my descendant :)

By nearly every objective metric its the midwest. Unless you're only counting a handful of new england states. Probably a modified version of OPs map that trades a few states on the south and east boundary for states on the west boundary

Roughly 6 months if you want to take the trail.

Southwest and it isn't a question

You have to go back.

Let's take a look at the ol map shall we?

objectively the best region
>premium weather
>friendly Asian population
>clean sea with high waves

>N./S. Dakota


Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin are good. The rest suck ass. West Coast is best region in the US.

>West Coast is best region in the US.


>ITT: I've never been to that region of the country but let me tell you all about your home

The only two good states there are Minnesota and Illinois (to an extent). The rest are the literal anus of the planet.

t. Michigander born and raised


You're joking, right? Those are the mutt spawning grounds.

>in the east of the country
why are americans so fail?

Who is going to sell dope to your kids if I am gone?

Northern Illinois and Chicago are the only decent areas. Southern Illinois might as well be Missouri.

It was the West
Then it was the Middle West

Now it is the Middle East

Because at one point everything west of the mountains was "the west". As that area was settled and people pushed further west it became the "middle west" and today is called the midwest.

Fun fact, did you know Missouri has a dying language that was once practiced by the original french settlers


As for accents, in St louis (the city I grew up in), a lot of the locals pronounce words differently than most Americans. Wash is pronounced as "Warsh" and forty-four is "farty-far". It's more noticeable with the older generations than the youth today though

>west coast is the best

Kansas is somewhat comfy in some areas but desu I wish I lived in Missouri.

You're always welcome and you'll fit in better than obviously someone from the west coast. Just note that if you're in St louis or eastern Missouri, we're all Cardinal fans. But you probably know this already.

Official best regions:
- Upper New England
- Pacific Northwest
- the rest of the Rockies

Hence why I said (to an extent).

I mainly just like the state because it's whiter (outside the kc/st louis) and has lots of hills with trees. Kansas geography is famously boring.

Just wanted to let you know you're unironically right.

Those are the worst regions
what are you even talking about?

California is best america