Mfw argentinians eat pizza with a fork and knife

>mfw argentinians eat pizza with a fork and knife

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>gr*ngos eat pizza with their hands

fucking barbarians

Eating pizza with fork and knife is the patrician way to do it. Greasing your hands with oil and fat isn't.

I know you're from portugal so this is a foreign concept, but in other countries we have running taps of water we use to wash our hands

It is alot cleaner to use a fork and knife.

says the country that doesn't have bidets.

People do it here too, my shartinthemart friend. Also, people eat pizza like you guys do. I'm not Portuguese.

And I rather use a plate with practical silverware instead of my hands. Quite a primitive way to eat.

>*merican banter

wtf I love Britain now

>And I rather use a plate with practical silverware instead of my hands. Quite a primitive way to eat.

We do that too in restaurants.

it same in normal pizza restaurants here.

>getting grease all over his fat, stubby fingers.
>rubbing his face, running his fingers through his hair with pizza grease all over his hands.

I'm ordering a pizza tomorrow. Mexican pizza, from dominoes. I will eat half with knife and fork and other half with hands. I will judge which one is superior myself.

you know nothing about pizza

isn't that the norm?

shitalian pizza isn't pizza

Sorry Portubro, i'm just a 'Murican in bongland.

you pick it up and fold it in half you savages

This is how argentinians cook their beef

hold on, am*Ricans unironically eat pizza with their hands? I thought it was a meme, the fuck is wrong with you? am*Rica should be nuked tbqh

now I don't know if I love or disdain America

Now that's scientific approach. We'll wait eargerly for your test results!

I heard Agries eat pizza with eggs on it. Is this true?

> running taps of water
Wow, you must be related to the president or something.

Not every type of pizza can be folded so easily.

They do it here in Portugal too... at least in the popular pizza places. Dunno about the sofisticated restaurants.

well done churrasco is best churrasco

Brazil has those too. We call it 'Portuguesa' (ham, tomato and onions go along the 3 base pizza toppings as well)

no, this is how we said out jews farewell

Speaking of tap water, do you guys have aquaguard or RO?

Pizza with egg is where it's at

Not a big fan. I have been trying to permanently get out for a while.

>kiwis in charge of understanding how to cook meat
maybe if you ate more than 500 grams of beef a year

Haven't seen alot of Kiwi steakhouses around.

what ingredients does the Mexican pizza have?

How the fuck do you all get your hands greasy eating pizza? The exterior is exactly like bread, After a pizza your hands should be as dirty as after eating a sandwich.

Most American Pizza isn't made like their European counterparts. It tends to be so oily that it bleeds through the crust and puddles around the pizza.


But because 'Murican pizzas are so damn oily it spills of the edge or in your hand.

>"America, please define yourself in few words for each category."
>"Oily and with sprayed cheese"
>"Raw fuel?"
>"Favorite company from US history?"
>"Standard Oil Company"
>"Nickname at school?"
>"Best kinky product?"
>"What do you use to cook things?"

Btw I just made tomato rice. How is it looking?

Right on the money. But as if the problem wasn't bad enough, everytime I visit family in the states I am disgusted by the portion size. They just eat and eat and eat and eat.

Not a cook myself, but I think it is coming along great.

it's because they think the welfare state gives money based on how many pounds one has

argentinian immigrant just opened up a steakhouse in my town

the chimichurri is exquisite

That and number of kids shot up in their local high school. And as much as it is fun roasting my countrymen, they are quite pleasant. Even if it is annoying at times.

I wish british people wouldn't talk about food

Food may be worse here, but it is at least proportional. I am not going to gain 6 kilos a month eating regularly.

>eating franchise pizza

Cheer up, boyo - I actually don't dislike USA. In fact, I want to visit there one day

>this is how Americans cook their steak

We have water purifiers in kitchen in most homes like pic related. It's one of standard things we have in middle class homes. Water is generally clean but we have it to be extra safe. I think this is India only thing, I don't know.

Standard ingredients, it's just bit more spicy.

Looks like they don't cook any

excellent post, we will never recover

omelette du fromage

Here in Portugal it's direct from the tap - no purifiers. In Brazil they're much more common

sacre *cordon* bleu!

so does """""our""""" president

You don't?

How is my rice looking here guis I made it myself.

Thanks I'm not a cook myself. What I made was edible though.

It's cheap and I'm poor.

Eh, i'm not too bothered. That's why I left the place to begin with. Aiming to move to Argentina in a few years. So things like bright from here.


Just like negros do here, not surprising coming from am*ricans.

If you don't want the grease on your hands use gloves. Fork doesn't work that well.

Do make sure you visit though, beautiful sights and scenery with pleasant people.

>using plastic fork and knife
>putting the slice on a napkin when there's already a plate

this webm is faggy as the guy on it

Yeah it's probably a third world thing.



>b-but da grease ooh

why don't use fork AND gloves like this fellow american right here?

You've never had an American pie before, Giuseppe.
I've seen pools of grease in cup-shaped pepperoni.

No thank you, I will eat it like a civilized human being.

This, it's the civilized human being way to eat it.

>le goblino hands

that's crab legs not pizza

must be at the kinoplex

la abominacion se alimenta....

It's a cultural thing i hope you understand we even cut our meat with a spoon

This is almost impossible to make outside Argentina & Uruguay tho...

poor little souls they will never experience this...


folding a slice of pizza is ridiculous

>not doing this