The economy of Russia is smaller than that of South Korea. Shocking

The economy of Russia is smaller than that of South Korea. Shocking.

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And then you woke up.

PPP adjusted GDP is a meme to make poor nations with many people feel adequate.

>using PPP to compare economies

india and turkey are bigger jokes 2bh


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All that matters is military power

Russian need to become part of EU:^)

Only gay care about GDP

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PPP uses real prices (they take into account how much a standard basket of goods costs) instead of nominal prices. That's useful for calculating parameters such as human development, gdp per capita and the quality of life, but it's pretty useless if you compare national economies.

so that means russias economy is actually 5th largest, but produces shit nobody wants?

EU need to become part of Russia.
All will be poor then and it will make me happier

No, that means that Russians, in a scenario in which they only buy Russian products sold in Russia, could stock more things than Koreans if Koreans did the same with Korean products sold in Korea.

To simplify: let's assume there are two guys with 10$ each. If one lives in Tokyo and the other one in Manila, the one in Manila will be considered richer because he can probably buy three meals in Manila, while in Tokyo it would be barely sufficient for one meal.

Who will end Russia's suffering?

>Cred Forums$
Fake GDP

Except there is no such thing as nominal prices and nobody uses nominal GDP in real life.

California is above France

Haha imagine being Russia. You have the largest country in the world. You have oil, mineral, fertile land, literally everything you need to prosper. You were the first to space, and led the world in maths and sciences just a few decades ago. Now you are poorer as a nation than South Korea which is 100th your size and has a few rice paddies as its resources. Lmao


I'm as shocked about this as you are, user.

Japan, you're a big boy.

So I can buy 10 guns in China for the price of 1 gun in America?

How is this not relevant?

But Japan was overtook by China.

South Korea has 51 million suicidal depressed alcoholic automatons

Oh wait, I guess they are similar.

That's literaly has nothing to do with how PPP works. Learn about differences between exchange rates and real exchange rates before posting.

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If only there was a certain economic system practiced by Russia throughout the 20th century that crippled its economy. Now I just wonder what that could have been.

Don't worry, we'll end up lower soon.

This excuse doesn't work. Korea is literally split in half. China is "communistic" too. Half of Germany was under communism too and while Eastern Germany is still poorer than Western it doing better economically than Russia.

Being ruled by the most corrupt mafia on earth might have something to do with that.

It means the country is a very important market, but the people are still very poor.

There are markets that are of little importance, like Andorra and Liechtenstein, but where each citizen is usually doing very well.

>Now you are poorer as a nation than South Korea
You should use GDP PPP per capita to see who's poorer, not nominal GDP, but obviously Russia is poorer in terms of individual wealth.
Nominal GDP is more the financial index, than index of "who's richer". Russia devalued its currency 3 years ago to compensate low oil prices, so nominal GDP dropped by 40%, but that doesn't mean real economy is now 40% smaller. Weak currency is actually a good thing for export-oriented countries, but such measures should've been done years ago. Well, better late than never. But it's the reason you see such a massive drop in our nominal GDP, you can laugh all you want, but it's making our economy healthier - it's becoming less dependent on natural resources.

>Now you are poorer
Russia was always poor. You can be pure and do math in the same time.

Russian economy before communism was even shittier

>you have oil
Pretty shitty one and we sell as much as 30mln Saudi Arabia does, so it's not that profitable for us.

How all those mental gymnastics change the fact that we became even poorer than we were?

The problem is not that it's shitty, but that oil from the Arctic region is quite expensive to extract, net cost is around 40$ by current exchange rates and it was $70 before we devalued the currency. It's pretty stupid to think that if your country have some resources you instantly become rich. It works when you live in the sands with easy access to warm water ports and the population of 5 million, but not when you live in a huge frozen wasteland with 150 million population.

Debatable. It was certainly better off before the Civil War.

Because of Putin, corruption etc. Hey! thats not funny

Hi again, Nikita.
I already explained why nominal GDP is lower.
2017 had the lowest inflation in Russian history, around 2% as I recall. You should update your pic.
Internal debt of 25% is actually a low figure. Btw, both state and external debts are in decline after 2015.
Your charts also shows that our income is growing right now. It's not that good when you have high inflation at the same time, but we've had the record lowest inflation the previous year.
Actual statistics about real wage growth:
Also, picrelated is our current trends in Russian economy.

There were lack of needed reforms and Nikolay II was late with industrialization, but I agree with you overall.

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total collapse when?

>The economy of Russia
Nice joke.


Dude Russia always in war and bloodshed. No time for prosperity.

>Estimates 2017
Fake news

>fertile land
frozen wasteland, It's a miracle and a testament to the russian spirit they got as big as they have.

They collapsed less than 3 decades ago, it's not gonna happen again anytime soon. If you want a Russian wife, just go there right now and get one.

>5 France
>6 United Kingdom

Don't care about the rest


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the fuck? Did the UK fall below France because of Brexit?

Imagine how much more productive mankind would be if we had won the war and all the natural resources of Russia would be managed by Germans, Finns and Japanese.

Stop making fun of Russia

That is exactly how PPP works.

Nominal is total money, PPP takes national rates into account.

His example was a good one.

>tfw you're better off than your colonies by one position
Wew, dodged a bullet there

has anyone done more to damage their country in the long term than lenin?

No, we also have one of those they keep making us fight Arabs for them

Russia has always been backwards and always will.

australia is about to overtake russia, let that be a lesson to anyone else who wants to cross us