Are the Swiss people autistic?

Are the Swiss people autistic?

I don't get it

Their firewood stacks are too perfect

No aren't perfect, that's normal

>stacked wood is considered a work of art and display of craftsmanship in America

this is comfy as fuck

my stacks look like this, stop being retarded and lazy and think about how the pieces of wood fit together instead of just blindly throwing them on

how do you stack your wood?

It's normal.

That's normal you hillbilly.

Are you retarded?

Americans are retarded

They are better than stupid Amepig


You're probably one of those fags who just throws all their wood in a giant pile.

have you even been outside of your city?

The firework pile at my country house it's just a big ass pile of wood full of rats and spiders.

is being a retard an autistic trait? if so, i have bad news for you op

This is very far from perfect.
It's also shit and gonna fall easily. There has to be some longitudinal logs at the very least.

Everyone stacks firewood like that.


This is your average firewood stack. Holy shit, America.

>It's another firewood stacking thread

>tfw easy (You)s

don't listen to the retards we stack our firewood as perfectly as the nordic

Eat shit goblino