Shower Snacks

>snacks you eat in the shower

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cake pops

I get shampoo in my mouth sometimes.

I keep a toaster on standby to make some quick poptarts.




>snacks you eat in the shower

I usually bring in a liter milk

This my favourite candy

Perfect place for a spot of bubbling

OP here

Who else eats donuts in the shower? There is no better way to start your day then with a glazed Krispy Kreme in the shower.

>snacks you eat in the shower
What are you trying to do here?

I unironically can't take a shower unless I'm chewing gum
it's a retarded habit I don't even know how I picked up but it feels perfectly normal now

We keep a small pantry in our shower. Donuts go stale too fast for it, so I generally keep cookies in there

if only because i don't have my own spa bath, for some reason

I used to have a mini fridge in my bathroom next to the shower so I could grab a snack or soda while showering but one time it got water on the back and it almost started a fire. Now I just keep all my shower snacks on a shelf inside the shower. Much more convenient this way since I don't even have to get out of the shower if I want a snack.

Anyone else here wear their shoes in the shower?

I like to eat crepes with maple syrup so that I can easily clean after myself if I make a mess.
What else do you eat in the shower?

Pastizzi and Imqaret of course. I wouldn't be Maltese otherwise.

Yep, I have an old pair of converse that I wear in the shower (not to be confused with the other old pair of converse I wear around the house)

My shower is in a microwave in order to heat up the water