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what are some good things to do?

the other races are naturally dysfunctional
they fear us

On the morning of the 17th of March (or possibly the 16th – Scott was unsure) Oates walked out of the tent into a −40 °F (−40 °C) blizzard to his death. Scott wrote in his diary: "We knew that poor Oates was walking to his death, but though we tried to dissuade him, we knew it was the act of a brave man and an English gentleman."[13] According to Scott's diary, as Oates left the tent he said, "I am just going outside and may be some time"


just want to move to norway, join a union, and claim my state-mandated blonde traditional girlfriend

sick to death of the cowards in theis country

Any black man in?

That your take home from it was only shame/guilt historical colonialism and slavery, rather than the still very modern issue of systemic racism that was designed to marginalised and suppress people of colour and that white people continue to benefit from (which was the whole basis of Killmonger's revolution, and why he's a much more interesting villain than most comic book bad guys), is a bit concerning. I'm on board with it, if the end result is that kids seeing this are more aware of our history - because it's not like we teach this in schools in any particular depth, and often with heavily rose-tinted glasses (just have to look at polls regarding pride in Empire to see that) - then that's a good thing.


Oh wow another /brit/ thread hahaha riveting stuff can't wait for all the poo and toil posts hahah

>31% of graduates have not made a single payment on their student loans, meaning they are earning less than £17,465 post-graduation

are you paying yours off lads?

>black man

reminder sundays don't count for lent

still cant tell the difference between 192 and 320kbps

>tfe no Olympian gf

Scandi women have swallowed way more of that feminist rubbish than English women

>trying to find videos of preputioplasty (no homo)
>all I can find is surgeons butchering screaming newborn baby boys
why is this okay

These days you say you're English...

Sick to death of you cowards

February 8th, 1940

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 265-165 in favor of the Lend-Lease bill, formally titled "An Act to Promote the Defense of the United States".

After the defeat of France during June 1940, Britain had liquidated so many assets that its cash was becoming depleted. During this same period, the U.S. government began to mobilize for total war, instituting the first-ever peacetime draft and a fivefold increase in the defense budget.

Roosevelt was still hard-pressed. 75% of Americans did not support going to war Europe. Roosevelt knew that the change to Allied support must be gradual. Roosevelt laid out the situation, and then pointed out the flaws in United States isolationism.

In exchange for leases on army and naval bases in Allied territory during the war, the USA would supply food, oil, and war materiel.

92.7% of the wartime production of railroad equipment by the USSR was supplied by America. 20% of Soviet planes and 10% of Soviet tanks were American-made. Nearly a third of the motorized strength of the Red Army was U.S.-built.

protesting doesn't work and is pathetic, childish and self serving

no one does mate

people who say they do are either lying or serious audiophiles

don't worry about it


shaman say baby cry anyway so longnose do nothing wrong

sick to bastard death of you

t. gary's misses

will be boycotting this disgusting edition

fuck off Ethiopian nigger

i'm from there haha
wonder if i know you

Imagine writing this many words about a comic book movie

gon get mangled on friday

be my scottish bf

fuck my english arsehole

Lol I'm actually Welsh so probably not!


feminism is good it's more i want a woman who disdains for consumerist culture and has more
traditional interests, not someone to exert power over

not scottish fuck off
not welsh either

I hate Britain

bit bent

will the guardian ever fuck off

haven't seen a superhero film since spiderman 3 in 2007

are any of them good

oh haha
hi neighbour :)

you arrive in /brit/

Alri lad night

longnose cut grug dick
baby should look like grug

youtube.com/watch?v=CdzznXwTyio enjoy lads

if you're an audiophile fair enough but its asinine to call others plebs because they don't share your particular set of interests and skills

if you're lying stop being a twat

please send me to the USA away from these PC hacks this is Timothy James Byrne posting from my rented flat in High Wycombe

if you think feminists aren't consumerist or have any traditional interests you're very confused


wonder how many people saw a my winkle when i was a wee lad

hope mummy changed me in private but can't be sure of that

what is feminism?

nice sky we're having

i'm a 'phile but not like that haha

Can't stop thinking that I'm greater than everyone else even though I don't do or create anything

Channel 4 is a parody of itself

any legitimate hard men in?

The gf

my favorite hat


the gf

used to enjoy channel 4 news

need a renaissance in timposting

based dept of culture media and sport

that's a big cock for a lady



in the modern day and age, people who self-identify as feminists are basically misandrists and whores

just kick them all out
fucking sick of hearing their shite

she's got some cock on her

if you dont think Jeff is the best collegehumour cast member then you are a gay cunt

ah yes thank you mrs. pajeet for telling me what a european is and isn't

imagine how big that dick was before the feminine hormone injections

All he better then lad.

>tfw born too early to be part of the underground resistance in a cyberpunk dystopia

imagine being bent enough to even know what “collegehumour” is let alone watch it



You were probably a rentboy but your inferior child brain forgot.

I miss the glory days of the dentist rivalry and courier sub-plot

suspect a large chunk of the material from CH 07-11 was ripped from IASIP

glen howerton appearing in their movie confirming joint working if nothing else

having sex as i type this

going to see the doctor tomorrow

forced marriage is wrong

that's why im bi

thats how all queer folk are made

haven't been to the doctor since 2013

pics x

nice straw(wo)man

Alri roastie

starting HRT at last?

>if you dont think Jeff is the best collegehumour cast member then you are a gay cunt

any arse man in?

Based ethiopilad

got my ps4 controller hooked up to my 3ds through my PC
technology is amazing

kys Ethiopian nigger
the aryan woman is a gift from god


ah yes a highly speculative reconstruction of a prehistoric man who lived 10,000 years before even the Romans existed let alone the founding of the Kingdom of England or modern Britain means an Indian is just as much a native as a white person with hundreds of generations of history in these Islands


going to see black panther tonight
got my traditional african garb for it
going to be fucking LIT lads


could probably count the amount of informed and reasoned debates i've had on /brit/ on one hand

i welcome the inevitable hat

gingers are untermeschen lad

She's right. Race and ethnicity are two totally different things - and only 1 (one) of them have actually been proven.

>gingers are untermeschen lad


Two men on a night out
one of them walks into a pub
the other looks at him, shakes his head and says "the door's here, mate."

haha love corporate approved banter me

As was Eve God's glory. And yet she led man astray.

if I wanted a debate I’d go to reddit

marital rape is reprehensible

this is just pathetic

i legimately feel bad for these poor misguided wenches

>She's right. Race and ethnicity are two totally different things - and only 1 (one) of them have actually been proven.

>fingernails too long to open a can
just kill me already

My sister is a bulldyke. Feels good because she was never the town bike + asserts dominance on w*men.

i can too


not enough coming together of different viewpoints on reddit for my liking. very very echo chamber-y

literally cannot tell the difference between a brit and a jew, both fucking ugly and ruin everything where they go

how many girls fannies has she snail trailed??

Literally empathize with my yellow brethren

>literally cannot tell the difference between a brit and a jew, both fucking ugly and ruin everything where they go

Now it’s a beautiful woman.

Alri, Rasheed.

nearly 2 months in already


>Alri, Rasheed.

Heard KFC in the UK is out of chicken. How the hell did you lads manage the fuck that one up?

How do you get a Jewish girl's number?
Roll her sleeves up

0 118 999 889 999 119 725 3

men who like men are feminine queers

men who like traps are masculine benders


a yank tourist came over and ate the entire stock


hate american consumerism they need to get out NOW !!


damn, chloe looks like THAT?!

[email protected]

No idea tbqh lad

Girl with a boyfriend told me today that she thinks I'm "the one" and I honestly barely give a shit lol

Accidentally become a Chad it seems haha

>skin colour is not tied to ancestry
>let's look at your ancestor's genetics to see their skin colour

long nails on a man is a vile thing



long nose on a human is a vile thing

u got it wrong m8

I'm never able to see white guys with Asian girls as Chads

There must be something wrong with him if he can't even get a white girl

>[email protected]

Can i have her

dreading the thought of someone stealing my phone, going through my SD card and judging my music taste

On June 11, 1939, was the first time a reigning British monarch had ever set foot in the United States.

The menu, which also featured strawberry shortcake and smoked turkey, shows that hot dogs would be served "weather permitting."

The queen had no idea how to eat a hot dog.


what a beautiful song lads
just spunked directly from my ear upon listening

it's so weird i had a feeling that this would be jakenbake related when i saw japanese club

I was talking to a Welsh bloke about women
I asked how many he has slept with
He started counting then fell asleep

oxford health messing him about was entertaining for a while, but he's too far gone to make any coherently interesting anymore
sleep tight tim

[email protected]
Based Ben Shapiro. I win, you lose.

Yeah mate... so weird...

PJW detected

Israel is not an ethno-state
identity politics is a cancer


Dunno lad, she seems quite smitten with me

ginormous choon

>Israel is not an ethno-state

payback starts at £25,000 though?

This gorgeous woman hits on you at the bar, how do you respond?

true lots of unwelcome Palestinians living there

>the one
The one what?

>[email protected]
>Based Ben Shapiro. I win, you lose.
>Israel is not an ethno-state
>identity politics is a cancer

>le identity politics is bad xD
grow up you fucking spacker

this isn't that funny because hamster wheels are more efficient than human brains

does it?

i just copied it off reddit

This. How the fuck can a Jew from Russia be a different ethnicity from a Jew from Iraq hahaha. Fucking hell, lad, liberals are WHACK!!!!

How to identify the "Swedish" posters

subversive Jewish posts in favour of globalism and progressivism: Danelad

lazy left-wing shitposts: haitiANO

>the state of modern black women

would unironically suck it off

wouldn't the ice caps melting due to global warming be balanced out by evaporation?

Condensation means the water never leaves the planet.

why would you post that?

>The queen had no idea how to eat a hot dog.
just so you know; this was the queen's mother, the current queen was only 13 at the time

Ah yes but why don't we just send loads of water into space that'll sort it

identity politics is unironically cancer tho

think the 192/320kbps thing only matters for rock music

yes identity politics is bad you mentally ill retard

good post

all politics is

Fuck off

16k here not my fault the goverment failed to create graduate level jobs.

Bsc (Hons) Geography, 4 years, 500 job applications 25 interviews and the best I can do is get a job in a Bereau De change for £8.06ph

The only people my age under 30 who have their own house are the single mothers with their council homes. I literally know 3 women who finished school with nothing to show me it, Havn't even worked a day in their life but get to live in their own state provided house.

Geography is truly a useless subject.

oh my days shut the fuck up you vile kike

how does danelad keep changing countries all the time
little shit actually taking advantage of free movement

Just think people are people, irregardless of skin complication.

Based 190 IQ

yeah it got upped to 25000 last year

totally the same ethnicity

yeah but if it's in the air it's not doing no one no harm innit

>he's here

Lol my sister did geography

what uni did you go to?

Good post

all politics are identity politics
your a fool if you think otherwise

That black woman used to be a black man like you, you can become a black sissy boi to you know.

>danekike claims to hate identity politics
>desperately wants to genocide white working class englishmen

not the government's job tbf

i thought geography was meant to be a good degree?

how many scum do you see in the bureau de change? is it a dodgy high street one or a nice M&S one?

Become a teacher you spastic mong retard


Long nose tribe have black skin
long nose tribe have white skin
but long nose tribe say skin no important

*dabs politically*

i disagree

So Brexit means no more KFC? But where will Meghan get her food at? She'll starve to death

She'd be better off getting a dentist.

i will get my dad's records back from that nigger if it's the last thing i do

Less Swedes around these days. They have a thread where they hide, but everyone posts in some indecipherable meme language.

>There are now more mixed-race children than ever before - and that is something for us all to celebate, says the scientist Aarathi Prasad.

can you link me the video of this creature?

Why you call me a kike? You can just call me a Jew, even though I'm not one (unfortunately). No need for autistic aggression.

I am a black sissy boy.

ah yes, 'experts'


good thing im 100% italian

based EU

oh look another mentally ill fucktard

takes a special kind of runt to not wash hands after a poo

>oh look another mentally ill fucktard

I am a white Greek man

Writer and hip-hop artist @akalamusic voyages across the Mediterranean and beyond to solve some of the mysteries behind Homer's monumental poem, the Odyssey - tonight, 21:00, @BBCFour

the worst of both worlds
absolute state

The one she spends the rest of her life with

identity politics is a mental illness

screaming and yelling

you probably think race, IQ etc is identity politics

akala makes music for people who wear yellowed air force ones and akademiks tracksuits

Enjoy your weak immune system, kiddo.

dont know if I hate yanks or southerners more

>identity politics is a mental illness

suck my white prick

akala is unironically a good lad

lmao the bitterness here rn is making me laff

I don't hate anyone. Hatred is for weak minded people.

southern Englishmen are the most powerful race in the world

come to wakey and test this theory you fucking fairy

Cheeky middle-of-night snack I just whipped together

desu I really enjoy your non-drug-related posts

if you subscribe to identity politics you likely have an IQ below 17

good post

met him irl solid lad

that's steam, steam from the steamed chips we're having

I don't hate anyone except haters

Not bent just self loathing

that's too much

>I should be allowed to live in your house because you only bought it 20 years ago it wasn't always yours

feel like the liberal media and entertainers experienced a bit of renaissance when bush jnr was president which has been stagnant under trump because he bested them by presenting all the humour up front himself

dread to think of the image thumbnails stored in my cache thanks to all the weird fucking shite that people post in /brit/

how does one go about shaving their arse safely?

she's faking it

A good rule of thumb for hard-right, Nazi or Nazi-adjacent groups is that one-third of their members are petty criminals, one-third are gay, and one-third are informants.

writing a novel lads

rate my introduction

"There's something primordial- animalistic; about the way a woman yearns for a mans flesh. It lies dormant and at the sight of his throbbing anatomy awakens, hungry and desperate for him."

not really, just conservatives stopped having a sense of humour during the obama years

Go out with me and get fake tits.

alri grandpa

i think you'll find there's nothing wrong with me drug posting

drugs is a large part of /brit/ culture

we are the home of edm


I also read that article.

I am ethnically white :)

Cheeky little concoction I made for myself just now

even with a thousand hats i wouldn't be able to tip enough

which strand of NRx do you lean towards then

me pulling birds in vietnam


ahahahha this is what the fairy ponce actually believes

snorted a line of ket off my niece's cunt last night wahey proper sick me lads

fundamentally individual posts are fine
but over time it just sort of blurs into "alri lads pickled my liver again haha fuck I feel like shit"

id switch throbbing with something more subtle

fucking hell
imagine a non yank using this term

she fit?

*jiggles your belly*

Why is everyone jelly of 190? He doesn't live that an extravagant type of life.



this desu you really dont have to go on about it every post



fuck off you stupid south african runt

"edm" is shit

yanks ruin another thing

bet lisicki has never been to a proper rave in his life
probably does md in shitty commercial clubs playing pop music

Sick of that South African fucking prick and I hope his entire family are raped by blacks

190kg is a fucking nonce who fiddled with his niece and admitted it

nice. High Toryism for me

this but unironically

not familiar with this '190 is a nonce' gimmick

>doesn't mention drugs at all
>someone mentions drugs
>people mention how i mention drugs all the time
>people then start shitposting about me


>these people have more fun than me irl reeeeeeeeee

you arrive in britain

i look really good in a suit

what is that big drop

have you tried hawaiian baby woodrose seeds

Can it you fucking mong

are you actually thick?

>when the health regeneration is really slow

>not familiar with 190kg nonce gimmick

Welcome to /brit/ my new friend

if he can afford a lighter how he not afford a house

thanks more of a /broat/ lad myself


>remove trip
>shitpost about your trip
>apply trip
>claim everyone is talking about your trip

ah yes very good

it's not a gimmick

> the old guy in Jurassic Park is David Attenborough's brother
What the fuck.

looks like a drained canal

no you didn't

now I have the last word



last word



it's mine



just bought the bozar in new vegas, anyone remember using that in fallout 2?


me in the final comment


fuck off you cunts

make a new you spackers

>make a new you spackers

unhinged autism

making the new now lads
no one else make one

Make new lazy uninspired cunts!!!!


heh not so fast kid