Anyone else have literally zero friends, online and offline?

Anyone else have literally zero friends, online and offline?

Cred Forums is all I've got.

I'm the same, if I don't use Cred Forums I basically just won't talk with anyone bar my parents.

Still in contact with 1 guy from highschool 2 guys from college days and 1 dude from my former job. But they all got gf and dude from my former job is getting married in 4 months so I rarely hang out with them.

All my friends are married social status obsessed normies so i might as well not have any.

>Cred Forums is all I got
I can't imagine a more toxic lifeslyte

Do you want to be my friend, user?

Yeah. I just can't initiate a conversation with anyone, online or offline. Even here on Cred Forums. I've never created a thread here, just replied to other posts. Can't explain why.

Here's a (You)
It's seems that you were destined to be a nobody
Just pray for the fates to cut your thread early

Then I guess I'm in Hell

It is terrible, I'm agitated all the time. I just don't know where else to go.

Me. I hang out with colleagues sometimes and have old friends I don't keep in touch with though.

There are these two guys ive known since 8th grade, we usually drink something together once or twice a year, thas pretty much it i think

I meet some old friends (2-3) once a year around Christmas that's about all
>they are all having kids

it's the circumstances I've been forced into

Oh, shit, I hope you aren't who I think you are.

It is bad enough that one of us is stuck here.

I dont think so

We're all gonna make it someday but remember that we're here forever

Sounds like shit you should probably shoot yourself or keep being a loser

online friends, sure. besides that not really

Playing league and overwatch everyday is injecting more toxics than Cred Forums

Yeah my shit's pretty fucked

I have a social worker I talk to once a week and a psychiatrist I see once a month but otherwise I only interact with Cred Forums and my parents

Same here, I have no friends.but I do have co-workers to keep me sane. I want to die already

I've posted my steam on threads before on Cred Forums full of people claiming to be lonely, they just accept my request and never talk, or you try talking to them and they give one word answers and don't respond. Either that or they act like complete autists.

I'm 28 i don't think i'm gonna make it.

stupid phoneposter mutt

You still have 62 years to make it and that's alot of time ahead of you
It just depends on your will to proceed

Stupid antisocial nerd

I'm not antisocial I'm asocial

So are you considering suicide or what

>Cred Forums is all I've got.

no I'm too cowardly but ideally if I died in an accident that would be fine

Those games don't influence your way of thinking, it's a virtual world with mindless characters
on the other hand, constant lurking and posting .....

You could probably pay someone to kill you

How can you find comfort in death?

can't be much worse

Please stop with edginess

tell that cerberus or dante

hell isn't real

yep. 0 friends at all. Only friend I had I cut contact week like 4 years ago. H e tries to get in contact but I get nervous and don't reply.

Put yourself out of your misery will create more of them

I wasn't talking about hell

I'm at a point when i think i shouldn't even bother with a psychiatrist

I see a therapist, it's nice to have someone to talk to every couple of weeks but on the whole it's pretty useless

I'd say Cred Forums is an accurate zeitgeist of the current times though
I believe people think like they do here in real life honestly, this place has expanded my cultural horizons more than anything else

I tried one, but they seemed not interested or helpful at all, and I was unable to talk to them.

I have acquaintances and ex-friends, but not much, I have only 35 contacts on Whatsapp, never had facebook

my teenage relatives have like 5000 friends on FB, fucked more than 5 different girls, I feel so bad when I'm near them, I really want to kill myself, I lost my youth and I'm nearing the end of my life at 24

my youth is gone, my chances are gone, it's so sad, I can't believe this is happening to me

I've been on this website almost every day for the past 8 years, I can't dare leave

That's still basically suicide though.

>russian living to 90

Usually antisocial fags end up always commiting suicide especially when they stay friendless I’m just helping

Used to have friends but then after college I got a real job and my schedule never matched up with friends to go out or play vidya.
Over the years we slowly lost contact so it's just work, go home, play vidya, fap, go to sleep.
I've got a fwb so that's probably why I haven't killed myself yet.

>tfw you thought things would get better in college for some reason
>tfw it's actually incredibly easy to be a shut-in that doesn't speak


I only know my mother and sister.

Know nobody else