>Have you ever comitted a crime and what is it
>how severe is the punishment for the “worst” crime youve committed
Big jail time for drug sale

>Have you ever comitted a crime

Some traffic violations and marijuanas
A heavy ticket or minimal jail time I guess

K idc

Got a speeding ticket in South Africa. That's pretty much it.

I was 'delivering' "spice" and almost got caught
I think a few years in prison

No, I barely go out of my room so it would be rather hard to do any crime.
I also never taken any drugs.

a small fine

you can commit lots of crime without leaving your room

I stole a pen once

1. Stole a construction site traffic sign when I was walking home drunk from the pubs at night. Got spotted by police and ran away until I ran out of breath. Charge was theft of state property I think, didn't charge me on evading arrest or interfering with road traffic, but because I cooperated after my arrest and I had no previous record my sentence was only a 100€ donation to the fund to upkeep public spaces.

2. Got caught pirating Euro Truck Simulator 2 in my parents household. My dad being the genius he is, wrote angry replies instead of keeping low, and managed to turn it into a lawsuit instead of just a warning. Ultimately lost, I think he's still waiting for the final bill, could be in the low thousands.

1. Flag
2. Eh, I've been fucking around with drugs for almost 9 years and I help some people out. I also did some other small shit like shoplifting and some more serious things like burglary but I never got caught except for the one time where I tried to steal a lighter in a supermarket when I was 14, got away with a slap on the wrist though. I almost got caught with heaps of drugs a couple of times and I would've gone to jail in New Zealand two times if I didn't stay calm and "cooperative" when the cops tried to fuck me. A combination of good nerves and luck kept my record clean so far.

>Euro Truck Simulator

How german of you

Never got sentenced for one

The question here is, was the simulator worth it?

Yes. Only one I have been caught for was trespassing however

Sounds like something out of kobra haha

Stole pic related when I was a kid
No punishment, no one noticed

great game though
8/10 would go to jail for

I rode mountain bikes in nature preservation areas and dirt bikes on the road to get between my secret riding spots. I had a ranger catch me once and he threatened to throw my ass in prison if he saw me do it ever again. I also own a sportbike and I always run from the police. I've never had a speeding ticket in my life and my insurance company thinks that I'm a saint.

>I rode mountain bikes in nature preservation areas and dirt bikes on the road to get between my secret riding spots. I had a ranger catch me once and he threatened to throw my ass in prison if he saw me do it ever again.

Thank fuck we have freedom to roam here.

Police don't give a shit about dirt bikes on the road here unless you're Riding in downtown. Federal rangers on the other hand will convict you on the most isolated road in america.


>got caught pirating ET2

The movie with Stallone? Never watched it, is it any good?

And how did you got fucked for selling some stuff? Loose mouths or just bad luck?


No kobra the german Tv show about road police

I havent been caught luckily

Looks fun tbqh

t. bulgari

Having sex while under 18 with someone who is also under 18 will unironically mark you as a sex offender and get you in prison
I'm a statutory rapist who wasn't caught

the fuck... state?

I help my uncle sell heroin sometimes
I'd probably get slapped with accessory charges and deported, no biggie

I can only imagine the utopia the USA could be as a centralized non-constitutional republic

eh, this way is better imo. There's been a steady noticeable improvement since the civil war. By 2030 or so we'll be a first world country, no point in switching now

Got into lockpicking as a hobby, broke into some stores at night but did it just for the thrill, didn't take anything

I hope
Everything seems so good but then you read about those stupid laws and what power states hold and you cry

Get rid of muh guns please i might move in with you

Oh, hahahaha. Keep going and watch your steps bro, take care

Nope, try again

The point is that you can find a state/city/town that appeals to you where you can live without being annoyed by the people there. If all else fails, you can buy a plot of land and live like a hermit

Youre right desu
Too many people care more about events outside their community than the opposite
Maybe its just online..

done many illegal things, only been arrested once though. Had to pay a 140k ISK fine. (€1121/$1388)

>United states
>Not first world

Go away

This is how you identify a true German