Poland Will Not Apologize For Remark On Jewish Perpetrators In Holocaust


Why don't they just ask Soros what really happened?

>blaming holocoaster on Poland is okay
>reminding that jews were the biggest collaborators in entire occupied Poland results in kvetching
oyyy veyyyyy

Poles didn't gas the jews but we definitely should have



It's just polish people are the dumbest who followed nazis. When others admit what they've done the average polish janitor doesn't like to admit any wrong doing because it would take away from it eternal victim status.

Polish are the Jews of Europe. Getting tired of they're dindu nuffin attitude.

>Polish shit
>Go fuck yourself!
what did they mean with this?

i will not apologize for the extermination of slavs

>All payments in cash only
>Go fuck yourself

you didn't do shit

What the actual fuck. Was his too afraid to spontaneously combust if he drew a proper swastika?

Every fucking time


>Poland GDP per capita 15k
>Israel GDP per capita 40k
And dont forget that their nominal total GDP are only seperated by 100bln $, while Poland has 30Million People!!! more. Sad
Israel has better, stronger, more experienced military and USA will side with Israel in every possible scenario
Poland should shout their mouth, slavshits

probably a false flag attack by bydlo poles

t. volga german

>muh shekel

Spoken like a true kike.

>surrounde by ayrapes, palestinians and other suiced bombers
>still higher hdi
>prefering hdi over more reliable and meaningful stats

The whole story is like mommy and daddy destroying each other in a divorce and than the lawyer fucking over both of them.

It was a bad war. What's really fascinating that it would have been wonderful to have Hitler, only without the war. German autism always pushing thing too far.

>Ignoring massive burger aids
>Ignoring communism
>Still defend muh shekel

>>Ignoring massive burger aids
lmao jews aid americans
>>Ignoring communism
what is china, estonia, latvia, czechia, slovenia, gdr
>>Still defend muh sheke
defending slavshits hahahahhaha

Good. He didn’t really say anything wrong, only a malicious person would interpret his words in such manner.

>only us can be butthurt!

It's kinda hard to draw swastika with spray.

It is difficult to draw Harken Kreuz without looking at materials