Why don't Americans celebrate Easter?

Why don't Americans celebrate Easter?

We do, its just that the West is becoming more hostile to Christianity.

i dont want my shitPhone anymore.
i'll trade it for any android device. any takers?

War on Christianity™

secularism or gfto

A chocolate egg?


A holiday removed from the calendar app?

They don't want americans to wonder who killed Jesus in the first place, and discovering how cruel crucifixion was.

Who is behind the war on Christmas and Easter?

The degenerate leftist Jews also celebrate Christmas and Easter.

Do conservative religious rabbis control America by proxy?


Because then they would realize that Jesus was sentenced by jews

>Americans don't fear guns and will gladly get shot
>Americans fear chocolate eggs that might have plastic packaging inside
this is how we kill el goblino, spray a piece of lego with all-american cheese and leave it in a designated sharting isle

Apple is finished



>Next update will have all the Muslim and Hindu holidays.

Rude! What did Hindus ever do to Americans?

But Breitbart told me Trump was going to win.

ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS/NYT/Huffington Post/Washington Post/etc. all told me Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in, a done deal, that the election was a mere formality on the road to her glorious coronation on January 20, 2017.


Why do you care what the media says? Your extended family picks the US president.

What do you mean? Of course we do.



Imagine being this seething mad about calendar apps on phones

but we do


Not only that, but living your short life angry and bitter at trivial things that do not affect you in any way.

can they even afford them

not all people celebrate easter therefore no one should

Because white christians are violent, tote guns, and shot up schools.

Prove me wrong. That's right.

You simply can't.

A celebration?

We do desu. I was surprised to find out my college gives people the Good Friday off. Everything is closed and no exams can be scheduled right after, so that people can celebrate over weekend.

Because it's usually around Spring Break, and we're too busy getting shitfaced and enjoying ourselves at the beach

wtf i love apple now

Because round eggs remind Americans of themselves.

>Apple removes Easter from callender
>won’t stop sending me these fucking propaganda news updates
H8 the fags at Apple
How do I turn off their faggy news updates

digits confirm

>apple is socialist