Bobs and vegena

>bobs and vegena
>are you STILL a v*Rgin?

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lucky, you have a gf?


lucky, do you think male v*Rgins that are 20 years old+ should be rounded up and executed?


No but anyone who identifies as an "incel" should be publicly tortured to death.

How many girls have you asked on date last year?

OVER 9000

1. NO
2. NO
3. NO
4. NO


Tranny sucked my dick once


nope, broke up with here 2 years ago

>25 girls per day
>1 girl per hour
Ivan dont be ashamed to admit you are scared of women and that you chose to isolate yourself rather than overcoming your anxiety and changing your nonexistant sorry dating life.

3 i think


Pretty much a born again virgin though, haven't had sex with anyone since 2012 (and that was a prostitute)

mashallah everyone is finding love. v*Rgins like me are truly pathetic lol

Fucking newfags

I get plenty of attention but it's my own fear that stops me. fuck how do I let it all go?

I wonder how much sex you got since you made this post, white knight. I'm sure girls will be glad to know that someone on Cred Forums has their back.

There's nothing wrong with being a virgin
There's plenty wrong with being a salty edgelord who defines his entire existence with being a virgin and complains incessantly and thinks that rape should be legal

Grow up, will ya?

no one ever mentioned rape though. we were just making fun of me cuz im still a v*Rgin lol

I will never lose my virginity or get a girlfriend


Do you have a fetish for being called virgin or something?

Yes. Not a kv though, made out with some slag in a club while drunk. Pls end my life.

no i don't i wish i wasn't a v*Rgin but what can i do. I also have a small penor and a smaller brain :(

How the fuck have you managed to stay hugless?

I'm ugly and people don't hug so freely in america


Pic related.

No, of course not haha...


Yes, and I have never kissed anyone even though I socialize and go out pretty often
I'm just a colossal failure, at most I've had online gfs back when I was a teenager