>not Latina

>interstate """""banter"""""


That's as surprising as me going to the bathroom with the intention of taking a shit, and shit comes out of my ass.

>another episode of americans thinking there is a difference between their shitty states

Latina is the alphaman's fetish

Can you blame them? I watch porn to see the best give out their best performances.
And when it comes to fucking, that's black men.

All states in America are exactly the same. There is no meaningful difference whatsoever between California, Maine, Arizona, Texas, and New York besides location. If California is "cucked' then so are you.

>constantly make threads about why X region of the US is god/bad
cry more you obsessed babies


Where the fuck are the Latino Catholics? Why haven't they fucking murdered these faggots yet?

There's a big difference between poor, brown Le 56 Face California and Nordic master race Minnesota.

Cuck porn is good sometimes but I'd never be cuck

That's how it starts

Why do Hispanics like cuck porn? Is it because they are the product of cuck?

>b-but generation z is le based alt righters

Their kids are indistinguishable from other Californians

I agree

Seriously? I expected better of spics.

Generation Z shoots up schools, eats Tide PODS and can't figure out what gender they are.

patrician taste

Isn't it funny how Minnesota was like 90% Swedish and then they started inviting a ton of Somalis into their cities

I honestly thought it was more of a "white" americans thing, not hispanics.

this but maybe the cuckold videos have latina women in them

>Cuck porn is good sometimes
only 2d