hitler had autism edition

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all germans have autism, whats your point?

need a grimes gf

Me in the middle (I'm Hitler)

loads of jobs in milton keynes

How does it feel to know when people say "UK" "Britain" or "England" they mean Yorkshire? How does it feel to know that 36.9% of the UK's economy is from Yorkshire? Maybe next time you Southrons meet a Yorkshireman you should thank him for the tax credit you collect.

How does it feel to know every year millions of tourists come to see Yorkshire while no one gives a fuck about your poncy Southern shit hole? How does it feel to know you have no culture or relevance to the UK never mind the world.

Yorkshire is a land of opportunity which is why it is such a magnet for immigrants, I know you will respond that you "Hate niggers and pakis" but why? Is it that people can come from Ghana and Pakistan, work hard, build a career and make something of themselves all on their own merits while you southern shits just sit their collecting inheritance and drinking bottles of champagne? Do the hard working immigrants make you feel bad for being such a posh shit? I would take a million Asians, blacks and eastern Europeans over one of the poncy Southern animals.

What is my conclusion? If you hate Yorkshire you hate it because you can't hack it. You are not smart, quick or hard working enough to compete. You don't have the willpower to come down here and start at the bottom renting a flat and work hard until you eventually get that mansion in Harrogate. You hate it because everyone in Yorkshire is doing something while you sit there doing NOTHING. Collecting inheritance... Drinking warm champagne out of a bottle.... I don't know if Southrons cause more pity or more disgust.

hitler had autism (and did nothing wrong)

Polak and proud

got the last word in the last thread


Don’t get why people go all the way to wales to see “muh Yorkshire moors” it’s a literal swamp from photos I’ve seen

Hitler did many things wrong.

South African is based desu


krauts are autistic
danes are boring
swedes are dorky
finns are cute
norwegians are all butter sluts
dutch are good lads
belgians are weird
french are alright
spanish are laid back
irish are good lads
italians are oddly nervous
poles are all confused
brits are...?

need a gf*

lol what a fagget

like not finishing the fucking job LMAO


friend from uni is getting married, gonna get pissed and sing old war songs wahey

the chainsmokers are shit

love so called experts and their genius analysis


the master race

wish I had a premium face

any wh*Teboi man in?

Such as?
Aren't you afraid of getting caught?
What's the penalty for singing war songs?
Here all the young people view IRA songs as guilty pleasures even though official society is very anti-IRA.



My attention span is such shit lads, used to read books hours at a time now I can barely manage a few minutes before getting distracted. how so I get it back what it once was ?

I think that's just all of the cocaine he did.

opinions on the Coase theorem lads?

work at it with one of your favourite books




no shit

Dry season here


Which Alt Right leaders are definitely federal agent infiltrators?

>UK millennials suffer worst falls in incomes of any nationality apart from Greece, report reveals


Destroy your computer, get a non-smart phone

Or low-brow guilty pleasure novels

What do you think you owe your parents?

I don't owe them anything. I told them tonight by the time I'm 30 I will take every single penny they've earned from them for treating me how they did for 20 years.

I will not help them at all and the moment I'm finished college they are dead to me, I will never speak or have anything to do with my family the day I graduate, I'll never ever speak to them after that day.

pasty babies

A British charity that helps victims of forced marriage recommends hiding a spoon in your underwear if your family is forcing you fly back to your old country, so that you get a chance to talk to authorities after metal detector goes off

trapped in purgatory

bring back arranged marriages

grim day at toil lads


Youll regret it faster you think

Did this with a knife once, didn't go well.

there are unironically tons of these people in Oxford

maybe an average of 2 for every 3 colleges
you see them walking around sometimes

this but unironically

Ayy, I've been fuckin' hoes and poppin' pillies
Man, I feel just like a rockstar (star)
Ayy, ayy, all my brothers got that gas
And they always be smokin' like a Rasta
Fuckin' with me, call up on a Uzi
And show up, man them the shottas
When my homies pull up on your block
They make that thing go grrra-ta-ta-ta (pow, pow, pow)

Atrocious patter

Go on.. give it a visit..


dad was a role model
mum looked after me

Not even that keeps my attention, feel overwhelmed by how big it is.
Rather not do that. Might try some light novels.

Have a wank and a beer


ah yes, women

been through the desert on a horse with no name


Whos getting fucked up on monday here


why did neil live with his dad and not his mum

already done both

Can't live with them, can't reproduce without them.



she died during childbirth

Bit awkward there.
Porn gets weird when you think about what's behind the camera.

Havent had a single tinder match in 2 months lads.
Been swiping twice a day too.

Thats 12000 rejections

Does anyone else have a pulse on the left side of their nose? At the top near the tear duct.

Haven't seen many watermelon smiles from the local golliwog population after the local KFC had to close today due to a chicken shortage

>Thats 12000 rejections
that's now how tinder works retard


Stuff like this 100 times more arousing than porn.

You said you have self hate, why?

Rectal cancer

new years eve was nearly 2 months ago what the FUCK

understand the case for legalising many drugs as they have little permanent damage but what's with the people who call for the legalisation of everything?

yes everyone does

gf just insta'd me this

>Ayo white boi you fine lemme holla at you.
How do you respond?

whenever I eat mcdonalds I get pain behind my nipples, its the strangest thing

>time moves in a linear fashion

Hope you had a nice day today.


what is this game, is it better than PUBG? seemed like 6 months ago everyone was playing that now they are all playing fortnite

imagine being an autistic shutin before the internet was invented

>laser tag
>Petting Doggos

tommy robinson


Prefer pintgirl

good point, what did they do all day?

good night brucie

All alckies do


i always find it really surreal seeing an actual fedoralord in public


business idea: FORED to avoid confusion with Fuck off Rorke

something productive

hope you did too x

invent stuff, Alber Einstein once didn't shower for 7 months

Read, pray, drink good drink.

do you have a proper nice bath or is it just that shower?

God forbid you experience a bit of diversity you bent twat

do you hate yourself because you drink or drink because you hate yourself?

imagine getting shagged up the arse by a bloke and enjoying it

Where's your doggo, mate?

crikey lads those deepfakes are a bit scary ain't they

By far the strangest selection of (you)s I've ever had. Cheers lads.

Just finished Empire of Dust, give me some more documentary kino to watch

That’s how I feel being ginger m8.

prostate stimulation is great lad

are they any gay ones yet?

Me on the left

Lads, does anyone know of a song probably from the last 6 months that is sort of bounce sounding main bit Dang Dang Dang daDang DangDangDang then bip bup bup but its got a late 70s/early 80s soul sample in it? fucking thing has been going around in my head and i cant put my finger on what song it is.

How come he became a thing?


any feminist man in

>there's nothing funny about testicles, Cooper. As you'll discover tomorrow in my office


STILL hungover from Saturday night christ almighty

Children from Peterbusky

Become this through hormones and go out with me.

There's a jacuzzi tub

Would kill to be ginger

nice decor

he wrote popular books and had a popular column

I don't, I just wonder how people who aren't full on wannabe 19th century eccentrics have not been taken aside and told that fedoras are not just unfashionable but cringeworthy.


Yellowclaw - Good Day

Would kill myself if I was ginger.

>Would kill to be ginger

If vaccines are so great then how come they can't cure my autism???

>would kill to be ginger
No Woman finds ginger men attractive.

imagine making a Cred Forums meme and then seeing it posted on a BBC, CNN or Vice documentary about the Alt Right when they scroll through Cred Forums threads

>all that empty space

because then he wouldn't be a groid you thicko

There is. It's called a condom

no, i cant even get the right fucking set of notes in my head
no, its faster

thanks so far though

It's over, whitey

This. We actually used throw ginger babies into fire pits when we first settled here. Demon babies.

Why not just get a fake tan and dye your hair?

cant help you then



What books?

gf asked me to piss on her


Thanks RMT. Because of you lazy, feckless, fat paki scum striking you've affected the work life of thousands of toilers today because 45k a year to open a couple doors and mumble into the mic incoherently just isn't enough for you.

You selfish, greedy, power tripping little cunts. And if you dare tell me to get my feet off the seats now I'll fucking murder your crew and crash this train into Waterloo station

i just find it weird because they obviously spend a lot of time online, you'd think they would come into contact with it and have some self-awareness

ill be in my 60's by then so most likely i will not be able to have kids

lmao what happened

Only 8% of U.K. woman find gingers like me attractive.

The accursed gene must not be spread.

Sorry to tell you lads but we are abolishing the monarchy when Charles “Moslem-lover” becomes king

Gave her back to the breeder. Saw her recently but didn't recognize her
She came up sniffing and wagging and the breeder told me it was her.




>Buy cheese slices of your choice
>Buy sushi seaweed from the Asian section
>Wrap seaweed around cheese slice

You can thank me later

Literally everyone went on strike today at 6am. Zero trains to Southampton at fucking rush hour on Monday

is google broke

broken britain
privistation was a mistake

>"For the past 15 years I have been entirely motivated by a desperate desire to put the “Great” back into Great Britain. Everything I have tried to do—all the projects, speeches, schemes, etc.—have been with this end in mind. And none of it has worked, as you can see too obviously! In order to put the “Great” back I have always felt it was vital to bring people together, and I began to realise that the one advantage my position has over anyone else’s is that I can act as a catalyst to help produce a better and more balanced response to various problems. I have no “political” agenda—only a desire to see people achieve their potential; to be decently housed in a decent, civilised environment that respects the cultural and vernacular character of the nation; to see this country’s real talents (especially inventiveness and engineering skills) put to best use in the best interests of the country and the world (at present they are being disgracefully wasted through lack of co-ordination and strategic thinking); to retain and value the infrastructure and cultural integrity of rural communities (where they still exist) because of the vital role they play in the very framework of the nation and the care and management of the countryside; to value and nurture the highest standards of military integrity and professionalism, as displayed by our armed forces, because of the role they play as an insurance scheme in case of disaster; and to value and retain our uniquely special broadcasting standards which are renowned throughout the world. The final point is that I want to roll back some of the more ludicrous frontiers of the 60s in terms of education, architecture, art, music, and literature, not to mention agriculture! Having read this through, no wonder they want to destroy me, or get rid of me…!"

-The Prince of Wales, in a 1993 letter to Tom Shebbeare, then director of the Prince's Trust


What film should I do next? So far I've today watched Coming to America and Cube.

you have beautiful eyes

Chavs, The Establishment

You lads think I’m a proper noticeable, stand out Manlet if the top of my head is 177cm on a night out?

Yorkshire mentioned

this toilsman's cracked
he's gone off the deep end

Even the women?



*looks for Lawrence of Arabia*
Lawrence of Arabia

can't hear you from down there mate mind speaking up?

Ladykillers, Office Space or Henry V

blade runner 1982
Die Hard
Fight Club
Four Lions
All harry potters
In bruges
Lock Stock
Office Space
No country for old men
Planes Trains
The Beach
Fifth Element

delete everything else

we don't deserve him

redpill me on

I wish i had polish gf

One book then, that wasn't really popular at all.

Your face will be in a minute, m80.

what do you do for dates after the first 3 coffee/film/sex ones?

ive never gotten to the 4th date before

If anyone cares: he was taking amphetamines, that's why he looks hyperactive

Thanks for being a minority ally

surprised the london niggers haven't started rioting yet over the KFC closures 2bh

t. muhammad

Quintessential Soycore

are you fucking kidding me
it's heroine

Never understood toad posting, is the toad meant to be a visual representation of the poster and if so why would you choose a toad

working late at GCHQ?

Is there a more embarrassing sight than a nu male wearing a flat cap? It is a VERY grim sight

If you're not a farmer or don't have a shotgun in the boot do NOT wear flat caps

renationalise the trains

Should university education be free?

is that star wars

ask her to marry you

was thinking of this film earlier
masterpiece 2bh

Why do blacks have self hate?

Study: Having white children linked to getting struck by lightning - Avi Shekelbergersteingold

Have to go to Newcastle and the flight there was unironically the same price as the train, mad


obviously not
there are too many people with degrees flooding the job market
if it is free then only the smartest 10% of the population should be allowed to attend

would happily see every politician hanged if it meant the monarchy started running the country again

>What hat shall I wear today?
-The Queen, everyday of her royal life.
Women aren't made for command.

Hitler was based


had a VEY long day at toil, travelling all over the place

going to have a nice bath now, might use a bath bomb and have a play with my willy in there x


no because that would saturate the job market even more than it is now. it should be free for anyone who is smart enough and works hard in high school, which is essentially what scholarships do here.

>that wasn't really popular at all.
but it was

It's cheaper by £100 to fly from Southampton to Newcastle, stopping off in Amsterdam, than it is getting a train there

No but it has Obi Wan in black face.


Baths are disgusting. You're literally sitting in, and washing yourself with, dirty fucking water.

post pics, bathlad

agree (note to DGSI : i am merely jesting)

going to play with your arsehole too? x

aren't soyboys against the virile themes and the objectification of women present in some of these films?

state of shitain

Objective aesthetic disparities

Might have been amongst your soyboy mincer squad.

going to dublin tomorrow lads. what should i do/expect?

You're supposed to rinse off with a short shower after

here you are mate, got you this from Lush :)
*hands you a M67 fragmentation grenade*

they're quite successful actually

Where do babies come from?

always have a quick shower before I get into the bath for this reason
might do x

only tory tarquins think otherwise

muh dik

Exactly. Ridiculous.

Three Amigos lad

junkies and homeless

Summer had a mental breakdown because of you scumbags

but you are aesthetic

I’m sure black woman find black men attractive.

anyone have these back in the day (top lads only)

brainlet: bath
normal brain: shower
big brain with light coming out: laying down as if taking a bath but having the shower running with the drain unplugged

>It's another Truman gets drunk and watches Hitler videos until 2am episode

is that the andrex puppy

Greater London

Stuffed animals?
Nah mate you're the only one.


But if you live in Africa people must be used to the African standard of beauty?

can get a flight to new york for £172
pretty mental

had one of those alright

Everyone who isn't a numale bender you mean? In what way was his book popular, you tedious shit?

I live close to a small Yemeni market here in the US and have become friendly with the young woman who works there. She told me she does not want to wear her hair scarf anymore because people stare at her or insult her. She also told me that under her headscarf she's a completely different person, that she likes to drink Tequila.

Problem is that her family has taken and hidden her ID and passport so that she can't ever leave. She can't go anywhere on her own. She's a really sweet person and from the conversations we have (sex, booze, crushes) she really isn't who the head scarf makes her out to be.

ACTUALLY giggled at this fantastic post

had this one
it's still in the attic somewhere, in very bad nick
though it is 28 years old to be fair

I'll stuff my shoe up your arse if you don't can it

Be my sissy black gf(male)


Greater London


made possible thanks to the 787


fuck off

here in the US

doing it in a couple of weeks
buzzing to get through some yank flodge

She wants you to save her, lad. Do it.

SHIT i just realised i probably have meningitis

fucking hell im so stressed rn
nurse isnt open until 2pm tomorrow


how easy would it be to fly to new york and then just disappear in america without getting caught by immigration?

Go to A&E you retard

lmao fuck off you do
ring 101 you melt

He was based though
>loved his people
>gas people he did like
>invaded russia because fuck up
>when on holiday in paris and saw the sites
>dressed well
>powerful speeches
>btfo a billion hindus by using their religious imagery

that'll leave a mark

Calm down, Owen, you creepy paedo.


why didn't didn't you get immunised you colossal tosspot

you probably don't have bacterial meningitis if you feel well enough to type this post

Greater London


lmao fuck off you do
ring 101 you melt
why didn't didn't you get immunised you colossal tosspot

is it "see the sites" or "see the sights"?

prove it dickhead

it took me 4 hours to write a 3 sentence email yesterday because i kept passing out mid-line and gettig autologged off

i feel a bit better today and can string sentences together and stuff so maybe its ok?

Lots of people do it. You'll probably end up working the same jobs as Mexican illegals tho

>It is speculated that Barbara was raped by one of more famous photographers who worked for VS, her agent told her to deal with it and that it may actually be good for her career and VS cut ties with her because she was allegedly partying too much.

>These are all guesses tho because model's identity is unknown, but Barbara fits the story.

so why the fuck wouldn't you go the hospital if you kept passing out?
meningitis wouldn't just go in a day it would need IV antibiotics

Easy enough especially if you speak English and look Yankish. You could probably do this forever if you had enough money but you'll run out of luck when you need to find a job

excuse me?

certain strands aren't vaccinatable (is that a word?)

Mate shut up

see the sights

Go. To. The. Hospital.

fucking idiot never reply to me again

you know who you are

going to donate £5 to a cat charity with my remaining credit


people who just done what they had to do:

anders brevik
maggie thatcher

hello paki

Absolute little slug replied to my post

British scum.





Where's Alan?


Forgot this country existed lol

would love to see what a 12 gauge shotgun blast would do to her face

And the winner, by ONE second is...

Hitler was an Austrian LARP'ing as a German.