How did you celebrate Kosovo Independence Day?


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Kosove je Srbia

Fuck Kosovo and especially their immigrants

Fuck Kosovo and especially their immigrants

>serbs want to kill this beauty

those girls are as dark as gypsies kek

I want a Kosovar gf

Fuck Kosovo and especially their immigrants

>kosovo independence

just visit your local brothel

I love Kosovo now because of Dua Lipa

Fuck Kosovo and especially their immigrants


She is not pretty. She is model bait by jewish fashion houses.

I don't
It'd be about as real as celebrating my marriage anniversary

>she isn't pretty

i see why shiptars like her
her eyes are too far apart just like goats eyes

below average imo

>ywn be so proud to be Albanian

of course. why would anyone be proud of that?

literal gypsy

thats like being proud to be a product of incest among subhumans


What the fuck happened?
I'm a shut-in NEET so i haven't really been following any news.

had a wank

But... according to this map you are browner.
Am i reading it wrong?

the one who made it put the meme map instead of coon's anthro based maps
no one bothered to change it so it stuck out

Serbs are the most butthurt out of any nationality.

Serbs are such pussies that they get triggered even by the mention of Kosovo.

Get a life you Rus-cucks. Your country can't be based when even the EU cucks you in trade deals.

The Bosnia part seems a little weird.
But Serbia and Albania seem kinda similar, some areas are brown some are a little less brown.

Fuck Kosovo and especially their immigrants

By posting in a thread on Cred Forums

Dua Lipa is from Kosovo and she's one of the biggest pop stars rn

By forgetting it exists.

> Kosovo independence
That's a fantasy like Catalan or Venetian independence. Kosovo i Metohija is a Serbian province occupied by the American army, populated by deranged LARPers and run by the mob.


The only reason so many people here are anti-Albanian and pro-Serbian, despite knowing nothing about the region, is pretty much solely because of Cred Forumstard autism and propaganda.

no i am anti-shiptar because i know who are albanians, uncivilized savages who dont belong in europe
serbs are much better and albanians shouldnt exist

>serbs are much better
miroljub at least try to be subtle and don't spill it all out in one go

> knowing nothing about the region
People who know Albanians dislike Albanians. Especially people who not only know about the region but literally live in the region.
Only Albanians and Americans believe that the Kosovo affair is legit.

do you know albanians though?

beacuse they are. after all they are our brothers and i would rather see them having their rightful clay than degenerate shiptar tribes roaming around

what do albanians do in spain

>How did you celebrate Kosovo Independence Day?
I took a huge shit today. It looked like Kosovo, but cleaner

you should take your brother and fuck off to mongolia where you belong tbqh

time to drop red pills
once serbs have nothing else to kill they start killing their family members as a tradition
weird people
Lapot [lapot] is the mythical practice of senicide in Serbia: killing
one's parents, or other elderly family members, once they
become a financial burden on the family.


story related is the reason of the war in kosovo
On 1 May 1985, Đorđe Martinović, a 56-year-old resident of the Kosovo town of Gnjilane, arrived at the local hospital with a broken bottle wedged in his rectum. He claimed that he had been attacked by two Albanian-speaking men while he was working in his field. After being interviewed by a Yugoslav People's Army colonel, Martinović reportedly admitted that his injuries had been self-inflicted in a botched attempt at masturbation.

This user is correct. All the Albanians I've known have been horrible. Except for one who was a bro. He was a weird phenotype. The guy had blonde hair and his eyes were black as night.
He was kind of a degenerate though

>serbs are much better

I hate Albanians just as much as the next guy, but come on, Serbia is the only country in Europe with an average IQ below 90.

they even made poetry for that event

"Entire portions of the [Serbian] mythical, cultural, and national traditions and of popular aesthetics (national ballads) involve the motif of "impalement on a stake". Consequently "impalement by a beer bottle" because a metaphor for five centuries of real, but also mythical, Turkish acts of impalement."
A petition signed by Serbian intellectuals asserted that "the case of Đorđe Martinović has become that of the entire Serb nation in Kosovo." Three years later, a group of Serbian women marched on the Serbian parliament to lobby for the removal of Kosovo's autonomy, declaring that "we can no longer stand by while ... our brothers are impaled on a sharpened stake."[9]

>serbian intellectuals

>albanian education

it's from hereĐorđe_Martinović_incident

then where is albania, in africa? they have IQ around 80 which is the lowest in europe and serbian is little higher than 90, which is still low but it is like that because they probably counted kosovo in the IQ test lol


serbs prostitute their farm animals

albania's is 90
serbia's is 89 or 71 depending on site

Kosovo je Srbje

one thing worse than a s*rb is an alb*nian

Even in this thread Albanians are annoying pests


Kosovo je Srbija

this owns



why it stang i wonder

qt gyp
would fuck

your mom

Albania’s average IQ is 90, Serbia’s average IQ is 89:

Croatia is our greatest ally

A huge difference

And iq test is bullshit anyway.

and 2 more liks that prove you guys are wrong:

>and iq test is bullshit anyway
backpeddaling is stale at this point

>* sign
is this the supposed 90+ croatian iq

you retards on this board are living proof your iq is extremely low
i wonder every day how do you even manage to use a computer

>quoting a website iq test as proof

and there's explanation for this

croatian iq is higher then yours no matter what source m8

your show here isn't showing that your iq is any higher than 70