Woah at least I finally see

Woah at least I finally see...

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>highly developed economy, tax haven, top tier education, melting pot of the best culture in Europe
>shit everything
Whoa my mind is blown...

China population 1.42 billion
11,000 murders in 2016
USA population 320 million
18,000 murders in 2016

Guess which one bans guns.

this basically


>bans citizens from owning guns

countries full of minorities and crazy people like the us should not have lax gun laws.

>it's pretty easy to get a gun here
>almost nobody has guns
I guess bydlo prefers killing their friends with knives.

switzerland also have free drugs, something that every country is afraid of apparently

>Hondurans and the laws of Honduras have had an individual freedom centered view on firearms.[8] Guns are carried openly in the countryside as a demonstration of machismo and virility.[9] Citizens of Honduras and non-citizens who are legal residents of the country may own handguns, shotguns, or rifles under the types and calibers permitted by law. Firearms may be used for the purpose of hunting, competition, target practice, home protection, work protection, personal safety and any other hobby or recreational activity permitted by law. Because of rise in crime, gun ownership in the home, business establishment and while working (such as delivery drivers, taxi drivers, and truckers) has become common

So the leaf lied? Shocking

>Central American Shithole
>Lots of deaths
>Rich, highly developed European nation
>Everything is good
How did I not see it before??

Please don't bully Honduras.

>Bans guns

Honduras is basically America with its permitted use, open carry, etc gun laws.

Can the right ever make a point without lying?

top kek
canadian posters not even once

>Canadian gets country reassignment surgery and has his leaf removed
>Acts better than those who don't

Shame on you

I guarantee a United Statesian boomer made the original image

It's very popular though, I've seen it many times. Are you sure there's no truth to it at all?
Are the dimensions the same?

Possibly, yes

No truth at all. Read the source posted above

Also why did he mention the populations?

This make Grug do big think.

Guess which one is s nigger and spic filled hell hole.

True that Honduras has one of the highest murder rates in the world, but it is inexact to say it is the highest since Venezuela's (for example) is higher.
Why not use the actual numbers (which are more than high enough to make the point of Honduras being extremely violent), instead of sensationalist inexact claims? Are they afraid of numbers or something?
I don't know about Switzerland, but if someone told me it is the safest country in the world I would probably believe it. Except I already know the infographie has fake claims on it, so I am skeptical of any "information" on it. Including the parts were it says how each country handles guns.

>homicide rate
That's a retarded, meaningless measure.

Gross kill count is what matters.

Based independent thinker

Luxembourg, Singapore, Iceland and Japan have lower homicide rates than Switzerland.

There are 101 guns per 100 residents in the US, while in Switzerland there are 24 guns per 100 residents.

>it's pretty easy to get a gun here
It really isn't

>there are more guns than people in US

Really enables my extensions