Caught in the rain edition.

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rain is so cosy

I know right.
I love just cozying up in my blankets with a hot drink, playing a comfy game while it pisses down outside.
It's a simple joy but one of the best.

just woke up from a wet dream in which i raped a girl

>just woke up from a wet dream in which i raped a girl
Don't know what to think about this.

that is simply the best desu

>not only a russoid, but also a ukranoid joins the thread

im not a bad person am i? is there a place where i can go and talk about this without being judged?

We're getting quite a diverse crew here aren't we?
I haven't talked to him much, we will see how he is.
It's just a dream mate, I wouldn't put too much weight into it.

Most womenoids want to be raped, but not by you

nah m80 you are not. it was just a dream.
non-consent fantasies are one thing, but very few actually want the reality of it

Very few are asked
Most raped womenoids are killed on the spot here

I always like walking in the rain so no one can see me crying.

Why would you be crying while you're walking?

Because I'm scared I'll get shot.

thats disturbing if you arent just trolling

goddamn I hate Finns

what the fuck pham

Specifically the one from your general?


Why is /dixie/ with the Japs now?
When did this happen?

I made a thread a few days ago asking a Jap who visited to come back. The finn wanted me to link DJT and put it in the subject but I told him to fuck off

Good morning everyone, it's raining outside and I do not like this

Good morning matey.
Whats so bad about the rain outside?

morning. rain is comfy

My shoes have holes in the bottom that are going to soak my socks
From inside yes, rain is comfy

ア゛ア゛ア゛ア゛ア゛ TATAR


Might be time to invest in some new shoes then buddy
you can't walk around with holes in ya stompers.

Ignore that bully, we like finns

I meant, if they do get raped, they are usually killed afterwards. It must be because if you get to prison with rape as your crime, you willl become a PRISON GAY with no rights.

Want to lie under a blanket with nz crew and listen to the rain

what about me desu

NEED this to be honest.
Would love to get comfy with the gang.

me on the far left, unsure about all this

me second from right

yeah that's disturbing as fuck

And yet strangely arousing

Only in my husbando games m80


Are there many husbando games involving prison rape?
if so I need to play them

no i was going for the whole rape and murder thing, which is usually only implied in some bad endings. I've never seen if the latter exists (prison rape), but if it exists its probably in the BL genre which I dont play lul


Haven't you read one of my stories? Generic rapekill meme is truly a meme even in e*ropean part of Russia, compared to other events that might occur.

nah i probably havent

no bullying allowed


Holy fuck no

What if they like being bullied?

I'm seeing some surface flooding out here

this! I like this guy!!

Nasty, it's raining a bit here but it's not too bad

Hello gang.

Going to try installing Void today. I'll slap it on my laptop for uni, going to try going xless for a while. Will need to figure out how to properly deal with PEAP so I can log into the network at uni though. Might set up a VPN to my server too, would be cool, or just use my mobile network.

>Going to try installing Void today
i was pleasantly surprised how fast and easy it was to install compared to arch

Morning cuties
Don't have to go too early today, but have to stay in camp until nearly 9pm ;-;
Thankfully that's just the case for today and tomorrow

hey singa

Soundtrack for tonight lads

No pot, no drugs, just computer.


Honestly I was planning on going with either Parabola or Manjaro, but I figured might as well try something without systemD.

The unix philosophy is neat desu famalam


New tutor has a CUTE European accent

Good plan
Hey cutie

where is she from

>try to write ISO to USB
>select shitty USB I bought at Clas Ohlson
>doesn't do shit, just spawns empty screen with the annoying little shit white line thingy, you know the one


It's a he and I'm not sure, I'll have to ask him
I know that feel so bad

>I know that feel so bad
I think it might be something to do with the USB sticks being USB3 and the laptop being an X200, which doesn't have USB3

or I might be mistaken

>It's a he
but that's gay

No it's not
And I just asked around, he's Czech

girls aren't supposed to love boys

I'm Chalmers you dolt

I thought it turned out that you didn't like boys

I dunno
I really don't know what I like

Should I repost the green text about what the yank did at 3am this morning?

you certainly know what you don't like...

Go on then.


Crazy Yank literally almost got us all killed.
>I get woken up at 3am by the smoke alarm.
>go downstairs
>bitch is passed out on the sofa
>room filled with smoke
>she left the oven element on with a pan cooking empty
>raw chicken left out on the table
>wake her up forcefully
>she starts muttering complete gibberish
>think she's having a stroke or been drugged
>she takes off her pants and pisses on the floor
>she starts talking about how she wants chicken and eggs
>call the campus people
>helping her cook so she doesn't kill herself
>she manages to cut herself and spill hot oil everywhere before I completely take over
>shes spinning around getting blood everywhere
>I'm freaking out because what the actual fuck
This is fucking retarded, what the hell happened

wtf, what a dumb bitch, was she just drunk or on harder stuff?

>pisses on the floor
I'm sure you found that arousing



>was she just drunk
Supposedly, she said she only had 5 standards, then later told me what she drank and it was at least 12 standards.
So she was having a stroke or something, because she was relatively sober like 15 minutes after she woke up but she quite literally mounted a dining room chair like a toilet and pissed on the floor so I don't fucking know.


Good morning everyone.

Thats really funny, I wanna see what other shenanigans this girl gets up to through the year.
How is she going to nearly kill you next week, we'll have to wait and find out.

>I'm sure you found that arousing
It wasn't
Not when I my heart was racing as I was about to call an ambulance anyway.

There are four yanks.
None of them got woken up by all the sound she made for over an hour, nor the smoke alarm going for like 5 minutes.
I can say this certainly, if I wasn't here that flat would have burnt to the ground at they likely would have either been killed or badly burnt.

I deserve a fucking medal.
I know for the rest of my life not to fuck around with smoke alarms, jesus christ thank fuck.

Good morning
Did you have to clean up her piss from the floor?

Good morning buddy.
You're in for a hell of a time mate.
This is only the start of it.

I stopped on a pile and chicken shit and didn't notice it

Walked around and left 6 poop stains on the carpet

fuck me

why didn't you just get your parents to help you rent an apartment for yourself

His parents must just not like him

The uniflats lady came over and put a towel over it but that's it.
I sure as fuck am not cleaning it, so either she will do it or pay a professional cleaner. I don't think she's woken up yet tho

God I hope not

Because my parents don't give me free money.

You should lick it up, I'm sure a pervert like you would enjoy that

what's the use in having rich parents if you can't milk them for money

don't even joke about that
apparently I'm nowhere near the level of pervert as you are considering how much you love licking bodily fluids out of carpet.

I would never do anything like that, stop projecting

>I don't think she's woken up yet tho
She's probably hiding in her room in shame.
Fucking let her have it when she comes out.

There is no point.
They pay for anything that I need for my education, but they won't give me a dime if it's anything else.

t. perverted carpet licker

Eh maybe, I just woke up recently.
Actually she might have just woken up now.
>Fucking let her have it when she comes out.
Nah, she's actually quite nice even if she almost got me killed and ruined my bag of blackpepper by putting bloody hands inside.

Storms hit lads, time to hunker down.

t.cummy carpet cleaner chalmers

I am not a perverted carpet licker, I've never done anything of the sort
Shut up!

I'm here for you
*cuddles whilst rain hits the roof*

I knew I was justified in feeling anxious

haha true
don't worry cutie, it takes more than a couple dumb yanks to kill me!

>mfw just realized I have eaten nothing but a piece of cake and two small salty candies today

Not even really that hungry desu. Could go for a snack though.


Not me, wrong image!

I'm not sure thats milk thats going in that milk cup.

Yes it is, milk is made from milking boys isn't it?

She just came into my room and apologized.
Apparently shes on some anxiety medication that doesn't mix well with alcohol.
Real smart cookie that one.

Oh come on
we all know that's you

Well at least she apologized, you might have an in, you should try get some apology sex from her

>we all know it's you
No. I have never came in a cup

I get to eat chicken and my bf has to eat soup

him = btfo

>you should try get some apology sex from her
but she's a female
I'll pass on that one

>I have never came in a cup
Oh right, you only cum on the carpet.

Whatcha gonna get for a snack?
I'm not too sure...
Wouldn't mind being milked t b h.

Do Americans not understand the concept of food safety?
Like for real, I would NEVER think to try cook raw chicken whilst drunk.

>Wouldn't mind being milked t b h.
Wouldn't mind milking Westy tbqh

>Whatcha gonna get for a snack?
More water and maybe some nicotine?

it's your fault for rooming with the worst of our retards

wtf, where did you hear that, I don't cum on the carpet, that's just gross and could stain if left there

I can't afford to live alone.

You told me yourself you pervert.
You tell me and Westy all kinds of perverted things about yourself whilst you are drunk.

stop being poor then

I would flat with some friends... IF I HAD ANY!

why is there so much anime in this general
I like it

Maybe they didn't have "Don't drink and fry" ads.
Very lewd...

>Don't drink and fry
I still remember those, and what happened in the ad literally almost happened.

I don't remember this, what kind of things have I told you about?
I know that feel

>what kind of things have I told you about?
If I told you that would ruin all the fun :3


>what kind of things have I told you about?
I used to think you as an innocent boy with a few weird kinks, now I know better.

I'm really concerned
There's a few things I've done that I would rather people didn't know, I hope I haven't mentioned some things while drunk

all me

no you
no me

is this /cocks/ general?

No, we're all girls here


>raining like hell
>have to go to university

youre a cute girl :3

But you sre

Christchurch is my favorite girl here

w-what about me!?!


>Westy not smacking me right now
why live?

Just smack yourself, that's what I do

what about you

I'm a good girl too!


Why is conway so CUTE?

u r worst girl desu

no he's not

and I'm not cute either

Fuck up slut
Just because you have an over-used vagina doesn't mean you are any more of a girl than I am.

It's all natural

Outbursts like this are why you're worst girl

*kicks you in the vagina*

someones a wee bit mad

None of you are girls.

Stop deluding yourselves.

Most of you are probably just prison gay too.

But I don't have one of those

Yes I am
t. Girl


t. Lair

>None of you are girls.
R U D E M80
let me pretend

the difference being that I actually like talking to Christchurch

Why are you being so rude for no reason

At the military psychiatrist

I'll probably only have to go into camp after lunch, thank god

>At the military psychiatrist
Has he figured out your fucked in the head?

Oh no, maybe they'll figure out that you have crazy

Nah they already know I'm fucked in the head, that's why I'm in my physical status rank


this chicken is painfully spicy, I love it

Could they tell you were a ninja girl who craved to be gang-raped by multiple BWC?

no that's my own diagnosis

Has /ausnz/ always been like this?


Has /brit/ always been shit?

Fuck I hate shopping, just went into Kmart to buy some shoes that don't have holes in them and it's so busy, and I'm hearing so many awful yank voices

I do not like this one bit


*is exempted from m*Rching*

thank the lord and saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth, it was my main source of stress

But marching is fun

And also did you get your gun yet?

>marching is fun
t. never done marching in tropicalistan

Nah that's later I'm at the psychiatrist now waiting for the order to leave the institute

I might or might not get a gun, I don't know yet, because of my history of anger issues

Hmmm... Thinking about it marching seems kinda shit, luckily you dodged that bullet

Had to do it yesterday, got my exemption letter today desu

Powers back on.


hey westy

Getting a bit flooded?

It's only been an hour or two..
But thanks buddy.
Hows things?

made the bf some onion soup

No on my end, maybe I haven't had a look around.
I'll go see the damages when it quiet downs a bit.