What happens here

What happens here

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Macedonian guest workers

Wait uh..?

don't visit its fucking shit

They are like Poles but not butthurt

no they are entirely butthurt after taking big shit that became their country it stretched their asshole fuck slovakia

Pepiks 2.0

They are like Czechs but not butthurt*

Last week police in my hometown arrested some workers from your country. They were here on Polish work visa.

yeag because they were not shit enough to be. in slovakia

all slavs are butthurt in some way

I'm sorry, were Slovaks mean to you on your trip, tourist? I lmao whenever some asshurt American whines about not getting VIP treatment in a Slavic country. They had communism for 50 years and now it's a kleptocracy, of course the people aren't gonna be nice to foreigners.

Breeding ground for the greater germanic future ethnoReich

Ok. Whatever, man.

Are you sure it was us? Because I read something like that but it was Serbs.

I've heard they were Serbs, Macedonians and Ukrainians. Our police isn't very friendly to foreigners.

Searched now, nothing recent, things from 2017.
And if they're there illegally then they deserve it tbx.


Yep here:

>Slovačka deportovala 24 radnika iz Srbije, radili na crno
>Bratislava -- Slovačka policija za strance otkrila je u utorak u rutinskoj kontroli industrijske zone u gradu Njitra 24 državljanina Srbije koji nisu imali legalni boravak.


I wasn't trying to demean you with that remark. Just fed up with these threads about my country.

I know but...o-ok.

There was some documentary... hmm... Hostel or something like that.

our lil' bro

please dont bully him

Hostel isn't a documentary, user. You're thinking of Eurotrip.


Badass anthem.