Post ur cunt's exports map

Post ur cunt's exports map.

we are also the 3rd biggest sellers of weapons and one of the biggest sellers of prosthesis in the world :)


>11% unclassified transfactions


I don't know which is more relevant



Wew lad is majority of people work in textile?

we are also the 7th biggest sellers of weapons and one of the biggest sellers of cars in the world :)

plenty diversified
pretty good


>5.4% soy beans

is brazil sabotaging foreign men so they cant defend their cunts in the future so brazilians can later colonize the entire world?

Inditex up in this bitch




pretty nice economy. it's a shame that it's ruled by dickheads.

this is how 3rd world looks like.

>0.54% womans, girls

wtf does that mean prostitution?? lol

>Soy beans

>0.6% Agriculture
Meanwhile we have literally the most diverse soil in the Caribbean and over 75% of the land is arable

Donations to Israel and gibs to Turdkey

Better than I expected desu

It's clothes for women.
Clothes made in Romania by french and italian companies paying pennies to sell them for thousands of euros to stupid tourists to buy in Italy and France because muh designer shit.

>tfw it's all for exports with almost not local consumption


Are these actually made in your countries or is it just a poorly titled category?

This is the power of africa


Good to see our Engineering industry's still going strong.

>Nigeria has a growing economy!

Big Black Square

Not bad for a third world country, r-right guys?

In our case I think it's related to Dacia.

Norway. Can't see cheese slicers anywhere.


Anglo culture is the only thing holding this banana republic together

Actually pretty good. Kinda suprised your biggest export (except oil) is ski wear though lol

Blood diamond was kino

proud copperindian

Yeah, they're like export-only products, we don't have snow here.

Tfw rich

>snowmobiles, golfcars, similar vehicles

Who's buying all these snowmobiles and golfcarts. And what are the "similar vehicles"?? Clown cars?

>copper wires