1. Your country

1. Your country
2. How do you spot tourists in your country?

Moscow local here. Tourists dress with too much fashion, have scared expression, look up instead of down when walking and stops up in metro.

1. Flag
2. They're not fat

They are fat

São Paulo

>wear clothes like they're on a beach or something even though they're in downtown
>fuckhuge backpacks

1. Argentina
2. They are wh*te

they wear rain clothes and a back bag.
They stop walking every 20m and look around, maybe take a picture, then walk again.
Also they are brownish.

they spend time in tourist areas that are empty outside of tourism season

what are these tourist areas?

1. Flag
2. They're not drunk

They are in groups or have backpacks and have cameras.

Other than that you can't spot them since Germany is a multi-culti shithole.

>look up instead of down when walking and stops up in metro.
i always force my head to look straight, but when i walk by people i still dont look them into eyes, 100yrd stare straight

you have to stand right in first world

Speak in foreign languages

They always look like they're going camping.

Unfriendly. Don't say excuse me when they try to squeeze between people. Grim faces. Avoid eye contact. Whisper to each other.

First world should not have dumbasses running on moving escalators. Fuck this dumb custom

What even counts as a "foreign language" in Switzerland?

depends on where you are, I guess, but in general you can tell by the accents/dialects whether they're Swiss franciphon or French/Belgian/Quebecois/Colonial etc.

They act like idiots in front of anything

1. flag
2. they are happy and openly talking about how amazing Canada is

You have to be a tourist to believe that this is a good place.

They have expensive cameras and follow a person holding an umbrella in the air

They will be walking n the sidewalk and immediately come to a full stop regardless of a crowd of people behind them.

They take pictures of stupid shit.

They get ripped off by food vendors

They give money to homeless people

They ask me for directions

They go to Times Square

This ain't the first world, so fuck off.

>They will be walking n the sidewalk and immediately come to a full stop regardless of a crowd of people behind them
Fuck this makes me hate tourists so much. They forget that they're in a city where people live and work, not an amusement park.

2. Last time tourists were here bunch of Islamists massacred an entire cafeteria in Dhaka, so barely see them, most of the tourist are Chinese maybe, they are dealers for government construction

The contrary of this

what is life like in Dhaka?

Awful, If you don't believe me then come here, it's the world's most densely populated country

1) Flag
2a) They're Chinese and middle aged
2b) They walk in groups of 40 or more
2c) They wear plastic ponchos and umbrellas regardless of weather, and those mouth masks like everywhere is as polluted as China
2d) They're rude as fuck and seem to have no idea they even left their native country

It depends on where they are from. If they're from Asia, they storm out of busses and push people away to get a picture of some random shit. If they're western they walk in smaller groups and take pictures of everything. Pretty common for them to stop in the middle of the street to take selfies

1) flag
2) Tourists dress with 0 fashion, wear sandals with socks, have naive expression, get easily tricked by gypsies an neapolitans

They're in old town, only an idiot wold willingly visit anywhere else in this shithole capital

They walk in groups and speak in Russian.