What's it like in Uruguay?

What's it like in Uruguay? I want to visit south America but I don't want to get robbed or killed. I guess I just don't trust South Americans because of my experience with Mexicans. Also I saw an article that said they give free money to ex-Guantanamo prisoners, do these people think like Canadians because it would be a lot cheaper just to visit Canada.

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It's ok.
You wont get robbed or killed if you are not too stupid.
AMA, bored as fuck at the office

Mainly I wonder about the political climate. Obviously it's a liberal country, but are people extreme liberals?

How would you compare corruption to what goes on in Mexico?

latest governments were leftist but seems people is changing back to center-right.
We have liberal laws yes, but people is quite conservative, mainly old generations.
I would say expect very conservative old people and way more liberal young people.
Extreme liberals? I don't know, people just don't care about what others do.

Corruption is not even near to Mexico levels. Narcos are not a big deal and corruption is mainly favors to friends, like give a public service job to friend.

so is Montevideo a rathole or should I definitely visit the city if I go through Uruguay? I've heard punta del este is nice and colonia del sacramento. I like a little bit of night life but nothing too crazy

visit Montevideo if you have the chance at least for a day or two.
The city coastal line is beautiful and women are outstandingly beautiful.
But to really enjoy Montevideo you'll have to befriend locals or you won't find many things to do.
Punta del Este is nice (during summer time) but expensive.
Colonia is wonderful.

Best things you could find in Uruguay, in my opinion:
Food. Food is awesome, not joking.
People. If you get the change to meet people you'll find them to be friendly and open to help/show you around.

bad, 2 days ago a supermarket cashier was murder by a thief.

yea, this is the only country in the world were that kind of things happen.

yeah I'm sure you can find trouble especially in Montevideo, but we've got plenty of that going on in America, too. Los Angeles is basically like the bad parts of Mexico, I had people with tattoos on their faces threatening to "cut" me, lol.

thanks for sharing, seems like a cool place. I know a girl who lives in Argentina and i've been more curious about Uruguay after reading about it.

Best country in LatAm hands down.
Carrasco is best neighborhood.

exactly. when in Montevideo (like any other big city) stay on safe zones and you have to have really bad luck to get trouble.

for example, I've stayed a week in Rio, stayed on safe zones, went to touristic places and all: 0 trouble. And Rio is probably 100x times more dangerous than Montevideo.

relevant news, mexican gang tries to steal jewelry in uruguay


>I guess I just don't trust South Americans because of my experience with Mexicans

Mexico is in North America.

American "education"


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Why is Uruguay so empty?
There are only like 3 million people living there and half just lives in the capital.

Why is Buffalo so empty?
So many people living NYC but not that many in Buffalo.

Don't know, but is actually our secret to be at least a decent country, and shoul keep like this

Uruguay is the New Zealand of SA