extended timeline mod for eu4

That is shit
North korean NI is super op
Maybe modder is commie

>"lmaoo hordes r so OP..just use Cavalry bro XDD
>mfw can't even beat muscovy in this game
am i a brainlet?

Look a the butt stock on those rifles

game: ruined

What nation are you playing as? Never ever invade muscovy when they have most of their troops left, attrition will fuck up most of your troops before you even start a battle during winter. Let them come out until most of them are fucked and siege provinces to gain some ground, don't split up your troops to far and and siege one fort at a time and be ready to reinforce (the AI likes to attack when the siege is at 11).

With never invade I mean don't go balls deep into their territory, your troops will just melt

Kazan. Usually attack With Lithuania. Have won a few wars with minor warscore but they always jew their way into victory at some point

That's pretty tough, I don't have a lot of experience with hordes. Most of the other ones in that area usually rival you at the beginning, right? A friend of mine had good success with the Uzbeks, but he is way better than me.

Forst really, there's plenty of steppe in Kazan land and you can afford one more due to your gold mine. Since AI will go for forts its easy to beat them there.

Uzbek is a good horde for beginners since they are the biggest and can easily switch tags to bukhara
In theory yeah, but they do vassal swarm like no tomorrow.

>am i a brainlet?
>Not playing as Muscovy

>playing as worst Russia
>not based Novgorod

fucking dlc swedish garbage game

no, Muscovy is difficult to beat as a horde. u need decent allies like Kazan, Lithuania, Uzbek etc

>single player
too easy

my current multiplayer
i am the brandenburg, on a scale of 1 to 10 how fucked am i
keep in mind hungary owns poland and he's allied to kiev

I LOVE DADDY SWEDEN AND HIS BIG DLCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


>EU4 in modern times

just play vicky 2 or hoi4 you uncultured swine

>vicky 2


Kys MEIOU shitter

>vicky 2

you are probably fucked if anyone borders u m8

Paradox games are for autists

where do you think you are?

>still haven't lebensraum'd into scandinavia and the batics

for shame

god I hate brits playing autism simulators

just for that i am going to trianon france


All Paradox games are fucking pointless in SP. The only point in the game where there is any challenge is the first few decades, and even then only if you start as OPM or byzantium in EU4 or the like. The only reason to play these games is MP


the strategy is to hope my land is too poor and shit for anyone to bother attacking me

what are you talking about m8?