And then the burger responded with "it's not the gun that kills, it's the person holding it"

>and then the burger responded with "it's not the gun that kills, it's the person holding it"

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Well, how many guns have killed people of their own will?

Idiot. I remember listening to the news a while back and hearing about a mass stabbing in Japan. Lets outlaw cutlery. Also that bastard in France who ran over all the people in that 18 wheeler. We should ban trucks.

if i give opium to everyone in poland the effect of it is the same
people will get addicted even if they know it causes addiction

it's the same with guns, don't think people are always rational, that mistake might cost your life

do europeans look like this

No way to sugarcoat it: You're retarded

don't be retarded, this is the only country where mass shootings happen every week

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Every week? Nope.

The same day that guy shot up an elementary school in Pennsylvania, some guy in China also went into an elementary school with a knife.

26 dead in the former. 9 hospitalized in the latter. It is a lot harder to fucking kill someone with a knife.

As much as I like disagreeing with and ridiculing burgers, in this case he's right.

Firearm ownership is the only thing the US does remotely right.

But I don't assume people are always rational, it's one of the reasons why I own guns.

You're right. Every day.

>let's ban cars
>let's ban knives
>let's ban forks
>let's ban crime
>bbbut he is old enough to fight in afghanistan why can't he own a gun
>good guys with the guns stop the bad guys with the guns
>only happens in gun free zones
>only happens in liberal areas
>come take muh guns
>muh 2nd amendment
>liberals want to disarm us to destroy this country
>NRA protect us from the liberals

Is that deaths or so-called "gun deaths"? I doubt people are somehow more dead if you shoot them to death instead of stabbing.

Ah OK, no problem then

Cool graph. Where is the source? Who did the research? Also, if this is true... where on this list are sub-Saharan countries? Eurasia? How many people are murdered in Somalia? Ect... Atleast we don't have Muslims running us over in 18 wheelers.

Meh, even if that was true, it's still statistically more likely to be struck by lightning than die in a mass shooting.

>how americans debate with each other

>where on this list are sub-Saharan countries? Eurasia? How many people are murdered in Somalia?
>America is literally comparing itself to third world shitholes


Ok, list the mass murders which have happened every day this week?

Don't even think about it. Norwegian men are for norwegian women and thais only

You're literally using charts with no sources and expecting it to count as "proof"

Damn so a mass murder happened the same day in China?


Violence Prevention Research Program; Department of Emergency Medicine; University of
California, Davis, Sacramento, California 95817; email: [email protected]

Sweet. kekadoodledoo

Europeans are such massive pussies when it comes to guns my god

But it's true. Thought and word can kill too.

Is that because their kids don't get shot at schools?

Here's how Bernie can still win......

I know. They are literally using examples of mass murders happening the same day in a different country as proof that our mass murderer are worse than theirs. Only they used knives to brutally stab people to death.

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So following that logic we should outlaw cars.

To be fair, the people american schools pump out will make us look like pussies.

>Yeah I took a bullet to the arm in 6th grade. It's nothing much, Bill and Jessica weren't that lucky.

The primary purpose of knives is to cut food. Trucks are made to transport heavy objects around.
Guns are exclusively for killing.

>and then the eurocuck responded with "it's not the muslims that kills, it's the racism and patriarchy, refugees welcome"

nononono guns can also be used for hunting, self-defence or shooting at human shaped targets, totally not for killing.

I was right, it's "firearm deaths", which is and always will remain a meaningless statistic. Moreover, the paper there notes that overall firearm homicides are on a downward curve, while gun ownership is higher than ever.

It should be noted that since US has no national gun registry, it is hard to estimate the exact number of gun owners in the country. What can be estimated is the overall number of guns, but then again, there are collectors who own hundreds of guns. The questionnaires are an unreliable measurement, since it depends heavily on location (less gun owners in NY than TX for example), and also some people will outright lie about ownint a gun, as they feel like it's nobody's business whether they do (no sir, lost all my guns in a tragic boating accident).

I own one gun. I use it for hunting legally. There is no way of knowing what is in the food sold to us by "the government" so many people prefer to eat food they know to be natural.

No matter how much I enjoy making for of mutts and their gun issues I actually realize it’s a cultural issue. I bet there are millions of responsible gun owners in the United States and that thousands of crimes get stopped by law abiding citizens because of these laws. So some mentally ill fucktard goes to shoot up a school. You’re gonna ban guns for everyone. Wow what a great solution surely this will fix it. There has to be a way to stop the mentally ill from getting guns. Banning all guns would just increase the amount of gang violence and America would become Brazil or Mexico tier.

>Guns are exclusively for killing
Ever heard of shooting sports?

>it's not the AIDS that kills, it's the weak health during a flu

la creatura...

If they're so responsibly, how come theyre so opposed to having regular check-ups like us Europeans?

In truth they just want to be cowboys. Bring the gun to work. Dream about shooting bad guys. It makes them feel manly.

That is literally an emotional non-argument.

yep, we are a tough bunch.


We tried to warn the world about swedes but no one would listen. Now we try again but this time it's about guns

Guns are made to protect people from 3º world shitskins like you

wtf is that cringe


If the government declares guns are illegal and I hand in all four of my guns into the cops, how many guns do I have left?

three more, I lied to the cops

most gun stats have huge margins of error over here(just the way the NRA likes it)

You don't need a military tier gun for hunting, though. And considering the killing potential of these things, there should be strict mental evaluations for people who want to buy guns.

Because 1) It's none of the government's business what you own. 2) Governments are a necessary evil at best, and you should have no reason to trust them to be responsible with the information. 3) It's all in all a waste of public resources to wrestle with the bureaucracy regarding gun registries.

>Is not sexual harassment if the men are not white

Game show where they were told to introduce themselves like the opposite gender.

Here's a guy from the same show who was supposed to present himself like a retard:

These guys certainly didn't need guns to stop third worlders, though

>It's none of the government's business what you own

It's bedtime, Mäkki. The adults are speaking.

I thinks it’s something about muh gubmint and the right bear arms. I would think a system with gun licence that works like a driving license would work the best against mentally ill retards. Problem is they don’t want the government in control of that. There’s also absolutely nothing wrong with being cowboys and shooting bad guys though.

You are correct, we do not. We need guns with less high muzzle velocity. That is what scrambles organs and makes guns truly dangers. That is what an AR is and why people wanna ban it. However other guns have similar muzzle velocity and people who don't understand guns don't wanna ban those. I agree that better gun control is needed. Not absolute.


Also no need for magazines with high amounts of rounds and attachment which make guns more lethal. The issue is that guns aren't as simple as some people think.

They'll happily give away their foreskins with no questions asked though. What a joke.

I'm aryan, browns from the south deserve a betting for being brown, i also don't like brown people

>were told to introduce themselves like the opposite gender
wtf why

It’s not fair bros I’m so fucking tired of this conversation. I just want to keep muh guns.

It’s bedtime Sven. The adults are speaking.

That is not an argument. Why should you be beholden to some other entity? And even if you naively think of the government as something like the collective will of the people or some other bullshit like that, remember that governments are responsible for the greatest atrocities in human history. Moreover, it's not guaranteed that a government which is currently good will not turn tyrannical in the future.

You can joke about it but we actually have to live with knowing that sw*des are our neighbour

surrender them please and go shoot at a local range as much as you want.

Fuck me, you're slow. You said

>It's none of the government's business what you own

Are you, like, genuinely retarded? If they don't know what you own, they can't tax it. You can't insure it. And if it's stolen, you can't claim its yours. Leaving this shitty thread with all you retards.

Is your thread going the way you thought, OP?

do you really trying to deny that US gun laws affecting homicide rates there?

You need some degree of supervision and control if you want a society to thrive. Warzones in Africa are places with absolute freedom. They cannot progress until the elements of chaos are wiped out and order is established.
Of course, there needs to be a balance between freedom and control. Too much of the former leads to India and Africa, while an excess of the latter results in North korea.


Obviously there is a need for balance. Taking everyone's guns away is not balance. How much do you know about guns? Which ones should be banned and why? or is it all guns?

kek. What an idiot. Unlike you Sven I am not ok with having daddy government send a probe up my ass to know what kind of dildos I have been buying so they can tax them.

The gun license system would be good on paper, however let me raise a couple of points:
1) Who sets the standard?
If government's objective was to limit the number of guns, they could raise the bar so high that it's unfeasible to reach for the majority.
2) Who pays for it?
If it's taken from public funds, it takes away from some other area. If it has to be privately funded, it's unconstitutional and discriminatory against the poor (who are often those who need protection the most)
3) In the hypothetical scenario that the government went bad, they would have a pretty good idea as to whose house to raid to confiscate firearms. Look at the kind of Orwellian shit the US government is pulling and ask yourself, would you really want those guys to know what you own?

Also, who gets to decide what kind of mental illness is a barrier to gun ownership, doctors? Governments? It could be a pretty slippery slope, also it could prevent those gun owners who are in need of therapy from seeking help in fear of losing their guns, which is a recipe for disaster.

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You're making no sense. Bye.

Yes. There is no correlation between crime rates and gun ownership.

gotta die sometime

America sure is great.

A government is a necessary evil. It should always be kept in check, and it should always remain as small as possible. It is human nature to always seek greater control and power, but all such attempts must be resisted by the general populace.

>Is your thread going the way you thought, OP?

No. I was hoping some hot american chick would say
>Hey you handsome norwegian anti gun man, come make luv to me rrrright now.

didn't happen.


>my freedom to hunt wild animals is more important than the safety of my child

So how do you stop regular school shootings in this country? Hard mode: you can't disarm people. Too many guns.

Was talking about things in general, not just guns.

Hey you handsome norwegian anti gun man, come make luv to me rrrright now.

Then how do you explain that mass shootings have stopped after Howard's reforms on guns in Australia.

>if I own a gun my child is in danger

maybe if the teacher had a minigun hidden underneath the desk it wouldnt have happened, clearly the answer is that USA needs more guns.

>if i and all the mentally illed citizens of the united states own a gun my child isn't in danger at all

S-she's ok, but I think the rihanna type of look is qt.

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It's hard to say which right is more important than the other. However, the safety of your child is your responsibility. Get a gun.

>there is no way that a kid would take his parent's gun to use it for bad stu- Oh wait.....

>Americlaps don’t understand that knifes are generally less dangerous than assault weapons

el salvaje americano..

Yeah when I send my child to school and he gets shot by a schoolshooter its MY fault that I didnt give him a shotgun along with his peanut butter sandwich


>your child is your responsibility
child should also drink their mother milk until they turn 18 ?

I don't have to. Mass shootings are a drop in the bucket, 'firearm homicide' is an irrelevant statistic, and Australians have seen shootings since the reforms. See: Sydney hostage crisis (de facto mass shooting).

Australian crime statistics have stayed more or less on the same trajectories regardless of their gun legislation.

>I need muh gun to fight evil government
>*gets blown up by M1 Arbrams Tank

No, i think we grasp it.

>Eurocucks lay down and let their governments take turns cumming inside their boipussi
>AmeriChads shoot up government employees if they forget to tip them.
I can understand how the Eurodrone whom is completely unable to think for themselves would be confused at the thought of a people not getting cucked by their government.

>we'll fight a guerilla war against the gubbermint!
>gets blown up by a drone

You could also homeschool your child.

What gives raise to the ridiculous notion that someone else is responsible for the safety of yourself, your offspring, or other people that you care about? Are you shirking from responsibility or what?

The police are not beholden by law to act in your defense. A common misconception.

Wow that really helped in Iraq,Afghanistan, Vietnam....

>You could also homeschool your child.
Or I could just live in any european country and send my child to school without fear of him getting shot

Did I say that?

>le 11.3% face

Vietnam was testing ground for new weapons.


What about raped by muslims?

>w-what about X I read on fox news

Price of freedom. I am fine with the shootings and consider then a natural occurrence like a tornado or hurricane. Nothing you can do about them

>ook at the kind of Orwellian shit the US government is pulling and ask yourself, would you really want those guys to know what you own?
Why is everyone ignoring this good point.

Why in the fuck would you want the government to disarm the people? If you looked at the entire history of America the government fucked over it's own people numerous times, what makes you guys think it would be a good idea to let go of the only advantage you have against the worlds most powerful military/government.

Deal with it pussy. You libs will never get our guns. I owuld kill every man woman and child inthis country before we let

.t Fyrstekake

Trucks are heavily regulated

>g-guys it's not true I swear that's just propaganda!

depends. if the gorilla numbers are considerable and have unyielding popular support then they have a good chance in succeeding

I realize that your post is sarcastic, but is true that many American conservatives unironically believe this?

Hes a troll or a proxy. What kind of answer do you think you'll get?

But that has nothing to do with gun laws. And besides, we've had more deaths per capita in school shootings than the US. Is Finland unsafe?

Source where? An argument americans love is that criminals will get guns even if it is illegal

>Implying any SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED people would support any sort of enlightened revolution.


US government will have international support in this conflict While some countries will certainly benefit from weak America, nobody wants nukes to fall in hands of gun crazed warlords

Look at the lists, do the math. Realise that Finland has 1/64th of the population of the United States, so the death toll of their school shootings has to be 64 times higher to be equal.

Our figure seems to be 22. Raumanmeri 2, Jokela 9, Kauhajoki 11. Does America have 1408 fatalities?

>developed country

You think the average guy knows how to operate a nuclear missile?


We've had over 900 people die in mass shootings since 1999.

unless we're talking about a global uprising.
the financial system is interconnected and globalized that any local action is in danger of getting quenched and fast for that matter.
if oppression is global so must be the resistance
slim chances i agree but it has to be that way

School shootings, not mass shootings.

You guys are fucked either way. OP is wrong, it's not about regulation or mental illness (by itself), it's just about culture. And you have a gun culture. Just like some regions of the world have more popular genres of music despite no instruments being banned.

USA will forever be the 1st world country with the most gun-related deaths/injuries, just like frogs will have the most truck-related "accidents" since certain cultures are entering their country.

If guns had guns this wouldn't happen

I am not kidding. There is no way to stop it

since the beginning of time? 569 deaths since 1700's. but the dynamics are alarming.

That's less than half or our deaths when compared to our whole populations. And I only counted from 1989.

Although it bears mentioning that your population wasn't 320 million in the 1700's. Still, you get the point. In terms of school shootings, you're safer than Finland. Congratulations!

Another thought is, how about also comparing the number of shooters rather then the number of deaths. Not saying that would necessarily change anything but think about it: if a shooter opens fire at a school, he is going to kill anything from 0 to 20-30 people regardless of the population size. Because guns are guns and the number of potential "targets" is roughly the same.

That's fair, but we have to compare the shooters to the whole population too. Since after all, more people equals more shooters, right?

We had three, and you have approximately 64 times larger population. Have you had 192 school shooters?

The mass shootings keep us on our toes and make the news more exciting. I welcome them



Unironically yes.

how can we even compete

Somalia has a lower homocide rate than
>all of south and central america

Somalias homocide rate is 5.88
Americas homocide rate is 4.88
Brazils is 26.74
Uruguay (first world) is 8.42.

How is that figure calculated? Different countries have different standards. How reliable is it? We all know Somalia is not the most trustworthy of sources. You should always be careful when you compare countries to each other.

But I think his point is pretty clear, firearm ownership does not correlate with crime rates.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) report

UNODC does not count war deaths in its data.
There is a total yearly count of homicides for each country. Rates are calculated per 100,000 inhabitants.

When using the figures, any cross-national comparison should be conducted with caution. This is especially true of countries where there are ongoing conflicts or high levels of political repression, where intentional killings carried out by state agents are unlikely to appear in official figures.

So its saying war zones arent accurate but it certainly isnt as deadly as El salvador.

Yes, they do Asim.

So the UN has a bureau which goes all around the globe, investigates deaths and disappearances, as well as roams the countryside in case of unreported deaths, and notes down all homicides? News to me.

>said the country who has heavy water, the secondary ingredient for nuclear reactions, yet gets its money from oil

and that still didn't stop some sandnigger from killing 83 people.

oh yes, 465 total.

fuck i am not a turk warrior, let me clear that

I have never left the U.S. and I never will. This is the best country in the world and the only uncucked one left.

So the majority don't even manage to kill anyone?

Guns are fun and lawful to own. Some europoors are jealous and jealousy is a sin.

465 incidents, 569 deaths. that means that major shootings are very infrequent, but there are lot of 0 to, say, 2-3 death incidents. which makes sense if you think about it. if you have a large number of incidents, there will be a few outliers, very high number of victims, then it regresses to the mean since most shooters won't be as "lucky" or skillful. in case of findland you had only 3 incidents, but two of them resulted in 20 deaths. that's skewed your average i think.

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what's that unnamed cunt in the end?

Or maybe your people are just bad shots, which would contribute to the safety of your schools. Doesn't really matter if there's a school shooter if he can't hit anyone, right?

Problem is, your cops can't really shoot either.