Never buy the S*n edition

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Jeff the Ethiopian is a real life qt animu grill



are charli


the gf


yeah 'illsbreh was an inside job, only kind of jobs scousers can be tricked into

Moving back to Wakanda me

no more slags thx

Thinking about moving to a shithole to become a beloved Brit gimmick

wtf shes pregnant again are they having like 7 kids

Is the potato famine broken?

jesus lauren southern sounds dumb

never heard her speak before


Come to Cote d’Ivoire

clearly a wall you nutter, there are fairy lights dangling down behind her
I know, but Greater London's idea of how middle-class Londoners live in his weird wannabe mind

any volkisch lads in

Literally never listen to females speak.

any films with this aesthetic?


Nowt a single black woman t'walk the Earth more peng than this

>le I won’t read the sun

This type of person doesn’t last long in the real world before someone rips him apart with red hot banter

1 piece > 2 piece, ngl 2bqh

getting drunk to max peng tunes again





it's called the royal family not the royal dual income no kids couple

she knew she was signing up to be a broodmare

got to be absolutely certain Harry's African hellspawn never inherits the throne


jessica lowndnes


dont know how it works, how would that ensure it?

double checked your flag then haha

animal farm

Bloody hell she's looking old now

probably zootube you sick fuck

love the sauce, not sure about the people

business idea: ban old people and people with brood spawn from shops and supermarkets after 5pm

The VVitch, Skyfall, The Hunt (Jagten), Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


>find a youtube video for "Go On Home British Soldiers"
>look at the comments
>full of american 12 year olds LARPING about "up the RA"
physically recoilled from the screen the cringe was so strong

They should kill the little nigger a soon as he comes out that nigger vagina

you are complicit in the murders of the 96

>see through knickers


bet that's a lovely arse

Come to cork if you have the stones boy, I’ve been trying to arrange this knock for ages, I’ll have your flights paid for and we can go the full 12 in St. Joseph’s boxing club ballymunion or we can do it in the car park of supermacs, I’ll go for the latter but you simply haven’t the goolies!

I will devour you, you’re my little slut

Harry's kid will look like Harvey Price

Now just imagine he said this in an Irish accent. HOWLING



The Levelling genuinely lol, also a film called RAMS

peng slag

good taste my royal friend

wew la

very nice fanny and boobies

Harry and Meghan's kid will look like Ganondorf

wish i had a girlfriend

God the female form is absolutely repulsive

transfer me for the money flights and you're on you malnourished little ratbag

oh me oh my

Give me your email you miserable little worm


The vagina of the nation. I wonder if Will puts his semen on a stick and pokes it between the folds of her collapsed vag


somewhat gay

how long should you boil eggs to make sure they cook?

your bf will be devastated at this post

yeah this was good

anyone else here satisfied? reckon we should start a protest because us satisfied people aren't having our voices heard

dude hand me a god damn bud light biatch holy shit i'm buzzed

Why are so many cakes so fucking underwhelming? what makes these faggots think they can make a mango & passion fruit cheesecake, charge 2.75, and have it be heavy shite tasting of the most basic mango and NO passion fruit

45 minutes play it safe

hmmm yes actually being dedicated to your job certainly offers some benefits

looks like a fucking synth
but i am aroused
>tfw no synth gf

fucking disgusting
how anybody can look at w*men and even think about fucking them is beyond me

Premier league table
1. China/United Arab Emirates
2. USA
3. USA
4. Russia
5. Israel
6. USA
7. England
8. Thailand
9. Iran
10. Russia
11. Italy
12. Wales
13. England
14. England
15. England
16. Israel
17. Yorkshire
18. China
19. Ray Winstone
20. China

absolute state

starting to think about the ol' 'cide with greater frequency again

need this winter to be over soon

seen it

will watch the levelling tho

>capitalism encourages innovation

The female body is vulgar in its beauty. Its attraction is entirely animal, whereas attraction to the male form is purely aesthetic.

get a depression lamp

is she going to do a pee? why is she over a drain



think he'd understand iah

Night lads

10 minutes in boiling water

Better than the gay porn spam

Anyone know the source of the webm Canada posted of the girl squatted over

100% adorable

attraction to the male form is bent end of

Based Indian is going to sleep

may I kindly request you do not use my webbums in the future

dream of my white prick

are those different to the wake-up lamps that gradually light up in the mornings to wake you up?

I had a look at those but all the ones on amazon had fucking radios you couldn't turn off or made 'bird chirping' noises which, again, couldn't be turned off. Baffling that they make these horrible design decisions

miaow haha

goodbye friend

god sometimes i wish i could just kill myself then resurrect a few weeks later when all the things i'm stressing about has cooled over

17 minutes just fine

> then resurrect a few weeks later
you fucking moron

It's not noncery, it's neoclassicism.


you wanna fuck that? imagine actually being mentally ill

here you go mate sada.org.uk/lightboxes_2.php

yes that's why i said it was a wish
it's a fantasy
i want to die for temporary periods of time then come back when things are nicer

worried im gonna get kicked out of uni and lose my bennies

lad's got a good body but ridiculous pubes. not a fan of that design. not a fan at all.

Oh shit, Jezza's commie past is coming back to haunt him

Files held by the Czech Security Service Archive, first reported by the Sun, detail contacts Mr Corbyn is alleged to have had with a Czechoslovakian diplomat and agent in London in 1986 and 1987.

Jan Sarkocy told the newspaper he met Mr Corbyn on several occasions, including in the House of Commons, while he was working undercover in the London Embassy under the name of Jan Dymic.


ice wind coming in from siberia this weekend lads

students dont qualify for benes

wages / benes / bursary

separate categories



business idea: force students with bad grades to work a month at tesco without any pay then have someone screaming at them this will be their life for the next 40 years.

'kin 'ell


cant believe theres a wigan player called max power

Seems a bit demeaning to the actual Tesco employees




wish is to die why would you ruin that

*lobs a quid in the bucket and continues walking*

what are you doing

Who are you voting for?

fail to see whats sad about my post

Paragraph 1: In tough economic times, it can seem impossible to pay off your debts and get on the property ladder. Here's the inspiring tale of how one regular, average 30-year-old did it!

Paragraph 3: They always buy store-brand.

Paragraph 8: In 2008 their parents gave them £100 000.

barack obama is white

*bing bong*
Sara to the bogs please, Code Brown, that's Sara to the bogs please. Thank you for your attention
*bing bong*

kim and st john phelby did nothing wrong

Yanks explain yourselves

Love foreigners
Hate native Brits
Simple as

going to have a wank over one of the girls I work with, haven't decided which yet though


very accurate


Who /FallsinLoveWithAnyoneWhoShowsYouBasicAffection/ here ?

literal goddess, would worship her feet if she deemed me worthy enough

>not having a wank thinking about all of them at once
You should step your wank game up, so to speak.
t. professional masturbater

Ah yes deleted his post out of embarrassment

penis :)

how did they do it?

>Renzi is running again
bruh what are you doing

pretty much

>Here's how one 25 year old paid off their student debts and bought a house, and you can do it too!
>They were given an $80,000 job at their dad's company

Really want to do sit ups and have a nice flat stomach but I just love eating crisps and sweets too much

bit unrealistic desu, I struggle to suspend my belief imagining even one of these slags having sex with me never mind two or more at the same time

What was it la
Cba to look in the archive

me having a think about how he does it on the right

*raises paw*

Just had some nutella toast.

I want more, a lot more.

well somebodys got to save the white race

i'm bored of this thread. time to migrate.



can't decide if the saffer is a friend or foe

dropped out of two (2) unis for two separate degrees, ask me anything

honestly not a bad idea, except replace tesco with a call centre

there's a shit a brewing in me

sit ups dont get you a flat stomach la, losing weight does

Said that soccer should be improved by adding a shot clock to the game

Bring to boil and then simmer for 10-12 minutes.

A group of mates went to one guy's house last week. The fat one in the group went to the toilet and did a massive shit while the rest of us were sitting around having a chat. He then came back like nothing happened. I hate these cretinous fucks that think shitting anywhere but your own home is acceptable



nigger you ain't know?

fuck off cretin

Whoever will get rid of the immigrant street vendors in tourist areas tbqh

corbyns constant peddling of removing tuition fee debt is such a shitty populist meme i can't believe people still falling for it.

was working from a different location today and got chatting with this girl who works at that office. usually only talk with her over email

she was really nice, kept laughing at my jokes as well. and she has a really nice bum and boobs... just a slightly big forehead that's the only downside

might add her on facebook

As of today, the economy of Texas is the second largest in the United States. It has a gross state product of $1.616 trillion.

As a sovereign country, Texas would be the 10th largest economy in the world by GDP (ahead of South Korea, Australia, and Canada, but under Italy).

the RAF had refugee pilots from all over europe during WW2

used to

Stupid little trollope

>Tiny little statelets

Ah I see
Also don't say soccer in the British culture general you disgusting runt, stop Americanizing yourself

only scotland need to do it because they wouldnt get any custom as they dont have the prestige of english unis

why didn't you focus on california you absolute melon?


forcing someone to work in toil centre might constitute a human rights violation, don't want to end up in the hague

how is that normie

YEAH I'M 6IX9INE WITH THE _____________

yeh FONT what he said

whats your favourite sexual position lads?



they're going to get indie soon unless you balkanise them

need a good show to binge watch

Here's how I saved enough deposit for my first house

>Tell parents I'll begin paying rent once I'm working full time
>Haven't paid a penny since I began 3 years ago

>Texas is the second most populous U.S. state, with an estimated 2017 population of 28.449 million
You would hope it has a bigger gdp

standing up and holding on her while she's draped around you

Pretty Little Liars



>The etruscan torture method is pretty brutal.
>You chain the victim to a rotting corpse of a family member, face to face and limb to limb until the living person perishes by the decay of the corpse. Only when the the victim was blackened by putrefaction, the Etruscan torturers freed the two corpses, from the chains.

not a normie desu

Font on this board is Arial

ah yes

regular welfare cheque

that's hot

Was referring back to his statement you dolt I would obviously call it football but didn’t want to confuse your tiny yank brain

not even deserving of a reply

Impossible, for various reasons

bored to death

gays are mentally ill


there was a post like this on reddit personal finance board where someone was bragging about this

Turns out they rented out the 3 bed beachside condo their dad had bought them for extra income

Like, why didn't I think of that!?

Howling at this webm


>Use of the Schwedentrunk is recorded in the histories of towns throughout Southern Germany. Though specific circumstances differed, in every case a restrained and gagged victim was forced to swallow (by means of a funnel) a large amount of unappetizing, sometimes boiling liquid. Substances such as urine, excrement, liquid manure, and sullage were used for this purpose.
>Apart from disgust, illness, and the possibility of bacterial infection, the Schwedentrunk inflicted intense gastric pain. Because liquids are incompressible, the victim's stomach and bowels must expand to painful proportions to accommodate the copious quantities of fluid. The torturers then squeezed the distended belly with wooden boards or trampled the victim underfoot.

swedes are subhuman

what is this from

is that claire penges

Do one about the Assyrians. I need to be reminded


bladdy hell this cat charity gets £55m a year

brits have horsepower tax lmao

>typing post numbers
is this ironic shitposting

All me

Not drinking yet, have work tomorrow

Start drinking?

>At his trial, Gérard was sentenced to be brutally – even by the standards of that time – killed. The magistrates decreed that the right hand of Gérard should be burned off with a red-hot iron, that his flesh should be torn from his bones with pincers in six different places, that he should be quartered and disemboweled alive, his heart torn from his bosom and flung in his face, and that, finally, his head should be taken off.[1]

>Gérard's torture was also very brutal. On the first night of his imprisonment Gérard was hung on a pole and lashed with a whip. After that his wounds were smeared with honey and a goat was brought to lick the honey off his skin with his rough tongue. The goat however refused to touch the body of the sentenced. After this and other tortures he was left to pass the night with his hands and feet bound together, like a ball, so sleep would be difficult. During the following three days, he was repeatedly mocked and hung on a pole with his hands tied behind his back. Then a weight of 300 metric pounds (150 kg) was attached to each of his big toes for half an hour. After this half hour Gérard was fitted with shoes made of well-oiled, uncured dog skin; the shoes were two fingers shorter than his feet. In this state he was put before a fire. When the shoes warmed up, they contracted, crushing the feet inside them to stumps. When the shoes were removed, his half-broiled skin was torn off. After his feet were damaged, his armpits were branded. After that he was dressed in a shirt soaked in alcohol. Then burning bacon fat was poured over him and sharp nails were stuck between the flesh and the nails of his hands and feet. Gérard is said to have remained calm during his torture. On 14 July 1584, Gérard was executed.

how else are you supposed to reply

Italian gf is voting Forza Italian merely because Berlusconi *might* stop the flow of niggers crossing over from North Africa. Every time I've visited over the past year there are more and more of them. They started off as a cancer in Naples and Sicily, but now they've made their way to the central and northern provinces in a matter of 5-6 months. Crime is rising accordingly.

Europe is unironically in a death spiral lmao

Clash of the titans, lads.

still reminisce about the days when we used water buffalo as an insult

you have TEN seconds to explain why his lean costs more than your rent

I DESPISE the bourgeoisie

i give battersea cats and dogs home a tenner a month by direct debit

voddy + kronenbourg and work tomorrow haha

*bets it all on Zizek*

what's a lean

dont pay rent so rest in power

huge if true

if we brought this back today all crime would drop instantly

Hold thy tongue knave, lest I remove it

good lad hope all the best comes to you

it's a type of shed

my rent is subsidized

you just click the post number you're replying to

Zizek goes through on away goals

her laying on a table with her legs leaning against me

Zizek is fucking retarded kys

>Gérard is said to have remained calm during his torture

imagine how angry this would have made those pathetic torture spergs




i agree with peterson more than i do with zizek but zizek is clearly more intelligent and will crush peterson

now, if only mencius moldbug was thrown into the mix

>Zizek calling anyone out for anything
He's quite literally the biggest brainlet I've ever listened too, the amount of traction he gets is very concerning

*buys monero*

>prefers B&N self help to academia
yank simpleton

thats going straight into some middle managers pocket you dope

>“Why is the question of funding of Islam central for us? Because today, we know that the funding comes from foreign countries, and it is not desirable to have a religion in France funded by foreign countries who in fact will be defending their interests. And so, it’s a political Islam,” he said.

>The plans being considered by the French president — including requiring imams to pass courses on secularism, civil liberties and theology, and the appointment of a chief imam as the sole religious authority over French Muslims — are drawing fire from some socialist politicians and Muslim leaders.

based president JUPITER does it again

consider myself fairly smart but I can't understand a work zizek is saying

are you sure

good edition

we had this saying back in DDR, fuck off water buffalo and so on...

What are you all gonna do when the wanking archives get leaked lads ? will your family lynch you

You know, I looked back at my grandpa's choice of music (Frank Sinatra and big band) with contempt. I didn't particularly enjoy it, but it had merit.

But seriously what the fuck is this shit. It has zero redeemable qualities. Combined with climate change and mass 3rd world immigration, our grandchildren will hate us

>and the appointment of a chief imam as the sole religious authority over French Muslims

What an absolute madcunt, he's literally trying to start a holy war in his own back yard

t. East German with Stockholm Syndrome
The simpleton here is you mate

>meniscus moldbug

hmm yes quite the modern thinker though I am partial to the opinions of inscrutable scoteworm and odious beetlesmeg

What’s a water buffalo

soccer is gay

independent.co.uk/voices/jordan-peterson-clinical-psychologist-canada-popularity-convincing-why-left-wing-alt-right-cathy-a8208301.html doin a read and a think

peterson will be a quivering wreck by the end of this
zizek will absolutely rape him

A lot of faffing

looks like the before and after pics of people who do meth every day

>You know, I looked back at my grandpa's choice of music (Frank Sinatra and big band) with contempt. I didn't particularly enjoy it, but it had merit.
>But seriously what the fuck is this shit. It has zero redeemable qualities. Combined with climate change and mass 3rd world immigration, our grandchildren will hate us

>Girls are uggo without makeup

ah yes the virgin rebuke


Praise Napoleon IV


the cambridge 5 did nothing wrong

theres no doubt in my mind hes 10 times smarter than you

this is indeed a universal truth but in here case it applies tenfold

>no more apples in the vending machine please
how can this be misinterpreted

>East German

You say that like it's a bad thing

Will continue to use VK desu

don't laugh at my joke you little tapeworm
i'll fucking stamp on your head under my boot turning your runt brain into mush

you're a living (mouth) breathing HUAC

You’re gay you little specimen would love to turn your face into a bowl of curry but you’re too much of a fanny to come Swansea

Good thing nobody except researchers into malignant retardation care about what goes on in your mind

am going on holiday with the missus tomoz

her first time abroad

bit exciting really isn't it

hootin and hollerin

always laugh when single mums complain about how hard their life is when they're literally given free money every month, a free house and are exempt from paying certain taxes.

A black person.

Giving Zizek any academic integrity is like me making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and calling it cuisine

deano my son, all inclusive is it? tidy mate, sounds absolutely prime

nazi git

>peanut butter and jelly

east germany was basically proto-nazbol


ad hominem.
shant be engaging in discussion with my intellectual inferiors

Might start another file on Skyrim, someone decide which race I play as, last time was an Argonian but I think I'll go for either Orc or Dunmer

uhm sweety who is this

>A Japanese company is planning to build the world's tallest wooden skyscraper, to mark its 350th anniversary in 2041.

*reaps the whirlwind*

might defect to ireland

Gave your GF my vietnamese dong last night hahaha xx

drinking to Barbara's solitude again
used to at least wait the end of the week to do this
been on a bender since the new year haha

go breton archer

you've been a bender a lot longer though

only play nord or breton because im not a nigger

Amusing how my mere existence triggers this Eastern c*mmie sympathizing kraut

>baseless assertion

larkin love

mite cop this

*allows himself to get crowded by the players*


*runs interference*





might defecate to ireland

t. lad flying over ireland in an air balloon with his arse hanging over the side of the basket

Oh my fucking days will you lot sort yourselves out

>4 different /brit/s



fucking state


having a giggle at you twats. how embarrassing