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durr pretty colors



BAD edition



>yanks pronounce hormones as whore moans

ah yes


Anyone wanna scrap

Still got a thing for that Canadian leaf queen teen girl that posted her feet to me in 2012. Ontarians are appalling people

shan't be posting in this thread

British scum. Jajaja.

cant decide which cat charity to donate to

reply to this post or you will be cursed by the scottish bog baron and have to clean the toilets in tesco for eternity


>y-yeah can you send me a pic of your feet please
Girls will LAUGH at you

The Croydon Cat Killer

I generally donate to the blind cat foundation.

Well, she didn't. And neither did her friends when i got them too



Let’s gather round the campfire and sing our Toilberg song
Our t-o-i-l-b-e-r-g s-o-n-g song
And if you don’t that you can’t toil harder then you’re wrong
But it’ll help if you just toil aloooong

never post anime here again you utter CUNT


Obese runt

is there any point in calling an ambulance if im pretty sure im about to get better from meningitis

looking back i DEFINITELY fucking had it a few days ago (was hallucinating, feverish, stiff neck, etc) biut i feel a lot better today so mayube its a waste of time going ot hostpical now??



Can I clean it from top to bottom with my tongue anyway?

they were all laughing at you

gluttonous specimen


Mad how much stuff goes on in the world that we'll never know about. Even just mad little mundane things that are important to people but we just dont know about them. Unless its all a simulation and those things dont exist until you come into contact with them. Mad isnt it lads.

Spent my bonus on this image

>bought a rustlers burger from poundland yesterday
>been violently ill since yesterday evening with diarrhea and vomiting

am i going to die lads? do i see a doctor?

reckon she rode the tattoo artist?


animal abuse

>bought a rustlers burger from poundland yesterday

Absolutely fascinated by the process by which you concluded this was remotely a good idea.

someone should take a little trip to /d/

nah you're fine just sweat it out

>hallucinating, feverish, stiff neck, etc
>didn't go to hospital
The fuck is a "meningitis"?

bellybutton looks like a keyhole

T is for toil that toilsmen are subjected to
O is for overtime
I is for irritated, indignant and irredeemable
L is low wage scum


You sound like Ryan Faulk, lad.

Speak for yourself.

you could have had viral meningitis but it's extremely unlikely you most likely just had the flu
if you had bacterial meningitis you would be dead now without treatment

t. Dave

You place 10p in there and turn to open the legs.
She even got instructions tattooed on her.


From yesterday I've stopped drinking all fizzy drinks. I was drinking at least 2 cans a day it had to stop.

Fuck me is it hard lads, been having cravings all day

My willy looks so massive in the bath

Literally gain like an extra two inches

What's the proper name for this feeling? All I know is that it's encapsulated by this Gondola:


they probably put human flesh in there mate




Are you only on water, or fruit juices?

The fuck is /d/

*lives inside trevor's head rent free*

>Literally gain like an extra two inches

literally dont idiot

see for yourself



Stop crying and start a business then if you don't like bing "subjected to" toil.
You are weak I feel you let yourself get bullied into over time. The "team" can fuck off with their deadlines, if the planning wasn't done right why should you bite the bullet?

switch to fizzy water like Perrier, it's good for you

former first monkey Michael "nigger cotton" Obongo

free palestine

literally can't tell which ones of these are fake and which are real

Come with me, and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...

Just water and milk, not a fan of fruit juices desu

are you a dave or a trevor?


because i COULDNT go to hospital because i was hallucinating and feverish you TWAT

I have no idea but it touches me on a spiritual level


imagine thinking girls are grossed out by you wanting to see them, (they aren't if you're attractive)

I remember when my hormones were still raging I used to shave my pubes to make my willy look bigger

Didn't lose my virginity till after high school so no one ever saw it but still made me feel good

rustlers group university

the only fetish that's exclusive to /brit/ is the Sue fetish

They're all real

To the point you couldn't dial 999?

why don't you take a look my friend

rate the fit


Always love these unichildren posts. You've got a lot to learn

Quite literally do though, my willy looks so massive right now and I'm not even fully hard

off for 3 days. might get drunk x

aesthetic :)

why's he flipping us off? we've always been nice to him

going to need pics lad

after tomorrow i'm off until monday

WILL be getting piss drunk (by myself lol)

Outstanding idea

nigga we from spain and shit, like like we were the original settlers in america manee

we wuz european mane and da whyte man they stole it

wise decision gareth

Rustlers burger and a packet of fries to go, name a more GOAT combo

i couldnt string together a coherent thought, let alone make the realisation that i had meningitis and probabl shouldve called the ambulance


Brendan "molestation for the Jo Cox foundation" Cox

such peng eyes

privatised 10% of the NHS today lads

Malva pudding and vanilla ice cream

Didn't go to uni. Learning the hard way.
But not being the victim/pushover is import in "the working world"

The ducks wrong with my fetish?

been eating lots of processed food and my sodium levels are off the charts

Egyptian mummies have tested positive for cocaine, cocaine is only found in the new world.

gammon and egg desu

Glad to see Greater London could join us again this evening

love the idea of her topping me but reckon it would hurt my arsehole

What are the fetish’s you’ve seen on here?

Who is "Meningitis"? Why does he wear the mask?

We have 48 hours to save the NHS

NEED this type of gf

don't even enjoy eating anymore lads

>just found a job that I like the look of
>application deadline is tonight
>has its own application form
>ends with a 900 word supporting statement

unbelievably desperate for sex

>Can you walk me through your CV user? Tell me about yourself

ethiopilad looks a bit like an african david silva

God it's even cut, how tragic can you get

what is the difference between dave and trevor?

it's worth remembering that he doesn't write the headlines, an editor from The Guardian does.

Looks like a grade A leftymong cunt who studies some shite humanities degree and will end up being an "events manager" on 30k a year

sugar increases oestrogen levels
the jews want you eating loads of sugar so you become docile, fat and pathetic

Why are non-Europeans in Europe so desperate to rob Europeans of their identity and culture?

shut the fuck up

why do niggers beat their kids

*blows up the nhs*

define european culture

what the difference between nigger and cotton

(((Channel 4)))

Love high heels more than feet themselves


Need an asian (south) gf


culture from europe

i genuinely agree with corbyn that the nhs would be better privatised

>channel 4

why are they allowed to spread left wing propaganda with impunity?

hate yanks
slimy lying people


don't get foot fetishists

You now remember Radamal Falcao was the most feared striker on the planet at one point


Too timfinity and betond

idea: ban BUPA so that politicians have to use the NHS and can't fuck it up anymore

girls feet are so pretty though lad

They exist for ethnic minorities.



those bloody tories have just bombed bedfed hospital...bodies lying everywhere...my god it's a bloodbath

damn look at those shoulders

At United he was I think

What's the job user?
Brainstorm points you want to convey then just connect them with fancy sentences.
3 hours tops, easy.

rorke literally has no argument against this

he's elite again ever since he rejoined monaco

no agenda there, just science



i'm kind of in favour of it as well. not that enthusiastic about paying out the arse to support a bunch of freeloading pensioners. should at least start charging for GP visits or something.

literally the least pretty part of their body

don't get people that don't get foot fetishes. very weird how people get so angry over feet when there are many, many weirder or more disgusting fetishes that don't produce the sort of intense hatred foot fetishism gets

it's just really odd

one of the top scorers in ligue 1 mate


nah just dont see the sex appeal

t. armpit fetishist

define worse

god hes so fit

Can Rorke identity as Igbo, or Tamil, or Han, or Amhara?

ah yes the shops in a charity shop and thinks that makes her fashionable gf

the tories are going to privatise hilltop hospital unless you vote Labour in the local elections on Thursday 3rd of May.

Public Affairs at BritishRedCross

very interesting how the One Show finds the one nigger with a scottish accent and sends them to cover a segment on the show in Scotland despite 99% of Scotland being white. Just odd really..it's clearly a conscious decision from the (((BBC executives))). It's very clearly politically motivated

who do you think your talking to you class C rodent, would wring your neck like a wet towel


where did they crawl out from, see hundreds of them

Absolutely baffling how a single skeleton of a tribesman dying in Britain before the very concept of civilisation, let alone countries and borders, suddenly means that we should open all border, everyone is an immigrant, homelands don't exist and European culture is and always has been multiculturalism


don't see that in hundreds of other fetishes, but I just don't feel the need to comment on it. Yet solely with feet you do. very odd behaviour

I can feel the arrogance and/or insecurities coming through the screen.

Don't think anyone is suggesting this, lad. Calm down there, you're working yourself.up.over nothing.

>I look british
no u don't currybitch

the 'research project' was probably funded by channel 4 in the first place


many rorkes are latent benders, the NF was rife with em to the point the 80s gay crew cut look comes from all the ex skins who went bent once it became more popular than being a nazi.

if the NHS was privatised odds are you'd pay the same amount or more via national insurance and taxation while everyone would continue getting "free" healthcare to make it politically feasible, but the private sector would be free to price-gouge the state. alternatively they'd let you buy private insurance as an alternative, but mandate you buy insurance from someone.

Dumb rorke it doesnt mean we should let in everyone
It just meand you should treat people here equally regardless of their colour


White trannies expose the breadth of white beauty; it is a genderless thing in itself

Blacks can only be bulls a la Davin King

Why not?

tonighjst wank

I'm Blue – da ba dee da ba dye, da ba dee da

ah yes becuase if she has bangs that makes her a feminazi.

Fucking bellends

getting VERY defensive pal

unironically wank over choose your own adventure games that specifically cover cuckolding and foot worship

don't understand leftymong's obsession with this cheddar man...doesn't it just mean whites are more evolved than niggers?

does leftymong see it as some kind of justification for open borders or opposition to ethnic homogeneity?

>suddenly means that we should open all border, everyone is an immigrant, homelands don't exist and European culture is and always has been multiculturalism
literally nobody has said this though

so we should stop treating them better than natives?



Make it happen then user.


fucking state

Yes definitely treat eberyone the same

Though im sure many would argue they arent treated better

is that a tranny? holy fuck

>Don't think anyone is suggesting this, lad.

Channel 4 very clearly are though

>It just meand you should treat people here equally regardless of their colour

Why? Niggers have IQs a full standard deviation below the white mean. They very clearly aren't "equal" and it is disingenuous to treat them as such. I thought you leftymongers loved science, and yet you deny human biodiversity. Why?

just won 3 gta races in a row

no it means every brown shit is entitled to britain, which they are not because Diev et MON droit, not theirs

racist cunt

2001 euro techno

also bender

dark days ahead

Hitler was based

Why are scientists mostly left wing and never rorkes?

pretty sure cheddar man was an immigrant just like the rest of the darkies

>choose your own adventure games
Please explain user..




>race is only skin deep

No rorke has ever claimed this, dumb retard soyscums

On average but every individual is an exception to the rule you child


porn games where you choose your own adventure duh

better question : why are the scientists getting media exposure mostly left wing and never rorkes?

grenfell and cheddar man synthesis

the man went from failed art student to Führer
that's based

lads, i am usually on from 4am rather than now, what time to the school kids go to bed? its bizarre how different it is.


Lmao FOY

Like Crick and Watson?


how come so many trannies go for black guys? it's almost like they're completely brainwashed :O

>Tfw ywn be a French pied blanc with a farm in Algeria


because they're utopian retards

economists (i.e. people who are actually qualified to make judgements on issues of "right and left"), tend to be the most right wing, market-orientated profession of them all

Don't think so, lad. Reckon most people know that the blacks, Pakis and other minorities will not be deported/genocided, so now the BBC has to waste money/resources on ads/campaigns which are generally targetted toward the fringe overly racist minorities who haven't accepted this, and try and find a way to get everyone to just get along. Quite ridiculous, like literal children needing be told what's good and what isn't.

that Ethiopian thing that posts in this thread looks a bit like a tranny

business idea:
call the college Junior Dean and force him to hang out with me while i recover from the 'gitis just because hes cute and im incredibly bored having been bedridden for 2 days straight

or is that selfish?

instinctively cringe at hoverhanding

showed my sister a picture of ethiopialad and she said he was cute
(not joking)

Chicago Town mini pizzas are cooking as we speak lads


thinking of ordering a ruby but I’m meant to be saving money

>economists (i.e. people who are actually qualified

Economists are not rorkes you fucking retard
Creasing at the state of you

*FOYs you*

Like trying to get a munter from in town?

who would go for a crazy guy larping as a woman?

It is a sublimation of gender dysphoria into racial fetishization

99% of economists are for immigration, especially from the 3rd world.

>tfw the KFC in my town is OPEN

if you don't adhere to the prevailing equality fantasy the new inquisition will end your career

economists are overwhelmingly pro immigration though

always thought that strict gun laws in most other countries seemed crazy and that ours were normal but after doing some reading i think it might be the other way around

whos the lad on the right

Just had a lamb stew of which I had the bone boiling for hours, the meat is the most succulent and tender this way. It nearly melted in my mouth, I had it with a nice crispy baguette.

is this a threat?

I'm going to sleep and pee.
Until then,

nah mate, it's far more embarrassing than that

retard rasheed

got the last post in that thread lads

NEED this type of gf

Got a job interview tomorrow and am wondering what out of the following two options is best:

>Wanking beforehand to cool my nerves
>Not wanking to build up my testosterone (haven't wanked since fri)

my willy and balls feel so lovely and soft

>discover thing
>suddenly know everything about it
aahhhh yes

source: the deepest reaches of your asshole

me too except she uses strapons on me

love a perky tight bum like this


love this

The latter.

>So user what do you do on the weekend?

have sex with the interviewer

You realise economists literally advocate for open borders?
Actually laughing at how much of an are you are making of yourself right now

can find 10 better looking chicks than her in my local small town gym

Hes right virtually all economists are in favour globalisation rorke

you don't need a nobel prize to know africans aren't like us

what's leeds like?

went out on the lash ya little tart



in my last tute my physics tutor at uni told us that some dumbass had accidentally handed their economics assignment to him by accident, and he passed it around for us all to have a laugh at

honest to god economics is a fucking JOKE
it pretends to be based in maths, but if you actually look at that shit they abuse maths in the most gutwrenching way
they make impossible assumptions, recklessly ignore basic statistical rules and have no compunctions about twisting and and all equations to fit their preconceived opinions.

a trap?

butterface, but that body is the real deal

Amazin pic

any sipping man in

>the avg anglo-saxon-hispano-dinaric woman looks like this

Why do you lads complain again?

You are overthinking it. Big mistake.
Just be cool but come across as focused and try to make the interviewer like you.

actually a pretty bad place

Recycle @ 310


it's where the japanese princess goes to uni

I tend to my meagre cactus collection too.

tfw i will NEVER shag a girl this hot without paying a handsome sum


state of that attempted body contouring

>just draw some abs on la


understood nary a word of this

someone make a non JF new


is... he...?

Frosty jacks

what's going on in here