Poland GDP per capita 15k

>Poland GDP per capita 15k
>Israel GDP per capita 40k
>nominal GDP Israel 320 bln$ while having only 8mln people
>nominal GDP Poland 510 bln$ while having 38mln people!!!!
Israel has better, stronger, more experienced military and USA will side with Israel in every possible scenario
Poland should shout their mouth, slavshits
Admit you were responsible for Polish Death Camps or I will come over and slap Kaszynski and Duda

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t. volga german

i wont insult my macedonian friends
i side with you against grease

hmm that's intriguing


Slavs are subhumans.

Israel is filled with american factories

false flag by polish bydlos
never i agreed more with anglos

you mean america is filled with israeli-jewish factories and corps??
you can basically add 1/3 of the us gdp on israel's
the would be ahead of japan and right behind china

You literaly posted the same shit in a different thread do you suffer from ADHD or something? Go see a doctor.

no i wanted to make the world see how pathetic poland is, there were probably only half dozens of people in the other thread
>do you suffer from ADHD
lmao you know who i am :)

you are my friend

>it's the butthurt "german" again

oh yea i am so butthurt, having salary 4 times higher than of bydlo, living in a first world country

You aee being propagandized tgat kikes are holy and cant be beaten into the dirt, if any European nation werw truly committed to fighting Jews and werent just a scripted event in control of the Jews and their capitalist allies then you would see kikes and tgeir supporters be from a platform of grovveling and begging and not a posistion of power to insult or denounce aggression.

Kikes are not holy, there is nothing special about destroying the Jewish nation.

You are a Jewish agent psychologically manipulated for their economic and political gain.

Kikes arent some holy matyrs victims of the racism of Europeans and proof of the evil of racism, Kikes are evil and want domination.

You are psychologically manipulated by enemy agents propaganda, they have no issues with murder and aggression, enforcing everyone elsr cant use those tools as well ensures they are the only ones with them, all communists are Jewish agents.


dont project your butthurt onto me pls

Israel is a capitalist country accumulating capital since 1948, for last 70 years. Poland lost 45 years in the communist block and in this time we were deprived of a right to accumulate capital, that's why we are around 2x poorer than Israel in nominal term. But Israel has also 3x higher cost of life than Poland, so the difference in standard of life is not big, around 20% of difference in the purchase power.

Average wage in Israel is 10.000 shekels


Average wage in Poland is 4516 zł


1 shekel = 1 złoty

>and USA will side with Israel in every possible scenario

USA sides only with its national interest. Middle East is not so important for the USA now since the shale revolution. Israel has a strong position as the US ally thanks to the Jewish lobby, but i think that since Trump the importance of foreign lobbies will be decreasing and instead the US will act only according to its most vital and strict national interest. We can see it already today: America became more assertive towards its rich "allies" with strong lobbies such as Germany or Saudi Arabia.

Post made by a retard.
I have family in Israel and iam living in Poland.
Living conditions are higher in Poland and in terms of military you compare 7 million country to 40 million country and one of core NATO member. Also you know shit about holocaust.


Another retarded post. Ask jews how wonderfull living in Israel is and why most youngs want to leave this wonderland as soon as posible.

mude? kek

lol is that real

Yes i was in that thread. That pole really were that delusional.

> buying into Jewish divide and conquer

Nice try Schlomo, Poland is in the right here.

Israel is a fucking shit hole for one not born here. You will suffer until your death working 6 days a week for minimal wage of currently 28 shequels ($8) for some stupid arab cocksucker cleaning streets or doing shitty hard stuff on one of the shittiest factories in the world.
Polska > Uganda > Somali > Israel


I think people are delusional like that because they have so much belief in their country that they would never admit its faults
I mean poles aren't cucks why would they not go full autism about their country