Is the cumslut aesthetic gaining traction among girls in your country?

Is the cumslut aesthetic gaining traction among girls in your country?

the makeup kinda makes it look like she's dead or a wax statue

Unfortunately, yes.

We need to stop this degenerate behavior in our societies before everything goes to shit.

what constitutes as cumslut aesthetic?

i demand more examples

>tfw 95% of girls nowadays have a daddy fetish

we truly live in the best of times inshallah brothers

Tongue out like they're ready to taste your baby juice

Ask me how I know you are a virgin.



this but unironically

It's funny how the only people who cry about "degeneracy" and "slutification" are the handful of virgins they ignore.

You're a dumbass.
>single mothers
>drug and alcohol abuse
>sexually transmitted diseases
If girls saved them selves until marriage society would be healthy

not everyone is a lost soul like you

Chokers are hot as fuck though

some people just don't have a choice

Is it bad that I unironically agree with everything this show says?

Memri isn't a show

Tumblr created a generation of messed up girls with dd/lg and BDSM fetishes

god bless!

t. David Myatt

the more you deviate yourselves from salvation, the more you will suffer in the afterlife

memri is israeli propaganda

it’s a bad caricature basically

I honestly wish I was wrong about the Jews, but I always find out that I'm right

1. your country
2. do you contribute to wikipedia?

Based Jews making eating ass, swallowing cum, and DD/lg socially acceptable if not the default

god damn it

Dua Lipa has excellent eyebrows.

As hot as I might find it, I have to agree with

what’s wrong with a woman that enjoys her natural submissiveness in bed?

Because she's pretending to be a small child and enjoys simulating child rape? It's very clearly a mental illness

I beg to differ
I reckon it merely the natural state of female sexuality. Perhaps you are blind to such profound insights seeing you descend from a much smaller pool of ancestors than I do

Go back to your scat porn, degenerate kraut.

nothing? nigga what part of my post made you think that i was against it



Then it's a harmless, perfectly legal outlet for something that would be wrong otherwise.

These people should gladly fulfill their urges in fantasy or with toys than breaking the law and abusing actual children.

No, you're just following your people's costumes.

Criminal behaviour evolves, it does not stop. They should be shot instead.

Factually wrong

Factually fake and gay

indeed, we should shoot kids and teenagers who steals chocolate from the local supermarket because we don't want them to grow up to become serial killers

im not a marriagefag, but if a girl has sex with a man she doesn't see herself dating on the long term, she's a nasty whore

I hope so


>im not a marriagefag

Correct, your post reveals you to be an incel.

> May Allah bring dark hours and disaster upon you.
I'm definitely stealing that expression.

>tfw not a cumslut
I will be bullied for being different?

who is this and what cumslut

Stop posting this slut please

No, it's just common sense which everybody in this present day SJW world despises. Luckily Islam has a free travel ticket into Europe for some reason. So who bothers?

Duwa liba.

If you had a girl, you would know that there are much more into this, than just this one weird girl in high-school.

is he russian? i remember one russian student here that looked i lot like her was also behaving like a cumslut/dontcare whore

girls roleplaying as daddy's little girl in sex is completely healthy natural behaviour



Dual lipa is a girl. She's from Kosovo. And she's PENG.

This. It's a vital part of the noble Roman institution of pater familias.