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can you tell if someone is a nonce just from the way they walk?


is The Last Jedi out on thepiratebay yet?

spooked ya

chucked out of spoons for shagging in the disabled bogs again


Reckon you'd all be quite pleasant to each other irl

hate when that happens aha

Hate on momday at toil when the normoids ask what i got up to.

No i didnt go for a pathetic lunch with my family like you did, no i didnt spend saturday swilling base intoxicants recovering like a swine on sunday all to have 'fun'

I read the classics, i went to gym, i engaged in political debates online your puny heads could not even begin to comprehend


Behind the bar is where I do it. Right under their noses.

Who IS this man?


Would love to do drugs with 190. Sounds like a quality lad.


1x finnish boy ples

the new winger for the newcastle falcons

oh my GOD


You are not special.
I'm arrogant but likeable. Could I tolerate you?

The ring came off my puddy can :(

why do you think anyone here would view that? we can read, you know

i'm afraid not

Scientists, economists, politicians, businessmen don't care about what's best for the majority of people. The average worker does not benefit from globalism. He doesn't benefit from multiculturalism. Mass immigration and the like only benefit the wealthy and well off. Open borders mean wages will always be at the very minimum due to the excessively large workforce, and so goods will have minimum cost to produce. Open borders and the like ensures maximum cooperation between countries, which is beneficial for scientific research and businesses. Listen to experts, but don't take their word as if it's the word of God. Look at how it benefits them and see if what they're suggesting is actually good for you personally. Most people are out for themselves, especially the rich and relevant.

honestly love the word boypussy

i managed to convince my ex to say it because i thought it was "ironically" funny, but to be honest everytime he said it, even as a joke, i popped an adamantine boner


grow up

Good luck getting a coherent engaging conversation out of an E-tard. MDMA fries you.

Mate I would fucking destroy you

we're in /brit/

6 (you)s and only one proper answer come on lads, whats gonna improve my performance

>Wanking beforehand to cool my nerves
>Not wanking to build up my testosterone (haven't wanked since fri)

no asians on my Noah's Ark

Gender is fluid

Don't post korean.

Some lady at work was voughing last week without covering her mouth in sny way

Now i have a sore throat and feel increasingly sick

Very annoying

surfing the /brit/

Does anyone have the image of the /brit/ meetup? It's a modern classic desu, why was it never repeated?

>The average worker does not benefit from globalism
Pretty sure they do, and so too the lower class people. Reckon you stop with this racist and antisemitic propaganda.

the goal

just look at the video

There is no evidence that immigration lowers wages

fuckin LOVE the birt gimmick


Japanese girls are generally ugly m8

Here's a proper worldie for you

I told you this morning you have ugly disease sorry sweaty

a lot of that was posters from Cred Forums joking desu

Memories of all the weird inane shit we talk about here would really put me off talking to any of you

No wanking.
Do intense cardio to the point your legs are in pain the day before the chit chat.
You will feel like you are on clean coke for the interview.

dj edu is my lad

ah yes Hank's job has been outsourced to china and he's now competing with Mexicans for his wages, who are happy enough to do it for pennies so long as they get to stay in the country

very beneficial

fetty wap

NEED diving on telly again

wtf thats such a small strapon
whats even the point

its like 1/3rd of the size of his willy

he's here

janny deleted /brit/ and has kept /birt/ up

absolute shambles

>yeah bro let's not listen to the economists, they're all just JEWS!!!

*hyperinflation ensues*
*housing prices soar*
*nobody can afford anything anymore and the entire country descends in to turmoil*

>but at least those JEWS aren't in control anymore hahah!!!!


korean girls >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1000 arrows >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> japanese girls

hes a confused bender, leave him alone

it's just common sense isn't it

le concierge



>Jews are completely in control of the economy
>it crashes catastrophically
>wasn't the Jews' fault tho

what did he mean by this



>and so goods will have minimum cost to produce
which should also drive down the price of goods
if the price of goods is halved and your wages go down 25% you're still 25% better off than you were before in real terms. (your wages buy 25% more goods.)

then people catch on and stop spending money so they can wait for lower prices, and then you've got a depression, but still.

*hurle de peur*

something is eating into my phone credit and I haven't got a clue what it is
data is off and I'm not calling or texting

would love a scalp massage from an asmr qt desu

This outsideness guy seems like a loser faggot retard

alri gegen


haven't wanked nor looked at porn in 30 days now


>market crashes because of reckless j*wish individuals
wow, cool it with the anti-semitism

Nick's our guy

cost to produce does not affect the price of goods. businesses do sometimes conspire and agree on set prices to exploit consumers you know

it's Nick Land you ignorant pleb

Doesn't work like that. Hank now has an opportunity for a better job, with better pay, because a low skilled worker has filled his old spot. Hank can now buy goods and services for cheaper now too. Overall, Hank's life has improved. Hank is happy because he's realized that his children, who are highly educated, don't need to stress about who will supply the labour for such low skilled jobs, because someone else is doing it now.

what is this l don't like it

the last post
i win

you wake up in Australia

either a snow spic or a child


whoops, didn't mean it Nick

>Hank now has an opportunity for a better job, with better pay, because a low skilled worker has filled his old spot.

you gay?

as a nofap veteran, do you really think you can tempt me with materialism?

you arrive in noncepan

You're assuming Hank's IQ suddenly increases. The working class is full of fucking idiots you know. The Middle class won't just increase because we have other idiots coming into the country.

I wish I were him ;_;

If rorke had his way we'd have an economic miracle the likes of Venezuela

>as a nofap veteran, do you really think you can tempt me with materialism?

fuck you nigger cunt
KNEW it was coming

more like wogstralia lol

maybe haha

Real trap house shit in dis nigga


nazi germany did fairly well i've heard

it's only sexual if your own mind is fucked up



having an apple (braeburn)

i don't. Land seems like the kind of guy who's too intelligent for his own good. His mind must be fucking hellish. no wonder he drugged himself up into insanity

acute rancidity

nofap day 23, I can glimpse the infernal plane

no fappers OUT

>Nofap veteran

Could have just said virgin


*saves shamefully*

why always the snaggletooth

Women with big chins are ideal

what about now

You girls ever get the urge to FOY in real life? My entire being shudders when I hear that accent in my general vicinity. My mates shagging an American who’s living over here dunno how he does it

>how dare rorke place higher value on something other than economics
>does he not know economics is our new religion?


um, those two girls were UNDERAGE. Caught you, damn dirty nonces.


white genocide is real


not an ageist like you, sorry


It's happened in California. Can happen anywhere else, especially in Europe. Automation is a whole other story unfortunately.

Have shagged this bird



Wonder if this lunatic ever posted on brit

wouldn't mind sex with her

reckon there's a lot of people not able to find brit

this our secret thread haha xx

no one may insult the great Profit (pbuh)

Me too

If you justify pedophilia as ageist then you’re on the wrong side of the law and belong in the slammer getting bucked up the jacksy flat by Jamal from Senegal and Muhammed from Algeria


>Walk into the mens bathroom and see this.
what do?

Singapore is an IQ shredder.
Lots of intelligent people go to the country, not many intelligent people are born there. All the high IQ people become super wealthy CEOs. Most of their birthrates come from the Islamic/Indonesian/Malay part of the population, the labourers.

don't know lol

perfect pair of tits
are they real?



would rather be dead than get 32 years in prison desu

>Hapas are ugl-


fall over


ugly in the face

is this bait

>wake up
>see this
what do?

does it have balls or not?

marital rape is real and is reprehensible

i wouldn't be surprised if they began to blatantly restrict and subsidize a birth policy that would disproportionately disfavor and favor the malays and chinese.



met a tall hapa who was strong as fuck

really nice guy, did well with the ladies

The state of it

Her face has been edited and airbrushed to fucking bits and she still looks like a bug eyed pig

no thank you

would hate to be a no fapper in this thread right now

still FUMING at this 8 years later
absolute disgrace

just downloaded Tess of the d'Urbervilles for my Kindle, AMA

Do the minority of a minority that are Irish travellers hold the rest of the country hostage?

why are you straightposting?

He's honestly a friend of mine from haupteschule who was regarded as the most peng and went on to slay in college

neoliberals are hoping for Singapore's economy to crash because they hate the fact that it's a prosperous capitalist society that manages to ignore democracy and social liberalism for the most part. But I think you're right. They've basically been doing things in a cryptofascist way for ages and will likely continue doing that to save themselves from disaster. It's worked so far.


impressive pair of chebs

nofap is quite a soy thing to do

should i eat cereals or bother cooking something tonight

Nice choice. I've got about 1000 books on mine

Im reading the Return of the Native by him

umm we love singapore sweaty x


There was literally nothing wrong with any of those decisions though. Chelsea were just arseblasted that they couldn't stop 10 men from scoring.

Crazy how just a few days after a school shooting these teenagers are able to mass organise protests and create media profiles for themselves

death to the cornish race

*swiftly boots you in the throat*

just feeling a bit straight today


done nosoy for 1 day and l'm already frothing at the mouth


maybe you do but most neolibs i've spoken to rage about how reactionary it is.

did no fap for 10 days, and blow a load which launched 3 meters across the room. was fun

got a raging stiffy from this thread and already wanked thrice today

Why is it that whenever I see a bared chest of female mammaries, I can't help but stare for seconds? My mouth drops open and it's like I'm staring at a work of Beethoven or Michaelangelo. God made them so perfect

everything in this thread needs to wank

>why don't you want to reproduce, ethio-

Oh no non no no

whats wrong lads? why are you on the birt threads again?


She's turning into Tim lmao



Just want a bbw gf


hope to never pay rent or mortgage
will just save up while living off the 'rents and buy a house outright

any thigh man in

The unpaid custodian is here and keeping a close eye on things

Post the pengest ting in your folder

any age play gents in?

janny deleted brit

despise Kirino

l've got some yeh

I highly doubt you are going to be able to save up to buy an entire house


love thighs and legs

fuck off nonce

it doesn't make sense to call it reactionary when it clearly isn't damaging their development

its called a fang and its moe


Got a corker of a webm that would get any nofapper cumming but I don't want to get banned

VERY nice.
>wank #7 incoming

Lee Kuan Yew is an /r/neoliberal hero and flair though


the house in question only costs 80k

if you insist

who is tim imao?

She gets raped and instead of marrying him lives a life of misery. Dumb bint.

The whole damn world is just as obsessed with who’s the best dressed and who’s having sex


only tankies think reactionary is a bad word.

doin a nofap lads
day 0 yet again haha

only posting sfw since I don't want to get banned

can't wait for this atrocious words on clothing fad to pass


>The whole damn world is just as obsessed with who’s the best dressed and who’s having sex

wasn't there some singaporean pm that said loads of racist stuff concerning singapore's immigration policy?





Fucking vile get out now.

probably lee kuan yew
much of his policies he enacted were similar to some of the stuff Mosley was proposing

think a girl is stalking me lads



Wish the girl in work would stalk me

I reckon 60% of this general are doing their GCSES or A-levels

so called influencers on the insta are only influencing people to have mental illnesses

but i think that was the intent all along because the vulnerable are easier to swindle

can't wait for your life to pass m8

actual fitting hat post for the first time wtf


The toil is beginning to stress me out a bit lads :S

Pls no

Already wanked twice today and trying to save myself for Friday

Do you reckon a woman likes to be anally nose-fucked?




half term

thats a certain rochdale paki male

We all watching the fa cup boys

no it's not
be quiet

wish I was rich so I could cruise up to regular fit birds on the street, throw a wad of cash at them and tell em to get in the car

I reckon I’ve been filtered by 80% of this general as I haven’t received one (you) today


why are they so lovely

worst fap in ages, why does cumming to anything but the gf feel shit now lads

put in the ol' CV new skill, digital trendsetter

dont go saying this



might give up trying to start a board war between /leftypol/ and /cow

haha epic xD would be better if he had a spliff
and red eyes though haha :]

how many of these 'women' being posted are men?

this is definitely a dude

at times yes
like a year they got recognised status as an ethnic group and people wouldnt shut the fuck about there was so much discrimination against travellers etc.
in reality the majority of them are absolute scum and theyre not allowed into a lot of public places

what's cow


Shame on you, Donald J Trump

this poster is on half term

Deep thought. Processing.

Co-opted symbology too. The type of leader Australia needs

this picture gets posted regularly and is definitely a bloke

you're either a duper or a dupee. I'm a duper. You guys are the dupees

Reminder to take an East African wife lads if degenerate white slags aren't breedworthy

board for lolcows
they've got a /leftypol/ thread but it's boring.

there was literally 3 stonewall penalties waved away by a ref standing 10 yards away

not it isnt




aspergers mong

when I finish taking a poo...
una vela...

anyone elses lecturers striking in the coming weeks

Someone please give me a (You)

Hey! Watch my comedy skit!

Hey give you got a (You) man??? I got these cheesburgers man!! I’ll suck YO dick mannn!

Thanks ;D

*posts a social media screenshot*
haha what do you think of THAT?

Nah, they weren't at all.

Plus, stop thinking penalties = goals. Dumb Paddy

i hate minorities

>cap and sunglasses indoors

some nice arses in this thread, shame they're all female though

shut up paddy mcfuckwit

would have thought a normie like Greater London would be out tonight, flitting in black cabs between Michelin-starred restaurants, world-class theatre performances, and private Pall Mall clubs

that's a nice gf

How to get East African wife?


>i hate minorities


consuming an apple

That beddings a weird design desu. what is it supposed to be

*smacks my moldy chafed cock across your face*
yeah and what of it

You do realise there’s about 20 Greater London’s in brit

It's official: Jennifer Lawrence is quitting acting for a year to focus on getting young people "engaged" in politics.

Fucking English sissyboi I’ll put you in the dirt you frail, limp wristed, slack jawed amoeba

at this hour?

suck our white pricks



clueless yid mong

l've lost the plot mate

she's got my willy engaged in action a few times ngl

>between michelin starred restaurants
dont know anyone who has been to 2 different michelin starred restaurants in one night that is insane

Pipe down, bog-trotter. You're just wrong.

Penalties in the Premier League end in a goal 83.67% of the time



see you in wakey this weekend then if you've got enough about you

It wasn't in the Premier League and penalties are not a guarantee of a goal.

What are you struggling to understand, paki?