What is your cunt's Guerrero?

What is your cunt's Guerrero?

As in, the unsafest shithole no one wants to live in.


Missouri or Michigan



my f a m is from Sinaloa and it doesn’t seem so bad


There's ghetto with 50k gypsies. You should never step a foot there


>mexican canadian

u wot


I'm torn between La Matanza and Santiago del Estero

Inside american camps
Japanese can get slaughtered or raped for getting inside the camps legally by soldiers forever and kept as slaves and japanese government will be like
>s…sorry for disturbing your job usa sama! we will pay preparation for that!
Usually they'll just end up missing and kept inside camps to check whether they're spy or a volunteer for sex slave

north-west montevideo


The borders, especially to Colombia and Paraguay.

Valle del Cauca

Connacht. It has the worst land and it's where Cromwell tried to banish the Catholic Irish to

Isn't that were all the black Colombians live?


Germany overall is a very safe country, no metter which region. Only some cities are pretty shitty. For example quite a few cities in the Ruhr area or Offenbach, the first German city with 50+% immigrants.


Oaxaca is an indio poverty state, but not violent.



This isn't 40 years ago, Harlem is richer and safer now than it has been historically.

t. Never been to NY


coca :DDDD

that would be Michoacan

A civilian is unlikely to die by going there, would probably just get robbed, but North Marseille is a shithole. Full of Arab drug dealers killing each other with AK-47s. I wish they'd nuke that part of the city already.

East Saint Louis and Gary, IN as runner-ups.


All major cities in the Midwest and South


Louisiana. Where I live.