Do Americans actually do this?

Do Americans actually do this?

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Yes, they are obsessed with the word *tip* because the jewish doctor ate theirs. Some mean people take advantage of this and ask for "tips", which pleases the american victim temporarilly and coerces it to giving money

Tipping is stupid
they get paid for what they do
I only tip people when they do an extraordinary task they are not supposed to do for me

they should just get a better job and stop being literal slaves

>You are absolutely welcome to refuse to tip the waitstaff at restaurants
Just last week I heard of someone who nearly had the cops called on them over in the states because they weren't going to tip. Makes me wonder why they don't just incorporate it into the bill

Never in a million years would I not too. Even if the service was mediocre, I would still tip 20%, but just never go back



>restaurants are permitted to bypass federal minimum wage requirements
there's your problem

b-but muh free market

honestly, you need unions to take care of the tipping problem

Even in Germany most people expect tips nowadays. Haircutters, waitress people, delivery people, service industry generally even with a free job choice and literally minimum wage which is more than enough to survive. Entitled pieces of shit basically want extra money for a providing service they already get paid for and decided for. Like, just learn a trade or go to University and don't moan about muh payment.

>Go on holiday to America
>Never going to visit the restaurant again
>Pay only the cost of the food

Makes your holiday much cheaper, and you don't have to worry about tipping the right amount or the wrong amount or how you can't do it at McDs etc

Tip due to good service sounds nice but USA allows people to pay shitty pays and blame ones not paying tips
It's just price for freedom aka capitalism in a better sounding way

>be in various japanese restaurants
>every sign says that "No tips accepted"
>even the menu card said "Please no tips. It's not part of japanese culture."

I like japanese people very mucho

It probably was part of the bill. If you order a massive meal or come in with a large party, you get a gratuity automatically added to your bill.

restaurants should just pay minimum wage
but oh well country's fucked anyway

Restaurants SHOULD pay a livable wage but they DON'T which is WHY we tip.

Unless you're black, then you don't tip at all because you hate white people

jews and blacks will never tip unless it's a primarily jew/black owned establishment

I guess they still feel slighted and take it out on minimum wage workers

>Servers in the US are paid $2 to $3 per hour because restaurants are permitted to bypass the federal minimum wage requirements.
why not just make it so that restaurants have to meet with the minimum wage requirements?

I'd rather mug people than work for $2/h.

oy vey why do you hate the small business owner and want him to starve, goy? do you hate freedom?

Blacks have the right idea.

It has been a long time since I lived in the US. But I always thought that it was a bad practice.

I thought that if the waiters didn't make enough with their base salary+tip the restaurants owner had to compensate then until it reached the state minimum wage.

i think the main problem is that waiters most likely receives more money through tipping with the current wages than if they would get a with a standard minimum wage in the end. Plus that they bypass the federal minimum wage requirements since they receive above that when tips are included and if they don't reach that limit they're reacquired to get at least minimum wage by their employer iirc.

It's a shit system but it's not like the waiters gets under minimum wage in the end like brainlets itt thinks.

They do.

This. When I was waiting tables in college, I could easily clear $200 a night in tips. If you know who you're serving and how to game the system, it's very easy to make a good living in service.

Did you know that they now encourage tipping at the fucking Panera Bread?? They now bring your food out (and forget silverware once in a while because kids). But you are still expected to clean up after yourself and clean your dirty dishes and stack them properly.

What do you mean "who you're serving". Whoever is next.

so theres really no reason for waiters to act like little bitches when a costumer doesnt tip, they still gonna get their minimum wage

>be american
>refuse to tip
>get the cops called on you

>servers are paid $2 to $3 per hour


You devote time and attention to the people most likely to give you tips. If I see a party of shitty teenagers, you give them the minimum required service and move on quickly. If you see a middle class family who like they're sorry for bothering you whenever you show up, you spend a lot of time on them to garner a large tip.

>ever tipping
just lmaoing @ muttland

you only tip at non fast food places, unless theres a tip jar.

Tipping is so stupid though, im in college I have no income, and I'm expected to tip? the waiter is making more money than i am...

Tipping is tied to slavery and bigotry.

>spend a lot of time
you mean checking back on them ever 5 minutes and interrupt their conversation "how are we doing? is everything tasting good?" and top off their water glasses every time they take a sip

Yep! The thing is, most older people don't consider this to be rude or annoying, or if they do, they bite their tongues and assume you mean well.

It's all about reading your customers man.

you mean the jar with pennies for the cripple children? or the tray?

>rich kid detected
Fuck you man. I worked my ass off in multiple jobs for years to get through school so I could get the job I have now, which actually pays me to think and pays my bills.

What Murka needs to do is make these slave wages illegal. Tipping is bullshit. Just charge me what you need to charge me to provide the service, don't make me decide how much I wanna spend on shit and make me feel bad for not spending enough.

It's always poor NEETs who think the gratuity system is another Holocaust.

How much do you tip in your country?

tipping culture is the one most cucked thing i can think of.
Feeling ashamed if you don't pay a rich guys workers for him

4% to 15%

It's fucked up man
I already spent 250 bucks in your bar
I won't pay 35 extra, if you don't make enough money then quit and find another job
as simple as that

Restaurant owners aren't rich.

Most of them are middle class at best, not exactly like owning McDonald's.

why not 20%?

not my fault
increase prices or do whatever you need to
but don't expect me to tip

are tips deductible?

It's just a range I estimated

HATE eating out in the US
Everywhere else I expect to pay what's printed on the menu, but in am*Rica the tax is added afterwards and I'm expected to tip 20% for mediocre service

What if the personnel of the restaurant is black?

Black people will only tip you if you too are also black.

No, they're taxed as standard income.

This is a lie. I'm black and I've only gotten a tip once from a black family.

no sometimes at places like coffeeshops, the cashiers or something have a tip jar, you can throw your spare change in there if you like, or more if you feel like they deserve it.

I personally see no reasons to tip in a tip jar

Sorry sir but colored people is not allowed in this thread

This super nice white family tipped me a whole $20. I really like white people.

>tip jar
Pro-tip none of that goes to the workers.

Kek. Seems like everybody is racist, but only white people get the blame.

Be self-righteous assholes and make images about it?


>What if the personnel of the restaurant is black?
Dont listen to the other guy. My friend is black and a server and they pull the same shit on him.

>ywn live in a country where an employer can pays their workers under the legal requirement and then except the customer to pay the rest just so they can meet minimum wage
Feels amazing

>takes home 3x minimum wage and pays no taxes on it
>"man my job is so hard how dare you not tip me 35%"

fuck that, if you're a tourist you'll probably never eat there again, just pay what's on the bill

Difference is, our service staff are being paid a wage that is higher than 5 usd. You have to feel sorry for mutts, tb h. They have somehow been convinced (and strongly so) that the goodwill of customers should make up the deficit in their wages in order to make the rent instead of their employer paying them anywhere near a reasonable wage.

>inb4: forcing employers to pay reasonably within the service industry will lead to mass unemployment and the closure of business!!

It hasn't happened in any of the european countries that do it... Thank fuck I have a union that looks after my health, future, paid leave, and wage

only very rude black people

How come servers in ameriland get paid more than cooks(after tips)? why don't you tip the guys in the kitchen doing all the hard work.

Actually if servers don't get enough tips to make at least minimum wage the employer has to cover the difference.

That's still pretty bad, though. They've taken the idea of voluntarily rewarding somebody for impeccable service and twisted it into some kind of unspoken rule that you have to pay a certain percentage on top in order to help the person make enough to survive rather than their employer by default paying them a reasonable wage. It's tantamount to emotional blackmail

>"low food prices"

If the employers paid higher wages then the dishes would cost more to cover the difference. Getting paid in cash benefits servers who don't report their income.
I think the system used everywhere else in the world is superior but the tip system isn't as illogical as you portray it.

*scratches ballsack*
*slaps toro on rice*
>$897 gaijin, you pay now

>paying extra

it is one of the many, many reasons I would never visit America.

Except now we have a culture of "fancy restaurants" where they make the food look nice and charge big money for it but we buy it for celebrations and status. The claim that the tip system lowers the price of food is bullshit.

Where I live, it is considered rude if you don't leave a tip. 10% if you are cheap, 20% if you want to show off, or 15% if you are normal.

>*teleports behind your border*
>*gains citizenship through bullshit libcuck legislature*
>*subverts your unions*
heh, nada personnalmente gringo

They do. If wages including tips are below minimum wage, employers have to make up the difference.


Why is there so much American hatred on Cred Forums?

White Americans here are basically the same as Europeans - behave the same, hang out with same kind of people, do similar things etc.

How the fuck is this even possible? Literally illegal to put any kinds of tips on the bill here.

Shut the fuck up

What?! Are you saying Russia has different laws and culture to America?


Fick di brudi

> begging is a price for freedom
> school shootings are a price for freedom
I'll have muh dictatorship, thank you

I don't know if its because of where I work but the black patrons I serve don't get nearly as bad as the stereotypes. Tipping is a bit more spotty with a bit more of them not tipping, but 75% still tip just fine where I work.

I forgot to tip my gym receptionist last week. I didn't realize why she looked so pissed until today.

>call the cops on people who don’t tip
That is a real easy way to ruin your business.

>Let capitalism run unchecked
>Get angry when people take it to its logic end

>eating out

Tipping may be stupid, but eating out is dumber. Especially in Canada/US where portion sizes are about 1000 calories each if not more.

Because the American tipping system is idiotic and absolutely deserves ridicule.