Get ready wh*Toids

get ready wh*Toids

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They have a hard time conquering CIA-funded Kurdish teenage girls.



>Turkey would conquer Europe in three days if a campaign were to be launched in the morning
They really missed their window of opportunity, huh?

1. Turkey admits it is not Europe despite 600 years of wewuzzing
2. Turkey forgets that it has to conquer Russia before it can claim to have conquered Europe
Why are t*rks so dumb?

Last time was not enough.

they're not leaded by Merkel

turkey is a fucking shithole, who can't even produce it's own tanks.


they smoke to much

With or without the help of NATO?

>these delusions

Turks are dumb enough to believe they live in a democracy


Turkey couldn't even conquer all of Cyprus only the Northern part


Feel free to take Vienna first, this time we'll just watch from a safe distance and smile

>polish death camp

lmao what the fuck is this guy smoking
"My expectation is we’re going to see a fragmentation in China because of internal social stresses, and the weakening of Russia. Three powers are emerging on the periphery of Eurasia. One is Japan, which is truly the center of gravity of Asia; it’s the second-largest economy in the world. Unlike China, Japan does not have a billion people living in sub-Saharan-type poverty. It is unified. It has the largest navy in Asia. Second is Turkey, now the 17th- largest economy in the world and the largest Islamic economy. And whenever Islam emerges into a coherent political entity, which it hasn’t done for a century, Turkey is almost invariably at its center. Turkey has by far the most powerful and effective military in Europe and is going to be a major Mediterranean power. The third country is Poland. Few people know that Poland is the 21st-largest economy in the world, the 8th-largest in Europe, and by far the most dynamic. It is also a country very much afraid of Germany and Russia. Russia is right now in the process of rebuilding itself. This makes the Poles very uneasy. The Germans are reaching out to the Russians. Poland feels trapped.

Japan is utterly dependent on the sea lanes for the import and export of products. And those sea lanes are controlled by the United States. The United States controls the oceans, and its view is that that is the foundation of its national security. As Japan and Turkey become greater maritime powers, the United States will become hostile toward them. Japan and Turkey each wants to be a maritime power and each sees the U.S. as a threat. Poland has no interest in being a maritime power. It’s afraid of Turkey, and interested in the U.S. There’s a natural coalition."

Kikes gonna kike
Dogs bark, the caravan moves on

>we can occupy russia in 7 days

desu we should probably kick them out of NATO before Erdogan goes full retard


turkey cant even conquer itself

>CIA-funded Kurdish teenage girls

Only Russia and Iran are funding the Kurds now.

we already are conquering e***pe tho
slowly but surely

>russia funds its enemies
we 4d chess now

Jews probably never heard about Judenrat, Jewish Ghetto Police, Group 13 (Jewish gestapo), kapo, sonderkommando and things like that. They never heard about Calel Perechodnik, Andrzej Szerynski, Adam Czerniakow, Chaim Mordechai Rumkowski, Alfred Nossig, Abraham Gancwajch, Ans van Dijk, Stella Goldschlag, Rolf Isaaksohn, Moshe Merin and thousands of other prominent Jewish nazi collaborants who contributed to the genocide of their own tribe.

I bet they never heard about massive Jewish collaboration with soviets. Hundreds of thousands of catholic Poles were killed by Jewish-soviet perpetrators.

We don't care that they hate telling the truth. Jews love to present themselves only as innocent victims, but this kind of historical perspective has very little to do with facts.

>Al-Bab takes 3 months
>Europe 3 days


Luckily Poland is Asia. You go asianbros show those europeans your strenght.

>Japan sees the US as a threat


I'm pretty sure you can't even cross Russia in 7 days by land.

>All of this butthurt wh*Te shittalking

Just like your ancestors you are shittalking, but when the TÜRK man comes knocking you faggot subhuman wh*Tes have to unite in order to stop us :DDD

based turkroach

Kill yourself

kek, I also see headlines here in regular intervals that this guy claims Poland will be a superpower just any day now. it's his whole shtick, he strokes ego of shithole countries and in exchange retards in those shitholes buy his books and invite him to lectures.


Oglum Ivan ne diyorsun your country is a shithole and its military is an outdated joke, this is why poor little Russia is so afraid of TÜRKIYE, you pussies can only invade your weak and irrelevant neighbours but you can only shittalk us because you know we'd blow you the fuck out :DD

I'm not eating kebab tomorrow, decision made.

t. Buys 3rd generation outdated tanks from Germany

Eeey dont worry my german friend once we actually deal with a somewhat capable army we can actually buy some useful stuff right now are testing out your products on k*rd donkey fuckers :DD

You will lose because assad gets involved, erdogan will claim victory anywho.

>Only Russia and Iran are funding the Kurds now.
False. It's mainly why Turkey is pissed at us. They started this because we we're setting the Kurds up as a border force.

ASSad is a pathetic little puppet just like his father, the r*ssians need to GTFO out of our Misaki Milli territory else they will lose another jet :DD

>fried man
Made me think.

Are any German flags ethnic Germans?

>Hundreds of thousands


do amerimutts know what proxies are? then again i chose this one because it makes wh*Tes extra butthurt


i am volga german

Yes, hundreds of thousands. Soviets deported to Siberia around 2 mln Poles in period 1939-1941, shortly after they conquered Eastern Poland with their nazi allies due to Ribbentrop-Molotov pact. Jewish-soviet collaborants played a main role in sending their Polish neighbours to Siberia. Hundreds of thousands of deported Poles died in Gulag and during deportation.

That's why when Germans attacked Soviet Union in 1941, some Polish peasants who lost their relatives due to jewish collaboration began to make pogroms of Jews out of revenge.

Jews - despite being less than 1% of the Polish nation after 1945 - consisted of 37% of Ministry of Public Security directors: a main organisation of the soviet terror installed by soviets in the occupied Poland. They contributed to death of tens of thousands of Poles, including such heros like Witold Pilecki who alerted the world about the Holocaust.

History is never black-white, it has a lot of shades of gray. Jews love to present themselves as sineless angels but it doesn't have anything to do with historical truth.

You can see on the photo two smiling man. One of them is a German nazi general Hans Guderian. The second one is a soviet Jew Semyon Krivoshein. The photo was taken in 1939, after nazi-soviet attack of Poland. These two gentlemen: a German nazi and a soviet Jew are celebrating death of Poland to which they both contributed.

Praise Kara BOGA!