Do Southern Europeans unironically consider themselves non-White? Or is it just an Cred Forums meme?

Do Southern Europeans unironically consider themselves non-White? Or is it just an Cred Forums meme?

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whiteness isn't really a concept here

Whiteness is a New World concept invented to justify slavery and colonialism.

Tell a southron hes not white, he will get angry.

What is white even supposed to mean?

Italian, Spanish and Greek peoples are clearly not Germanic peoples.

And neither are Germans or Netherlands, white means European.

So if people asked your race? What would you say?

Well, I'm a Europeans and there's remerkably small genetic distance between individual European populations.

I should start proofreading my posts

I would say Iberian. Or European.

Isn't European just a different way of saying white, though?

mate, we're just white. The border blurs somewhere in Turkey and North Africa, which is exactly how speciation behaves in all other animals, plants and the other categories


they're being autistic memsters, every native inhabitant of europe considers themselves white

it is, you're just getting answers from whites who don't want to enable explicit pro-white interests. It's a virtue signal imported from America through jewish institutions and networks

dude, not all of Russia is considered to be in Europe

In what way do they differ?

I'm southern European ethnically and I consider myself white. Meanwhile, I see people whose skin is lighter than mine that don't consider themselves white. Whiteness is more of a state of mind than a color of skin

this is why everyone makes fun of you


Fuck off R*ddit

>see people whose skin is lighter than mine that don't consider themselves white.
What was their background?

there is no concept of whitness here, however europeans of other countries are more accepted than third worlders. I had the bad luck to be a quarter african so im considered a neger or kanake forever.

Why is there a concept of Blackness and not of whiteness?

>I had the bad luck to be a quarter african so im considered a neger or kanake forever.
I feel your pain i'm quarter north african.


there is more a sense of nationality and heritage and not skin color. People with european heritage are accepted as full germans aslong they speak the language. People with african or other third worlder heritage are never fully accept even if you try to fit in as hard as possible.

yeah it sucks, I have a serious identity crisis.

No one here considers themselves European
We are Russians.

I don't know. Not like I care. I'm quite sure niggers and desert people don't belong here nonetheless.

fucking this
when will amerimutts learn?

>i'm quarter north african.

>People with african or other third worlder heritage are never fully accept even if you try to fit in as hard as possible.
what about asians?

don't have many here, generally they are accepted but they are seen as foreigners since their look differs to much from Europeans.

since you're only a quarter black, i'm thinking you just look like a middle easterner?

>I'm southern European ethnically and I consider myself white

Every fucking time

Pretty much this

no I dont look middle eastern i look like a bleached nigger with european face structure (nose,lips, head shape) and i have very african like curly hair. My brother had more luck, he is blonde, blue eyed, tall and has pale skin. When people see us first they dont believe we are brothers because he look european and i look african.

Got apretty big kara boga t b h

>Swastika on Anglo
>Norman is "master-race"

I always shitpost in KARA BOGA threads claiming I'm black
From the outside it looks like I'm being ironic, while the truth is that I really am black

Probably. But only because "white" means essentially "not black or Chinese".

Like from Africa Black?

What about Middle Easterners, Latinos or South Asians?

Is that even a fucking topic that northern europeans keep thinking or having conversations about?Normies don't give a shit,they consider themselves white


Where from in Africa?

serb here
I consider myself my own thing, I have more in common with arabs and turks than I do with anglos here tbqh

I imagine it's the same in southern europe/balkans, people identify as their own group. In the west, I've never seen someone from the balkans refer to themselves as white.

I've always considerem myself white. I have pale skin, it could be that I have some non-european dna I don't know but I don't look like a moor for sure.

yep, the whole white thing was started by Iberians in the first place.

why do you think you have more in common with muslims than with other euros?

I have most in common with serbs, then balkans/greeks, then western turks, then southern europeans, then levantines, then anglos

How does it manifest? I have more in common with weebs around the world than with my countrymen.

wh*Tes (anglos) are simply cultureless, they live life only caring about partying, drugs and the size of their truck for the hillbillies

Fuck off nigger

One thing Americans will never understand is that race becomes important only when your country has no history or culture, so you have to build one.
If you speak Italian and you're culturally Italian then you're Italian. Nationality and heritage is the important thing; that's why integrating foreigners is difficult.
I personally consider myself white, because I'm European and every European is white. You don't have to be blonde or have blue yes to be white

So you agree with this comment ? Other Europeans (or people of European descent) can become Italian but not anyone else?

Yeah, I agree, I didn't see his comment
To be fair, nowadays I see myself more as a European than Italian, but it may only be an Italian thing, we are not a very centralized country

bolivia please

>Other Europeans (or people of European descent) can become Italian but not anyone else?
Except slavs

I have a lot of tuga friends and they range from green eyed fair skinned gingers to being darker than most arabs.

I'd say what's typical is dark brown hair, brown or green eyes, and fair to slightly tanned skin but still European facial features. I could probably tell an Iberian from an Arab on facial features alone.

so what about the southern europeans that look like arabs or pakis huh? what's stopping an arab from changing his name to vito and saying he's italian and nobody being the wiser?

Some slavs are based. We have a lot of Romanians here and some of them are ok

Why would Slavs be the exception?
>we are not a very centralized country
Unrelated to the thread, but isn't a common complain in some Italian regions that Italy is actually too centralized?

I saw some very dark skinned terroni, but I think they're still white. The bone structure is still European. They probably are some kind of mutt race, but I wouldn't call them not white

>Unrelated to the thread, but isn't a common complain in some Italian regions that Italy is actually too centralized?
Sorry, I was unclear. We are fiscally centralized, but economically and culturally decentralized


lol fuck off, left is afghan, middle is algerian, right is lebanese

if any of them told you they're from spain/italy/portugal you would believe them

As a Norman I indeed feel like an english Lord.

If any of them told me that, I would think they look like Arabs.

? I said whiteness isn't really a concept here
Europeans are white by default, I guess some other races could be considered light skinned, but after all, being "white" means being European subtracting heritage and culture

Expanding on this, the same can be applied to every race: a Chinese person born in Europe is Asian. A Chinese person born and raised in China is Chinese. Same thing for White-European, Middle Eastern-Israeli/Lebanese/Iraqi and so on

no, you wouldn't

white is a mix of looking white and being european imo

They do have mena facial features, and there is a bit of overlap with se.

But you're an insecure mena with racial identity issues. Get help. I've seen your posts before.

A baby born in the USA from European parents is white but not European. White is only the race, European is race + heritage + culture

I'm not. I'm just pointing out that there's overlap and that not all southern europeans are 'white'

Yeah I agree with this.

But again you have people like the greek golden dawn leader who literally look like pakis, I can't consider them white at all.

Yeah, I would. They don't look the part. Now, pls don't derail my thread.

Do white people from America or the other Anglo countries still fall under the category of "Can become Italian" like we discussed earlier?

That's because they're retarded
Fascism/nationalism != white supremacism
The fascists literally sang "faccetta nera", was race a problem for them?

People from the UK and Ireland sure, they are European
Americans not so much. Maybe, but culturally they're massively different

New worlders don't understand. We call blacks African and white European.

We don't think about colour like.

I'm white, living in a country that has lots of diversity, I can differentiate between what is white and what isn't better than your muttistan could.

so italians are race mixers, I see

Well, you weren't bringing your mulatto child to live in the country
But having sex with Ethiopian girls? No problem

I meant the other Anglo settler countries like Canada, NZ and Australia.

Italy is Africa bro

So different words for the same meaning?

Same thing as Americans

No it's completely different. When I'm on the bus sitting next to a slav, Englishman, Italian they are all distinct and whiteness doesn't come into my mind. Race isn't real in Europe.

Because the Lebanese are our PHOENICIAN BULL BROTHERS

>Race isn't real in Europe.
what about all the pakis and indians in the uk then

This. I just think:"Uh, that guy is Austrian/Spanish/English" not "Uh, that guy is white/maybe white/different shade of white"

do you actually think that we (white americans) are as culturally and ethnically different from you as let's say middle easterners and that we can't assimilate? lol

This, nationality/ethnicity matters more than race

there is remarkably smal genetic distance between human populations in general, and also there are europeans more related to non european populations than to other euopeans, mostly middle easterns or siberians.
Your argument is retarded

And that's not a bad thing

>inb4 mutt memes

Culturally? Yes
Ethnically? In some cases


American culture is inclusive
European culture is exclusive

the only european populations that are closer to middle easterners are cypriots and some sicilians and greeks. the vast majority of europe is closer to each other.

stop spreading lies.

Yes, white Americans are just as culturally distinct to us as any other culture. Your don't get a pass because your pigment is the same as ours

More culturally distinct.

oh shut the fuck up, american culture is EVERYWHERE in europe

t. I never visited USA

American movies, American music and American politics? Sure
The American way of thinking and style of life? No way

Their media is yes, but what you see on your TV isn't your culture

Don't placate the Americans. It's not good to lie.

the absolute DELUSION that is required to think that people who lived under sharia will integrate better than americans

They never said that

Who said that? They will integrate just as bad

there's not much of a difference between white americans/canadians and europeans m8

plenty of them go to europe for work and live there fine

Many chinese live in Europe and they do just fine
What's your point?

Plenty of people work and live here just fine, from all over the world
Doesn't mean they're European

Didn't say they're integrate better, only said they're equally as different as any other culture. If you mass imported Americans into the UK, allowing them to create their own enclaves, you'd see fast food diners, gas n gulps, american football teams and absurdly large vehicles popping up everywhere

Don't delude yourself, we know who the new worlders are. That's like saying most Arabs/Africans work and live there fine which would be true also. So it's not a valid statement.

Australians are Europeans.

more like ALL
at least half of balkanites, 90% of southern italians and eastern slavs/finno ugric europeans all are more related genetically to non europeans than to other europeans, yet these ethnicies are considered as core part of the european identity
If these ethnicities are not european, then what are they?

Europe is americanized to hell and back, they would integrate without a problem.

I see the point you're trying to make, but imo it's very easy for a white person to integrate into any european country.

You asked for a European point of view, I gave you just that

You are correct

>So if people asked your race?

this never happens

No it's not
Stop spreading lies

You mean Sweden. Americans stick out like sore thumbs, from how they talk, to how they walk, to how dress, to how they eat, to how they react to certain situations. Just the same as a Russian or an Italian or a Vietnamese

My main point was that there are lots of middle easterners that look like southern europeans and vice versa.

Lighter middle easterners can look like southern euros, darker southern euros look like middle easterners.

Plenty of canadians/americans move to europe countries for work whether temporary or permanent and live there just fine, they may not consider themselves european but they're more european than arab looking southern euros or romanians for example.

>and there's remerkably small genetic distance between individual European populations
thats wrong
see the eurogenes west eurasia pca

>live in Europe
Nobody asks me about race
>Visit USA
Hey what race are you?

t. Ethiopian

Dont know about Italy but that's the truth in Sweden.

Middle Easterns that are muslims
Therefore they are not Italians

I've dealt with pretty much all nationalities, only a couple had groups of friends speaking Simplified English(tm) among themselves, one of which was Sweden (young millenials).

They really don't, It's just what your uneducated mind primed on skin color thinks.

>durr hurr they aren't all part of one subcategory of this main category therefore they must be in two completely different main categories
Humans clearly aren't chimps yet they're both apes.

Some arabs look southern european,I think that's what you mean.
Some southern europeans look nordic

>implying it isn't because in europe people just assumed you were black
>meanwhile here people would notice you look different from aa's and would be curious as to what you are

I mean the following:

A decent percentage of southern europeans look like your average arab.

A small percentage of middle easterners look more like your typical southern european.


i can't imagine a context where someone would ask which race i am

if this thread says anything is that you guys do the same, you just use nicer words to say it

Tbh I can't keep this up, Americans are nice people.

Kek, yanks are bizzare. Don't understand how they can tell what race you are just by looking at you anyway. Guarantee most people 30 or older knew that you were Ethiopian just by looking at you
We can generally tell the difference between an Ethiopian/Nigerian/Congolese by looking at them. Not as extensive as we can with European faces but we don't need to ask them, and if we don't know, we rarely feel the need. We'd just ask what country they're from if we're really curious

the average arabs =/= the average southern europeans
Besides swarthy germans do exist and nobody woyld doubt their "germaness"
The same apply to southern euros

>Europeans unironically implying they can tell your linguistic group by looks in the genetic clusterfuck of Europe

yeah I agree with that, the average arab looks inbred and their faces are deformed usually, you could tell them apart easily

but there are a decent percentage of southern europeans that could easily pass as those same arabs

>how they can't tell
>most people here

Yes we can. I can tell if someone is Irish/Swedish/Russian/Spanish etc by looking at them. It's obviously not 100% accurate all the time but it's a good enough guesstimate

I'm not perfect, but it's easy when you're used to it.
For example, I can spot Germans without problems: one of my friends is German; he's quite short, but when I first met him he just had a German looking face. Anglos and Frenchmen are just as easy.
Italy is probably the less homogeneous country in Europe

You are deluded dude, some middle easteners can look southern europeans and vice versa but only like 0.5% of ME can pass for europeans of any kind

The extreme south =/= the whole southern Europe
You can't keep cherry picking
Can you see at least that?
And usually no
Even the average sicilian do look different from the average tunisian and not only by face structure

>implying you can tell the difference between an italian and an arab

Okay, but like then if you were in a room with people from Morocco, Senegal, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, wherever, you would consider those from European background as closer to you, right?

Well yeah, of course

What does that mean?
I have no idea what for example a Maltese is supposed to look like. If some Egyptian said they are Maltese I would have to believe their word for it.

Yes, but they're not the same as us if you know what i mean. Plus were more familiar with those cultures. But i see what you're saying

lmao literally everyone in this picture could pass as middle eastern

yeah same here, swedes used to call every swarthy person "turk" or "svartskalle"

No they couldn't

>No they couldn't

its a meme

You have to go back Abdul

Id feel closer to the Senegalese person than the Russian. But sure.