Death penalty sought for Peruvian man

>Prosecutors on Monday demanded the death penalty for a 32-year-old Peruvian man accused of killing six people, including two girls, after breaking into their suburban homes north of Tokyo in 2015.

He was obviously mentally ill. Is Japanese judge racist against South Americans?

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Your country gave peruvians Fujimori, so I guess you guys are even.

But he dindu nuffin, fuck commies

if there is undeniable evidence that he did it then Peru might actually be better off if you execute him rather than deport him
since Peru is a 3rd world country they probably dont have any mental health services

Peruvians enjoyed Fujimori's dick.

Good post

Peruvian immigrants are the worst of the worst.

Well, you were more complacent when judging Junko Furuta's murderers.

Why do you let them in Japan? Are you not seeng cartels executions or something?

he pretend to be Mental illnesses.
but jpn Administration of justice not,
regret in the next world.

Why are South Americans in Japan and only criminals.


Hang the fucker as an example to what happens to criminals in Japan, maybe refugees won't want to even come to your country then

most “Actual refugees” already don't want to come to Japan in general

Yes fuck those violent peruvians, japs would never do something like this, especially sane japs with no mental illness

your immigrants are the worst in the world. You deserve only genocide

So do they make him commit sudoku?

>Willingly going to argentina of all places
Yeah, they deserve death alright

>jap on jap violence
I think the victim was a french

That's Junko Furuta

How is it "obvious"? How do you know he isn't some psychopath and killing him isn't the best thing to do?

No, you mixed up

You know what send all cartels to Japan please.


What happened to this guy? Will he get a death sentence?

Its funny cuz peru is one of the least violent and most mentally stable countries in latam
There are more fucked up savages in japan than in peru (you guys got shittons of serial killers and the such) and also less criminal organizations
Not possible drug commerce is monopolized by the Yakuza

we don't know yet. I guess it will depend on how the victims wanted to die with him

you don't need to feel a responsibility for him at all

your homicide rate may be down, but your petty crime is super fucking high holy shit
is there anywhere I can walk around in peru without being mugged by a 4 foot midget goblin with a rusty knife or jumped on by a group of them?

>cannibal walks free
What. The. Fuck.

>Not possible drug commerce is monopolized by the Yakuza
Well that would the tough real life action movie ever. Like black lagoon only real life.

See, if you lost some weight you'd stop being such a massive target for them

I know, just felt tye need to say it based on this thread's replies

Petty crime in peru wasnt a problem until like 10 years ago when for some reason people from the worst parts of Lima started to leave their districts and commit robery all over the city, I am just quietly hoping for an earthquake to come so they all can die (in Lima the favelas are built on the skirts of the mountains)
It became personal when because of these fuckers I cant drive my motorcycle on the highway because they usually steal using bikes.
Still, its very unlikely to die while getting mugged and also we are far under the global average for petty crime (although being honest it IS rising, abd we peruvians have no idea what to do about it)

Interestingly his brother is one of the most famous serial killers in Peru.

Seriously, and memeing aside, why are hispanics so violent?

yer a cheeky one you spic, I'll give you that

maybe tear down the favelas?
You know, here in the USA, I won't claim that we don't have slums or things like that, but we do have zoning restrictions and building regulations and the like
we don't really allow for illegal buildup or favela type urban sprawls to come up as a result
maybe if your country were to implement strong building and zoning regulations and actually enforce them, your city might be better off
it's either that or a stronger police
and that option is a double edge sword that usually comes with a lot of whining from a certain population
does peru lean right wing or left wing as a country?

low IQ

>super fucking high
Its lesser than russia and of the world, also aside from some shitty districts in Lima (usually populated by zambos a mix of black and native) Peru is relatively safe.

Yea that kind of makes the schizo hypothesis more likely. They both should be put down though.

He should've killed more nips though

I don't understand why mental illness and insanity can be used as a defense to get out of worse sentences. If anything, that makes them more unpredictable and dangerous to society.

well, they're just locked in mental institutes rather than proper prisons

Dude, I am an architect/urbanist and if you are retarded if you think we dont have a very strict construction manual, the problem with the favelas is they start being illegal and thus the construction standards cannot be enforced, and every time someone tries to tear them down a lot of social campaingns start the afavelados "victims", also the biggest districts in Lima like san juan de lurigancho or villa el salvador are both super densely populated favelas so politicians actually try to "integrate" them rather thsn shunn them to get votes

The latin american middle class has a higher iq than the US and its the fastest growing, with chilean IQ having grown 35 points in 4 decades and peruvian growing by an average of 4 points per decade
Its faster than the iq growth of italian americans that immigrated during the early 1900's

then you're F U C K E D
you're gonna become the next brazil or el salvador unless your country gets some breitbart-tier conservative or security movement going on

isn't lima a desert? what do you think is going to happen if you run out of water because you're trying to support a third of peru in one city?

Actually its kind of funny you ask that cuz thats my work, I do urban planning and design for the peruvian government.
There is a conservative resurgence going on in Peru, but its too young to really achieve representative charges for the next two decades at least.
Lima is a valley, not a desert, indeed water is running short but its not as terrible as you think, the population of Lima isnt growing anymore and instead other urban centers of B magnitude are starting to form, cities such as trujillo, arequipa, cuzco and iquitos (all of which are equally distributed across the peruvian landscape) are growing continiously at higher rates than Lima, with proper interurban infraestructure and efficient road systems Peru can could easily defeat centralization.
Regarding Lima a lot of people believe its simply a lost battle and silenly await crisis, as I said all scientific studies estimate around 3 to 4 million people displaced/dead with just a small earthquake of 7 to 8 magnitude with an epicenter in Lima


I guess the law court will give him the death sentence. I’m not an attorney or anything but it’s hard to predict he will evade the capital punishment considering the characteristic of Japanese judicial system and its history.

He looks Japanese

kind of sad that it is this way 2bh
might be good for your country to decentralize
maybe make a large city in the north other than trujillo or iquitos on par with bogota


>In Japan

You can't fool me. He was half japanese.


based peruvian btfo'ing jap cucks

>When waiters get uppity

No propina for you Wilmer

>Intelectuales peruanos

>Nakada Jonathan (30)
>Why are latins so violent?
Your trash tier gene made him violent, not latin gene.


are you a brit or a chink?



he stole millions.
but all people care about is that he killed a handful of terrorists.

It's like saying niggers in america are anglo because they use anglo names. In Peru, they can "buy" names to pretend not to be latino.

they even made him present tv cooking shows like "how to cook meat" or some shit like that

wow he's so cute

please don't bully Sagawa-chan
he's so nice and friendly

First: LOL
Second: Trust me if such thing were true then people would be buying German or Nordic last name, not shitty second class citizen coolie tier last names which belong to the lowest Peruvian class, also you can tell by his hideous gook face he was of Japanese descent.

Jesus christ