What's the best European skyline?

what's the best European skyline?

Whatever it is, it isn't that abomination.

Breslau for sure

I's nice except for those commieblocks

I've yet to see a European skyline that didn't look like the architectural equivalent of Frankenstein's monster.


It's fucking hideous. Get it away.

Do Canadian skylines look any better?


Delete this. London is NOT beautiful in any way. It is and always has been a cesspit, a shithole.

a little bit more colour would be nice, but it's better than most Euro skylines

No skylines best skylines.

>London is NOT beautiful in any way
prove me it is

looks like my cock

that's kinda gay, dude

London is the ugliest city in Western Europe. If you want a good British city, go to Edinburgh.


Skopje, Macedonia


>Modern skyscrapers
>Good skyline

All those will probably be gone and the likes of St. Paul's will remain standing.

Almere is 100 times uglier and London is not even close. London is still the most beautiful city in Europe for me (and I hope your Brexit goes well because we're next)

Wait what i'm sure this is portland

but when i google this image only russian text comes up wtf

Because of the protected sightlines of St Paul's London's ended up with monstrosities like the Walkie-Talkie, universally hated by everyone.

It's not getting any better either, an enormous slab of a building is going up.


Petersburg soon





The Hague is awesome.

Even great photography is ruined by the Walkie Talkie. London's skyline is ruined forever.


1. Moscow
2. London
3. Paris
4. Frankfurt
5. Warsaw

for me it's the cheese grater.


Moscow looks like it was designed by Sauron


The rest I can almost stomach or at least ignore, it's the fucking walkie talkie and the can of ham I can't stand. They're so infantile.

The GOAT coming through


Moscow reminds me London sometimes...

city skylines consisting of skyscrapers are disgusting 2bh

Depends on point of view


the best by FAR


I can smell the french and tourist piss from here

That's a beautiful cluster of skyscrapers actually

it looks like matchboxes

Paris is my favourite in Europe



downtown Moscow looks nice, wish the rest of it didn't look like a commie shithole

Nothing wrong with commieblocks

decent but the best part about paris is whats old

t. volga german

In some towns that suffer from a lack of space I don't mind a combination of both


Something like that. But Moscow and Saint P is not Russia.

Britain is beautiful.

pic related

it looks good.

how are buildings supposed to look to appeal to you?
inb4 empire state building

Wish this thread wasn’t just for european cities. Asia does it best imo.

With better weather.


Best in the World, I suppose

>tfw the best skyline in italy is in the south



The Gherkin will never be demolished, it's too symbolic

t. visconti

I recognise these pictures, you must browse the Manchester forum on skyscrapercity

I check what's goin on in Manchester, as i live just up the road. Though I never bother posting.

I barely post myself and I've never posted in the Manc forum, I do have a gander there every now and again though. A lot of the schemes there do look really nice

>London is the ugliest city in Western Europe.
I thought you guys weren't in europe

You'd be forgiven for getting confused that you were still in Europe.

>tfw saudades do Porto
Tenho que voltar.



Any that isn't urban.