Please post in my thread Im depressed

please post in my thread Im depressed

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This desu.


you sound british

Only if you provide free mangos

good post

Fuck off when I started a thread looking for a gf no one replied


This is actually helping, post more

But you live in Pakistan, why are you sad?



God I wish I looked like that, I wish I was born in afghanistan

it must be cool to have a country called the land of peace

I feel so lucky I was born here, otherwise I'd be a manlet.

But feels good being half Aryan (Pashtun) so I can still make fun of r9k and incels.

I have a kidney stone but it's not hurting too much.

I'm digested manure.

Drink black tea without milk or sugar. It will help.


Its hot and filled with ugly brown people unless you live in the west or north

Have you ever been in pakistan?

I don't have one but it hurts a lot

me too but im used to it now

I have, actually.

Yeah, but I can't remember any of it (I was 2 or 3 last time I went)

Psilocybin microdose vs Coffee, redbull me..


Why are you always here?

Why you depressed? Because you are a paki?

>tfw not depressed but lonely


pakiposter best poster


Consider the pros for being a paki.
It doesn't take you much to be considered above average either in intelligence or appearance!

El frustrado asesino sinaloa...

I luv u

I love you
Have these free (you)s

The only pros are that we are considered fairest and best looking in southasia

So, what do you do in life, Pakifriend?

I dont want to talk about it

What can you do, you can just make the best of what you have. Besides, trying to be better looking than whites is like trying to be better runner that Kenyans!

Don't you mean Jamaicans?

el asesino frustrado de sinaloa*

I mean long distance running.

A fucking meme term, only meds in europe like spaniards and italians can really be considered attractive on average. rest are 6/10

Yeah, I use google translate because I don't actually know any Spanish.

well then here you have a joke:

a jew enters a german pizza shop and says:
-can i have 2 familiars
-k they are in the oven