wypipol edition

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Fuck Drumpf and Fuck this edition

second for being gay is okay

*drives through life*

pinche puto

i'm a big guy!!!!!!

Drumpf needs to be removed.
His whole administration needs to be burned.

Where is the fucking valentina sauce you faggot?

nth for don't bully!



>not Tapatio

>this edition

who is Drumpftf?

Feeling the urge to masturbate again.

i specifically requested the opposite of this

Don't we all.

looks too spicy

fuck mexicans and niggers

garbage memer and robber

fuck wh*Tes and racists (the same thing)


Get fucked by mexicans and niggers




what the fuck is wrong with americans

Did not give a single person a (You) in the last thread. Hopefully yall mouth breathers start putting some effort into making posts that are worth my time.

my pronouns are he/his

literally who


whoa, lots of posts


Wish I was Minnesotan.

>oh yah? oh you think... oh yah. for sure, oh yah.


>leafs panties are in a twist
as usual


Dios te salve María, llena eres de gracia, el Señor está contigo.
Bendita eres entre todas las mujeres, y bendito es el fruto de tu vientre, Jesús.
Santa María, Madre de Dios, ruega por nosotros, pecadores, ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte.



Lenora has a white Husband though

He a nerdy looking dude

Why would you want to be Minnesotan, you guys live under sharia law too anyways.

real talk, when is drumpf getting impeached


what would happen if i screamed "white people, am i right?" during a screening of black panther in america?

>Why would you want to be Minnesotan, you guys live under sharia law too anyways.
What's that mean? I just think all the snow is neat.

you seem strangely excited about this black panther thing and black people

aren't you the guy who made this comment ?


Fantastic post user also checked.

It's not

how do we kick the commies out of mexico

Bost boi pucc

>roleplaying as a retard in overwatch
>get to junkrat
>literally cant not conceive of a way to play him poorly

What commies?

The asian guy looks like he is doing his best though.

hehehe I just finished watching fargo too


Let me show Mexico's next lord and savior

fuck 'em

is there a better feeling than taking a big shit and then having your tp come back clean when you wipe?

Yes. It's untruthful?

so what is he gonna do? another venezuela

yes, gay marry me and take me to denmark, pls

Don't you have enough of that in your thread Pekka?

I will kick (You)r ass
just try me, dumb bitch motherfucker

Taking a small shit and going through 3 rolls of toilet paper and a box of wet wipes.

He is nothing like Maduro

I just take a small shower after I go no. 2

thats neko

hes a support player

Vote for AMLO

I have awoken.

Eating Trader Joes spring rolls.

It's a pretty accurate representation of the midwest 2bh

AMLO 2018

We don't have that store here.

How are the spring rolls?

Little heavy on the ginger but pretty good. Only 100 calories a roll too.

>he doesn't have extraflags

I prefer 3D dick girls

i don't like redditflags deu

>i don't like redditflags deu



hola soy aldo

Bought $250 worth of H-Mart food today bros, and a ton of kimchi. Already ate a bunch and feel like my stomach is going to explode from fermenting ass cabbage.

for what purpose, enchiladaman?

Do you eat them with peanut sauce?
If you do don't forget to count those calories too!

Don't care

Yes you have these in mämmi too

He's just another meme'ing thief

But not 3D

Did all the white people finally leave?

I am still here.


redditflags is the cancer



Yes you do

Me on the right

>redditflags is the cancer


Me on the left

me on the left


ok, time to go bye.


Have you ever sucked a dick or considered sucking one?





Me on the right

1.Have you ever sucked a dick?

2.Considered sucking one?


that is fucking gay

We talking feminine or masculine?


why would it be?

Whose dick have you considered sucking?

Why wouldn't it be?

You first, fag

My future bf's (don't have one)

What sort of bf would you want to have?

Seek help [spoiler]getting a boyfriend[/spoiler].


[spoiler]need a bf[/spoiler]

need a c*ck desu

>he doesn't have a bf

a bit gay

C'est la vie.

Not really liking you not replying to my messages, MrSeeger

>We talking feminine or masculine?

i'm making tacos de papas con chorizo ama

>there are actual gays in /cum/

>there are actual gays in /cum/

>[spoiler]he's not gay[/spoiler]
[spoiler]c'mon it's 2018[/spoiler]

fuck tunnels

life is a meme

I'm really lonely and I just want an OK looking guy to be my bf, cuddle me and fuck me to sleep is that too much to ask

>the only girls in /cum/ are traps

Ya might regret it, m8

I'm making mine with beef instead of chorizo.

stop being closet gay

protip there's loads of thirsty femboy loving guys in your favorite /vg/ thread

can't people here are homophobic

C'est la vie.

Adieu, monsieur

i hate tacos de papa

what state are you from?

what does arcane damage feel like /cum/?

what does it taste like?

If two gay people love each other why shouldn't they be allowed to suck each other off in public?

Ça serait la vie.

that meme that people here are ok with gays only aplies to rich people

there’s the one that got stabbed


it's probably a bit tangy like an orange



By May the tenth, Richmond had fell, it's a time I remember, oh so well

i'm from next door and it is fine there

homosexuals are gay lol

boys are nice

No way!

well yeah people are not okay with gays because there are a lot of gays there

>that meme that people here are ok with gays only aplies to rich people

not really

t. richfag

this kills the apple mobile fags జ్ఞ

i ain't do shit bro...ain't do no shit to me..

good thing i'm poor :)

>in your favorite /vg/ thread
But I don't browse /vg/

how's your day going?


Oh, sorry, I missed your reply. I am sure you can find yourself a nice top to pound your boi pucci relentlessly.




bullying should be a capital offence desu

motherfucking electric is out fucking first world country my ass



this. kysposters should be the first to kys

you don't really browse /vg/, just search for whatever game you wana "talk" about


What did (You) mean by this?

i only say kys to rude people


why that fake crying?

god i hate jimmy kimmel so much
don't even wanna hear what those fucking british late night talkers are gonna babble about it
all brits on US television need to be murdered slowly and painfully, they're the fucking worst

can i get a hell yea

that's for me to know and you to find out


dame la chancla

me too. kys

Mmm... not fair!

YoUr Mom


There's something "off" about John Oliver. I think he was diddled as a kid.


fuck is ryder doin there

This general gives me depression


>''is not the time to talk about this''
So i suppose americans are gonna wait till ''National shooting day'' is created by Trump so they can maybe start thinking is time to do something about it

Imagine being in a pool with a pack of flying squid

what? I can clearly see the symbol

I don't understand this meme


no u

I am so fucking hungry

I would Putin

Now now, Canada, think about how good you guys are in ice hockey.

i would put it in


wow so funneh

Is it snowing where any of you guys are right now? It's snowing here in Colorado. How many of you have never seen/experienced snow?

I need a hot ass mamasita to slap my ass with a chancla and let me succ her phat meJicana toez

And nobody said goodnight/goodbye
Fucking assholes.....

fuck the shut off and piss up


life is shit

need an anime for this feel

it snowed on saturday, was really nice desu

Only had one solid day of snowfall here so far.
Barely ever snows around this region.
Which is good because I cba to shovel snow in front of the house haha :-)

I do enjoy snow though, especially the quietness it brings. It's natures own noise dampener.

Is Zando CHI?

Your thoughts?

He is a Phoenician

Have you watched Black Panther yet?

why do Americans like to mess with people?

using bullets?

really wish i had a gf

Me and my ex-wife.

How did you reacted when your daughter brought home her non chinese boyfriend?

Don't worry user, I'm sure you'll meet a nice girl.



Don't let your dreams be dreams, bud.

WMAF offsprings are ugly as hel

me siento igual
te recomiendo este tema, por lo menos a mi me alegra el alma


not going to stop me from wanting asian gf

actually they're perfect


Haven't eaten in 3 days. Don't really feel different though.

Why is texan accent so nice?


>actually they're perfect

why are american politicians so hesitant in investing in infrastructure?

That was JMSEAMF (Jewish Male SEA Monkey Female) bastard offspring

WMAF produces prodigal virtuoso offspring


>tfw waking up and you don't really know where you are
>gay /cum/ is here
wish didn't wake up tbqh

why aren't jews considered white?

>t. whitiod.

They are when it benefits them or the media

because whites are the lowest of the low. this is the Asian and Hispanic century

>Hispanic century

>white is mad he is being replaced

You're part of the problem.

I need a new hobby. Thinking of picking up model building (aircraft in particular).



solid hobby desu



there were a lot of things to be upset at today

Had a pretty good day, saw lots of attractive women. Wish that they were all taking turns sitting on my face and sucking my dick.

that's gross

made a thread

What did you mean by this?

we'll all be dead by then

t. time traveler


fucking jam

whoulda thunk she'd get massive tits a few years down the road
i'm talking MASSIVE

when your aunties call you handsome

otro buey tessssssssssstttttttttt


when your cousin says she loves you

When your girlfriend says she loves you.

hahaha yeah i know that feel jejeje

I find her very fuckable in this video but actually she's pretty ugly



Tell me about your First Love, /cum/.


it was in elementary school and we held hands and it was nice

non existent

white people have always gotten what they wanted
historically speaking

So this is the world famous American "humor"?

Just fucking kill me lmao what a sad fucking sate of a country

any canadian ITT wants to marry me

That’s a sin

t. cath*Lic

why does everyone have that one cute cousin they wanted to fuck

black people are fine

fuck niggers, 100000x fuck niggers

>walk into checkers in the hood, garbage everywhere
>nigger #1 ordering, only guy in store besides me
>nigger #2 walks in, obviously they know eachother
>nigger #1 walks around me to greet nigger #2
>i thought he finished paying since i wasnt paying attention, but he left his money at the counter
>he sees me see his money and step back
>nigger #1 and #2 staring at me
>nigger #1 starts talking about being from the hood
>#1 turns towards me and says I got 14 homicides, cops too, all in broad daylight
>I just say 'OK, thats a lot'
>he says some other nigger stuff to me then looks at nigger #2 and say "this boy might be officer mike HAHAHA"
>some other nigger stuff happens
>then nigger #1 walks past me to get his food but says excuse me when he passes me
>turns around to tell me he said excuse me, because he was raised on manners, but says it in a very nigger way
>nigger walks out the store

wew, thx for not reading my blog post

>black people are fine
>fuck niggers


this stupid distinction between black people and niggers is really obnoxious

90% of black people are too impulsive and have to low an IQ to function reasonably in an advanced civilization

You don't have to be black to be a nigger, user

>You don't have to be black to be a nigger

>wh*Tes can't eat cilantro
are they even human?

As long as I can get residence/citizenship in Mexico sure

but the whole reason the term exists because the overwhelming majority of blacks behave in such a manner

yes stupid and impulsive white people exist but it's extremely rare

it's fucking disgusting
shit makes me gag for real it's gross and needs to be eradicated from this planet

>>wh*Tes can't eat cilantro

From the book of Deuteronomy (addressing the Israelites):
"Lend to other countries but never borrow"
"You will rule over other countries but never be ruled"
Think about these words the next time you trust a Jew.

how can the purest form of love be a sin

I trust clack

if you start associating its taste with soap it kinda fucks it up, and it makes you start to think you're eating something you shouldn't

it's not really an ethnic thing, it's being used to it or not, if you have tastebuds that aren't all cilantro'd up it tastes strongly perfumey/soapy

It doesn't

>cilantro'd up it tastes strongly perfumey/soapy

eat a piece of cilantro raw, chew on it thoroughly, think of soap while doing this

if you regularly eat something with a strong flavor, that flavor becomes less pronounced

also many mexicans have ruined senses of taste/smell from all the pollution

>also many mexicans have ruined senses of taste/smell from all the pollution
[citation needed]

that's not true, the taste of cilandro is related to your genes

>also many mexicans have ruined senses of taste/smell from all the pollution

>the taste of cilandro is related to your genes

>think of soap while you are eating something


this is a proven fact though
wrong, i never noticed it tasted like soap until it was pointed out to me, i still don't mind cilantro but i can see why people don't like it

also the ruined sense of taste/smell thing is entirely true for any population of a large undeveloped city, people outside of the major cities do not have this problem

quick, someone make a mestizo version of this

SOooooooooo this is the story

>racism is a crime in yankland

wrong, and your hate speech laws would be instantly struck down by our supreme court for infringing 1A
racist intent can make criminal sentences worse, but it is not a crime by itself

do it yourself



suck mai diggggg

suck my vagina

New bread

Actual new