Holy fuck I just realised a new Great Game of geopolitical rivalries is about to start

Holy fuck I just realised a new Great Game of geopolitical rivalries is about to start

>USA-Japan-Australia-India about to start the Quads Meeting and propose a counter to One Belt One Road this week
>Japan and China has in the last two months been dumping billions into South East Asia infrastructure, India is creating corridors into south china sea
>TPP is moving forward with Japan and everyone, Trump and gang said they may rejoin trade deal

>China has moved faster than ever in building its Pan-Southeast Asia Plan, Just Completed Its Russia-Central Asia-Europe High Speed Corridors
>Attempting to unite all of Eurasia into one continuous economic bloc under China, already started securing Indian Ocean/African ports to control, and started buying up European ports
>Ramped up construction and building up in south-east asia, most expensive arms race post-Cold War is taking place in the South China Seas
>Now planning to create an arctic trade corridor with Russia, to control the arctic coast
>Russia is pouring billions into developing the east, creating a Central Asia-Russia power bloc alongside shifting to the pacific


>European soyboys are decaying even faster into irrelevancy due to Brexit/pseudo-Nationalism/etc., and has literally no plan to remain a major power in the world
>Befuddled by Ukraine Crisis, Refugee Crisis, Instability
>Britain is sending ships into the South China Sea, will probably join the Quad Bloc in the near term

Don't forget:

>asia is 60-70% of the worlds population
>asia (including Russia) will be 50%+ of its economy in 2 decades
>most innovative cities are in India/Pacific Coast places
>russia is already starting to bounce back after its transition from Euro-dominated trade

>most innovative cities are in India

Smart cities probs

fuck i meant dynamic cities, measured by momentum of change, technology development, and ability to adapt.

it was released at davos a few weeks back.

Nice that competition now days is around building infrastructure rather than dropping bombs.

I live in Bangawhore. It's a shithole even by Indian standards. Only thing you see is people pissing, spitting littering on the roadside 24*7.

nice wall of text slant eyes
didn't read though lol

>this list


We literally established the biggest free trade area in the world with Japan two months ago.

>USA cannot afford to build infrastructure in the USA
>funding infrastructure in jungle Asia

Umm no sweaty

>trump suggests rejoining TPP
if renegotiated*
That’s not the same as your clickbait headline

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it all fits in with why the US is deploying another carrier just for the south china sea, and why obama-hillary was obsessed with their pacific shift, and now why trump's administration is turning away from europe/middle east and also starting to focus on asia

despite people complaining about trump being ineffective, his state and defense department are already working overtime to re-build inroads for the next administration. china and russia's silence on north korea was a literal distraction while they ramp up their projects elsewhere.

south china sea will be the corridor for controlling one of the three fronts of the new geopolitical game mate, the indian ocean and central asia is the other and central asia is already locked down by now. the next front will be control for arctic trade routes.

wait till Michelle 2020

mate, the saudis are already going full neutral by linking and trading with china and the turks are already abandoning their european plan and going full neo-ottoman. they've moved way closer to russia and iran now than in their entire history.

pakistan might be lost by now due to the trump dispute and are starting to upgrade its russian relations.

swap saudis with india, syria with maybe kazakhstan and north korea with pakistan and that's your new bloc.

its a measurement of momentum of change across these sectors btw. IE cities rapidly transitioning to tech, or making use of innovative governing regimes and so-on are placed on the list.

it was compiled at Davos, and not a measurement for great cities.


europeans are getting bought out left and right by china, india and the US. meanwhile china has barely been able to make a footprint in the US.

europe is about to get vassalized and they are too weak right now to stand up for their own interests.

>barely been able to make a footprint in the US.
Mainly due to foreign ownership laws. China simply cannot just buy up American assets. The only place they've done this is housing, and bonds.

>new carrier just for south china sea
[Citations needed]

We do not have a Pacific base for such a carrier.

>turkey moved way closer to russia and iran now than in their entire history.
>turkey is engaged in a war with Syria, Russias and Irans closest ally in the region
sure thing bud

why do you care so much what happens to europe ? i came here to read about your news of economic unions, but it seems all i find is off-topic personal hate on europe from someone who has never been here

>Turkey fighting Kurds
>allies of Russia and Iran

>No russian cities

I read about you guys growing up and idolized your history: from Charlemagne up until WW1 you guys were this almost-ancient and glorious grandfather of our nation that helped us win independence and dominated the world for hundreds of years. You marched an army into a regional superpower that had the naval support of your rivals and BTFO the entire ottoman army without taking a single casualty. Napoleon's battles are the most badass tactical feats since the days of Alexander, Hannibal, and Caesar, the French revolution was the most badass display of pure french dominance I've ever read about; how you guys just took on the entire ruling structure of europe by yourself and fucking won a bunch of times in a row until literally the whole world piled on you, that was incredible. Everyone was scared of you, everyone thought you were the baddest motherfuckers around. Then WW2 happened, you guys got outshined by Germany hardcore in the 20th century, now your country is falling apart a bunch of leaders who have no respect for French history are basically selling out their people for immigrant votes, we here in america know all about that tactic and your politicians basically learned it from ours.
It's sad to see my favorite historical nation fall after so much french blood was spilled to mold the world into what it is today. My country has no real history, there's nothing real to cling to here, but our blood ties to yours, and your countries do have history, so it's only natural we look to you for guidance as an old and wise presence and you're just not living up to the hype anymore.

Isn't India currently snubbing the Weedman?

Well i guess you could say the student got better than the teacher. USA is the country that decided to take up the mantle of western civilization after 1945 and from that point onwards France was following USA as the leader of the free world.
It's the other way around, the USA is the country the west looks to for guidance with it's young, ambitious, and enterprising presence. Exhausted by war, the old continent was supposed to follow your path to prosperity. And it is not living up to the hype anymore either

>All U.S. cities
Canada I am disappoint.

Can't wait.

>Mainly due to foreign ownership laws. China simply cannot just buy up American assets. The only place they've done this is housing, and bonds.
Yeah we just told them to fuck off when they tried to get their dirty little hands on the Chicago Stock Exchange.

The game has never truly ended.

It was literally a Chinese money-laundering operation

We basically helped China stop capital outflows lmao.

Same for immigration. We are cracking down on their anchor baby hospitals in California and deporting corrupt officials. Plus we left the TPP and are threatening Korea and Japan over trade. Meanwhile our diplomacy and state department are getting fucked over and US soft power is collapsing because of Trump’s insanity.

China leaders are probably really confused about what is happening.

Russia and to an extend the Trump administration have made a compelling case for real military power in a world where most political scientists had already written off military force as an effective means of diplomacy in the 21st century, but the US and Russia are testing those waters and building up infrastructure and making a real case for realism coming into play and “soft power” hegemons being tested and found lacking any real persuasive power. The world is alligning itself into regional power blocs again and suddenly people are nervous and mobilizing navies and competing for strategic control of trade routes and primary export nations. The more the US hegemony is tested, the more it fades, and “soft” power with it. When all is said and done, there’s still a gun behind every pen.

You better hope not because soon enough China will have more real power than anyone else. It is delusional to doubt that 1.4 bilion hard-working people won’t catch up eventually.

>I don't understand how economics works: the post

Europe has had no plan to be a major power since Hitler and it has been dominated by USA the last century already, tell me what the fuck does it change we get the Chinese instead ?
Actually Asia in Europe has been :
-Investing billions
-Building new factories
-Creating jobs
-Building roads and highways
-Starting to resurrect our shit post-industrial regions

Ok maybe some jew in St Germain des Prés is not happy about this.
But me, the average Yuropoor peasant, do i have any reason to be unhappy ? Fuck no. Just like Africans probably don't mind that China is investing there. This hopefully will make Europe less shit and more modern and less unemployed.
Honestly i think you are blinded by irrational hate for Europeans and don't realize for 99% of us we are plebs and it doesn't change shit that we are a vassal to USA or to China instead.

>Be leaf
>Talks shit about Europe
>Uses Money With European People on
>Hails a European Monarch
>Dies on European soil, for Europeans

Why is Canada so pathetic?
>Be Canada
>Be covered in snow
>Still be shit at the Olympics
This is proof that Canada is a non-western nation

China in Europe :
>"wow too many black people"
>"unsafe for chinese tourists"
>"we will send chinese police to take care of it"

USA in Europe
>"fucking nazis how dare you not want immigrants"
>"look at our movies promoting niggers"
>"euros are too priviliegied and that is bad"
>"also let's free kosovo lol"

it is pretty damn clear who i would rather to rule my country, i for one welcome my chinese overlords, china please do nuke washington and take over the world asap

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idk, it depends what are "republican values" though, the welfare of niggers ? the right to be lazy and not have to work ? the freedom to pay healthcare for all of the 3rd world trash ? our glorious bureaucratic institutions which we love so much ? tell me what are those great "republican values", you hear these words all the time but they are never really defined
i'd rather we become individualistic and selfish as fuck like the chinks, it'd still be one tier above the current bullshit, at this point europe is much more communist than the fucking chinese communist party